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    Sit on a lower level or lay down with the baby 😍
    If I remember correctly the restriction is to prevent hernia from developing.
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    Four days post op and It’s killing me not to be able to pick up my five-month-old son. Now I’m starting to feel guilty and hoping the incision pain will end soon. How long did everyone’s incision pain last? Any words of wisdom?
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    Maybe an Abdominal binder could help?
    Good luck to you!
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    Hang in there... it will be sooner than you may think right now... for now maybe laying down or cuddling together will get you through the next few days... you should be able to be well enough in about a week.
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    Dang if feel for you, Never thought about that of course my kids are 16 and 19 so kinda hard to carry.
    Look at it this way, Mom has made a decision to live a healthy longer life for the little dude and herself, The reward way outways the little set backs you are getting today. Good luck and soon you will be able to lug him around, but do not push it your surgery was recent let the body heal or you could hurt yourself

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    I had my surgery Jan 14 and Jan 16 I was able to pick up and carry in a car seat. He was 4 months old at the time. I was sore but it had to be done. As I was the only one home with him I also have a 3 and 5 year old. It won’t hurt you if that’s what your worried about. It is uncomfortable and it wipes me out energy wise.
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    I went into all the March threads and put everyone's dates together so that everyone could see their buddies! I will put this in the other March threads as well. If you are new or don't see your name, I will be more than happy to add it!
    March 2 Skywolfe, Earthquake88, AnnieK1073, Rearguard, Slimmy-Mommeee
    March 3 Glannin, BigInJapan, Byrd0315
    March 4 lucia.vsg
    March 5 KSMermaid, gucci2018, ERYNN123
    March 6 Pansypicker, Amber77
    March 9 Angie526, auntCyn, highlyundermedicated
    March 10 Confidently_Me, Nermada, Wellness Warrior, NewEnglanderGal, Amy Franks, finding.me
    March 11 MaineDoc, 3charrm, lily66, asnirak
    March 12 ronjsteele1, anyu3379
    March 13 Q75j25
    March 17 Mello1
    March 19 medicpup2
    March 20 JessicaMNCat, fiddlinjellybean
    March 23 KingTeresa 2006
    March 24 heavenlyscrts, jDubs, AngienHarry, SleeveCanadian, Learning2LoveTina
    March 26 Cia2020, OnMyWay1956, Marthalynn
    March 27 Ayemeeb
    March 30 Stanlak
    March 31 KhoricRitten
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    Mine is March 5th too!!!
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    I just got mine March 5th.. a little nervous.

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    March 3rd for me !!!!!
  11. Congrats!
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    March 6th for me!!!