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  1. anotherteacher

    Daily Schedule

    I make sure I eat within an hour of waking. I keep a high protein snack with me just in case. Lunch is no later than 12:30. Dinner at 6:00. It helps me to stick to this schedule, otherwise I would graze.....
  2. anotherteacher


    I planned to be banded during spring break. That helped a bunch, but I still didn't feel myself for another week or so.
  3. I too had a late surgery, 1:30, and could drink nothing! But everything was fine. I was super thirsty and that first drink after surgery was heaven! You'll make it and won't remember the thirst, much. Lol
  4. I used gas x strips, they helped, but a heating pad did wonders. Also, have someone pat the area where it hurts. yeah, like burping a baby. This helped me. The taste of sweet was also overpowering for me, even now, almost 2 years out and most things are still too sweet. Fruits, yogurt, etc.
  5. anotherteacher

    Constantly Tired..

    My doctor has me take b-12 pills. He said I don't have to take them, but they will help with the energy. I can tell a big difference! I take 1 sublingual every 2 days. Hope this helps.
  6. anotherteacher

    Port Placement

    I am short waisted also and have had no problem. Mine sits about 2.5 inches below my ribcage. My pants dont go that high.
  7. anotherteacher


    One thing I did was to use the unflavored protein powder. I added it to soup, pudding, stews. At the stage you are at give that a try. It really does hide any flavor it might have. Please don't beat yourself up. It is difficult to find your groove at first, but you will. Keep your chin up, you are just beginning so you can't be failing!
  8. Yup! I never saw those numbers again!
  9. Yeah for you!!!! The time will fly...
  10. anotherteacher

    Who Has Lost Over 100 Pounds?!?!

    Almost 2 years out and as of today, 120 pounds lighter. A whole person lighter! Can you imagine! I am still amazed at how well this works! I am 46 but feel 26, I could not say that when I began my journey. I love my band, I call it Fred. Fred helps me feel full sooner and slaps me if I eat too much or too fast.
  11. I was banded in March of 2010. Would I do it again? Absolutely! Without any hesitation! After almost 2 years I have lost over 100 pounds, have gone from a size 24 to an 18 ( 16's are still a little tight), but those are not all. I can now breathe without huffing and puffing when walking from my car to the front door, I can't see my stomach sticking out further than my boobs, the big bump where my shoulders meet my neck is gone, my necklace actually reaches my chest and not just my neck, my snoring has almost stopped( it has certainly gotten quieter). I could go on, but I think you get the idea. Have I had any problems? medically - none. Operator error - yes. I still have to watch my chewing or I will get stuck. But that is it. I have absolutely NO regrets other than I should have done it along before. but I had to be in the right place mentally. As Jack said.... Life is good!
  12. anotherteacher

    Spring into March 2010 Bandsters

    Hi all, It is good to hear everyone is doing well. I am a little over 6 weeks out and had my first fill last Tuesday (total of 3 cc). For the first day or 2 I didn't feel any different. But since Friday I am only eating about 2 oz of protein and sometimes 1/4 c of veggies. So I guess I do have restriction. Please someone please tell me does restriction feel like it did the first 2 weeks after surgery?? What I mean is... do you feel like you swallowed an icecube? I do and that is how I felt after surgery. Could someone describe how you feel with restriction? Otherwise I have been doing great! I have so much more energy now!! The weight loss has been great, my clothes are beginning to hang on me. I have started shopping my clothes I had outgrown. Oh yeah, and the hump on the back of my neck is gone! Have a great week everyone:thumbup:
  13. anotherteacher

    My back...its hurts!

    Me too!! I am 4 weeks post op and having upper back pain. I have been using a heating pad before bedtime. I too think it has a lot to do with the loss of weight and the reduced pressure on my back muscles. It hurts and is a little troublesome, but nothing compared to the way my back felt before my band!
  14. anotherteacher

    March 2010 only please

    Sounds like a wonderful idea!! Please include me!
  15. anotherteacher

    Spring into March 2010 Bandsters

    Well, here it is 1 day before my surgery.... I have to report to the hospital at 11:30 tomorrow and I can't wait. It seems like I have been waiting forever! I get very teary eyed thinking of this wonderful opportunity I have to finally feel in control of my eating. But more than that I have the opportunity to become healthy! Good luck to everyone having surgery tomorrow, I know there are a few of us.
  16. anotherteacher

    My pre-op will is strong

    I have to say my pre-op will is strong also. Yes, the first 3 days were hard on many levels, but on the forth day things have gotten much easier. I am sooo ready for my surgery (3-10) that I look at this time as being a good prep for discipline and enjoying the 1 meal I get a day (5oz protein and 2 c nonstarch vegetable). I have learned to savior each bite and enjoy the texture, feel and taste. Before, the satisfaction came from the look of a full plate, and the comfort I received from eating it all. I too have not cheated since beginning my preop diet, I have worked too hard for this opportunity!
  17. anotherteacher

    Looking for March 2010 bandsters threads

    My pre-op diet is for 2 weeks and consists of up to 5 hi protein slim fast shakes or bars a day ( I am using Atkins since it is high protein and tastes good). I am also allowed one meal a day of 5 oz lean protein and 2 cups of vegetables. Absolutely no starchy veggies. Also making sure to get in my water minimum of 48 ounces. Hope this helps!:smile2:
  18. anotherteacher

    Looking for March 2010 bandsters threads

    I am so excited and nervous too. My surgery date is March 10th.:wink: Right now I am working through my 14 day Pre-op diet. Finished the last of the pre-admission paperwork and testing today. It sounds silly, but I am exhausted! I think it was a stressful day and I just didn't realize it.:eek:

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