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  1. Oy. I am 6 years post op from my first surgery, and almost 2 years out post op from my band to bypass revision and I was successfully maintaining my weight for over a year and recently the scale has gone UP 10lbs!!! My husband asked me if that was bad (uh hello!) I was maintaining at 147lbs and now the scale said 158lbs. It scares the life out of me seeing it go back up. I know what my issues are and I need to remind myself carbs are NOT my friend and I have to keep myself more active. I used to spend 4-5 days a week working on a farm I volunteer but I've had to scale back recently due to home issues. And sadly because I've been so stressed out I've been looking at eating as my coping skill again. I know what I need to do to get back on track and I am damn determined to do it, I just need a little nudge and support from those who know where I am right now. Thanks!!
  2. 2015 has been quite a rough year, looking very forward to 2016!

  3. From the album: Heather_8.1.14

    Sliding into a size 4 was a feeling I cant even put into words, but being able to show the strength I have on the inside on the outside feels amazing!
  4. I cant believe its been a year since I had my RNY done. 7 months of maintaining and feeling amazing

    1. jane13


      that's awesome, seven months of maintaining.

  5. Heather_8.1.14

    Did your style change

    YES! I've worn shorts (bermuda since my legs are in bad shape from the weight loss) for the first time in 13 years! And I LOVE maxi skirts! I dont get the chub rub anymore!
  6. Heather_8.1.14

    What size do you think I might be wearing?

    I'm 5'6", 145lbs and wear a size 4 (although I could probably squeeze into a 2 at times)
  7. 9 month post op appointment yesterday. Still maintaining and feeling great! Hoping to save up for my TT soon!

  8. I saw my plastic surgeon a few weeks ago and we went over everything that I want to get done, and he always starts with the stomach first, then move on to other problem areas. He told me that I am an excellent candidate for the abdominoplasty (as well as the others I'd like to have done) and he told me that I can actually have it done outpatient which will save me almost $3,000.00 This plastics is also my WL surgeons husband so I trust him whole heartedly and his work is AMAZING. So, my question is have any of you had an outpatient procedure? What was the first 24-48 hours like? I'm going to be self pay for this since my insurance wont cover it (also why I'm only doing one procedure at a time for now) and if possible I'm going to have it done in June or July.
  9. "When are you going to stop losing weight?" I don't know, when are you going to stop asking? "You're getting too skinny!" If you're implying I have an eating disorder, I don't. I'm SO happy with my progress, being healthy and smaller feels amazing, but I'm getting frustrated with the constant questions and comments about how I look now. I understand that I've never been skinny therefore its almost foreign to others how I look now, but sometimes I cant handle it. Why is it easier to make these comments now that I'm thinner but NO ONE ever asked me if I planned to lose a few pounds when I was morbidly obese. I can see now why a lot of thin people can have so many body image issues. I'm happy slipping on my size 8 jeans. I'll take these over a cheeseburger from McDonalds ANY DAY!
  10. Hey Bobby wanted to drop by to see how things were going for you!

  11. Not in a million years!!! I had the lapband done in 2010 and in early 2014 it had slipped. I was sick for months after my 4th child was born and I didnt find out until the beginning of July my band actually slipped. I had 3 wks to decide whether I was going to have RNY when they removed my band (sleeve wasnt an option and insurance wouldnt pay for another band). The recovery was much harder then I anticipated but once I learned to re-read my body and got into the groove it got a lot easier. I can now slip into a sexy size 6 and I am LOVING it! I am so proud of myself and the journey I have taken to ge here. It might be lame but like they say, no pain, no gain (or, in our case, no loss). Good luck to you and if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me! How did it go?? How are you feeling?
  12. Oh my gosh I'm 7 months post op and sometimes I get so bloated I look like I'm 4 months pregnant LOL. My husband looked at me the one day and went, "Is there something you're not telling me?" I'm like "Babe I hope not!!" (He's "fixed" so no more babies hahaha)
  13. Heather_8.1.14

    One week!

    Good luck to you both! The first few weeks are rough, I wont lie, but you are going to be SO happy you did this, I promise!! Follow your doc's orders and rest as much as you can after surgery. Make sure you get your liquids in and dont rush getting back to solid foods too quickly. Please keep us posted!!
  14. Heather_8.1.14

    Soreness help

    Are you getting enough fluid in? I think a call to your dr would be a good idea, and remember, you're very early post op, so you do need to take it easy. Good luck and please let us know how you're doing!
  15. Heather_8.1.14


    What flavor are you using? I use the mixed berry and surprisingly I really like them. MUCH easier to take 1 chewable 4 times a day then try to swallow 7-8 pills a day (plus all the other meds I take, I hate pills LOL)
  16. Heather_8.1.14

    Feeling discouraged no support

    Trust me, that thought will go away! Next thing you know you'll be looking at yourself going " I am SO glad I did this!"
  17. From the album: Heather_8.1.14

    I wore these jeans on the day of my surgery, today, I can fit into ONE leg! These jeans were a size 24, today, I wear a size 6!
  18. The best advice is everything you used to do eating habit wise, never do again lol. Pushing your fluids and keeping up with your Protein intake are two very important things (along with taking your vitamins). And thank you, its been a long journey for me but it was worth it. If you have any other questions feel free to send me a message (Love that your a Steeler fan too! Representing Pittsburgh as well!!)
  19. Heather_8.1.14

    Feeling discouraged no support

    PS, how is it going for you? You're coming up on one month.
  20. Heather_8.1.14

    Feeling discouraged no support

    Never, EVER let anyone make you feel like you've taken the "easy way out". To this day I still dont understand how WLS (followed correctly) is considered EASY. Its easy for those around us who still choose not to take a stand for their own health to "nit pick" or try to bring us down. As they say, misery loves company, in which you do NOT want to be a part of. Many of those who have bad things to say are enablers and will make this epic journey for you painful. You've taken a stand and chose to better yourself. Does your hospital offer support groups? I highly recommend attending if they do. Sadly I also have many friends and family members who are constantly saying "When are you going to stop losing weight?" "Dont you think you've lost enough? You're going to disappear." Or "Do you eat?" The last one hurts more then anything, but I shrug it off and I smile. I stand proud for what I've done, the journey I've taken, and the fact that I chose to really live and enjoy life. You're going to do GREAT! Change isnt always easy, but when the change is good, I can promise you it is SO good and SO worth it.
  21. Heather_8.1.14

    Need advice:

    I had the lap band surgery 2.22.10. I lost about 68lbs with it and stopped. After two pregnancies (lost all the baby weight each time) I noticed I still wasnt able to get much more off. After my 4th child was born (my 2nd band baby) I was having many issues with my band and come to find, it had slipped. I had the band removed and revision to gastric bypass this past August. I lost almost 60lbs since then and met and exceeded my goal weight, however it was a MUCH bigger change and a very stricter life style change then with the band. I would really consider talking over the options with your surgeon. Good luck!
  22. Heather_8.1.14

    Slower process than anticipated. Confused

    Your body just went through a huuuuuge surgery and change. You'll find that some weeks/months you'll lose more then others, but right now, dont focus too much on the numbers but letting your body heal and adjust. The first 8 weeks are crucial to heal, not so much losing weight. I've noticed that also between months 4-6 you may find yourself stalling or slowing down with the loss, thats also very normal. You'll do great! Baby steps. I always told myself that this process is a marathon, not a sprint
  23. What stage of diet are you on now? Gulping is a hard habit to break, I'm 5 years out of WLS (6 months post op from my revision) and I still sometimes do it and pay the price lol. If you're on a more solid food diet I'd make sure to chew a little more, you might be getting some stuck. Good luck!!!