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  1. Hey gurl. Sienna is doing very well thinks she is like 25 already n shes only 4. lol, how is gabby? U look really good. I'm tryen gained a couple pounds so im tryen to get that off.

  2. Hi, you look really good. Can you give me any tips?

  3. Thank u.........

  4. Hello there........ Sienna is good almost her bday. getten ready for her party. Jus worken alot n taken care of my mom. How much have u lost already?

  5. Hi. Jus wanted to tell u congrats u look great. Can u give me any tips?

  6. Hey. Im rita, I had my Lap band about a year ago, n im in the same boat. Only lost 42 lbs as well..............I get really frustrated b/c i see all these other people losing so quikly. Ya know?

  7. HEYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!I hope ur ok. Haven;t herd from u in a long time. I had my band emptied out on thursday july 8, 2010 bcuz i kept geten stomach axches n throwen up. I have to get a barium swallow this week to make sure my band didn't slip down. Im very weak n tired. Hows ur family?

  8. Hey i missed you. Glad to hear ur ok, im doin ok...... i lost 2 lbs from last month, n got 1 cc last tues from my dr. i go back beginig of July. How's gabby? I jus been worken a lot then on the weekend i go to Hurriane Harbor to ccol off. ttyl

  9. Congrats on your weight loss....... Can u give me some examples of your daily food intake?

  10. Hey. You look really greaaT. When did u have ur lapband?

  11. Sienna Rose is good, she's sucha diva. Im gette her a princess bike n she is all excited. Congrats on the new position, ur moven on up. Lol. I feel like im stayen at the same weight n its really frustrating me. When u go for ur fills how much do they put in? How often do you go to the dr?

  12. Thanx for the nice pic comments. Ull be so proud of me i found a protein drink....... Its the isopure swiss chocolate n i've been using it as a breakfast supplement. I'm tryen to be stricter w/ myself. I got all new uniforms for work, n they r bigg. Now i need to get some summer clothes. U must need a whole new wardrobe, ur doing so well.

  13. Hey im good jus worken n tryen to get over my back injury. I haven't been to the gym in a month, im soooooo disappointed in myself. Ur pix look really good. I feel good but I'm not seein the weight come off like I want. Ca u give me an example of what u eat in a day? How is ur daughter?

  14. Lol thank u i hope so. I will try to be patient.

  15. Hey. I was jus admiren how well u have done in a year. Any tips u can share please?

  16. Hi I'm rita just stoppen by to say hello. Ur very pretty and inspirational. How long ago where u banded?

  17. Hey. Long time no talk. I'm glad to hear u had ur surgery :) How r u feelin? Ur daughter looks adorable in the pix. How much have u had filled in ur band?

  18. Hey i'm in pain. I'm seein the chiroprator tomorow night, hopefully he can help. Now i gota soar throat, my dr i work for said "ewwwwww" when he looked in my mouth. I feel like a hott mess!

  19. Thats kool. Omg i fell down my stairs wednesday getten ready for work!!!!!! I hit my back on the edge of the stair n roll down the rest. When i stood up i couldn't breath at all. Im in so much pain. I went to the er and they said im just bruised but i only had xrays. Im gunna go to the chiropractor tues n hopefully he'll order an mri to see wat's really goen on. It sux really badd!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Very nice pix. I hop to put some up soon. I gota question. Whats that tatoo on wrist of?

  21. I got mine tightened on 3/2 n i feel better. Sienna is better for now but sneezen cuz she has allergies n asthma like me. Hows the newjob? You keep writen back to me on ur message board so i dont know when u do. lol......

  22. Sorry i now u were excited for that. How's gabby? Sienna has been sick a lot with her asthma starting up, shes been on her nebulizer every 4 hours n 2 different antiobiotics. Its been a mess....... I'm goen to the surgeon n definately getten my band tightened......... i feel like i havent lost any weight. :(

  23. Hey, I didn;t here from u so I didn;t go to A.C. . How was ur trip?

  24. Well thats good for u. We got 15 inches!!!!!!!! I stayed in all day on saturday. Now they're sayen another snow storm is headen here on wednesday. Yuck!!!!!!!!!!

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