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  1. Ok, here are my two cents on this topic... As a night LBT person and a day LBT person, I can relate to both sides of the story. I understand completely about some of the foul mouths in the room, and I will admit that occasionally I am one of them, but I'm not the only one, which means that many other people in the room are doing the same thing. If thats the topic of the room, I tend to talk about it as well. I also talk about my lap band and how wonderful it is to have it.

    I agree with Pamela about this, not only because she's my friend, but also because some people in this discussion has created drama and the room IS worst that high school. Some people feel that they need to tip toe their way around the chat room because they're scared to offend someone. If you would like to talk about the "after dark crew" offending some of the people in the room, well lets talk about how some of the people in the room has cursed out a few of the members in the past year (that I've been a member here) and those people are no longer on LBT. Those people that are no longer with LBT WERE my friends and the only way I can talk to them now is through Facebook. Because this happened, I judged a few people in LBT for doing what they did but I never said anything because I do not like to create any problems.

    This "after dark" situation has stopped and we DID go to another room but apparently some other idiot decided to follow us and kick us out of that room as well when we were doing nothing wrong. Also, I would like to point out that I always help new members, regardless if it's night or day. A few of the new members came into the room during our after dark chat and complained how no one bothered to help them because they were too focused on "which puppy to buy the kids". This has happened many times with new members coming into the day time and no one paid attention to their question.

    I'm not here to create problems. I understand if some people had a problem with me doing my phone sex line on camera, and I have stopped. If someone wanted to watch me, they can private message me through the camera and I am more than happy to do it that way. I have respected people's opinions and judgement and I'm hoping you can do the same with mine. Thats all I'm asking for.

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