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  1. Hey everyone!

    I had my surgery on wednesday 9/16 and im feeling ok, just a little bit of pain from the incision area and from the gas..

    i have some questions..

    Right now im still on thin liquids, next week when i start regular liquids, can i make something like a banana smoothie with nonfat milk? what are some other things i can have?

    When i start the mushy stage..can i have bananas, and are scrambled eggs ok? has anyone tried baby food? I want to have an idea of what i should be having so i can buy it ahead of time...thanks in advance!!

  2. I've finally been approved! I started thinking this would never happen...I had my approval, endoscopy and a surgery date all within the last week. Surgery date will be Sept. 16...just a few days away! I'm excited but nervous at the same time..

    can anyone offer some advice? how will i feel after surgery? i have so many questions but i cant think of them all now... thanks to everyone who's been encouraging me!

  3. Thanks for your replies everyone. Right now I am in the process of getting insurance approval. I've already had a consultation and hopefully it works out. laurr925, i've also decided that i don't wanna spend anymore time being overweight. so i hope things go smoothly.. mrsebg its really cool that you have lost so much in such a short time! thanks again for your replies :w00t:

  4. Hello Twenties!

    I've actually been reading the message boards for a while now but this is my first time posting. I'm 21 years old I'll be 22 in june, and I am considering having the lap band done. I've done so many diets, even had a personal trainer, and lost some weight but not a significant amount. I weigh 187 lbs, and my goal weight, according to the charts, is between 115-123. My dad had he surgery done on the 17th of december and has lost almost 30 pounds since then. I want to have it done, but at the same time I keep telling myself i could lose it on my own, yet ive tried so many times but just cant seem to discipline myself.i know that this is not the easy way out, i just feel it would force me to be disciplined. its hard..i was wondering if anyone could give me their opinion on whether or not i should do it, or things to expect..anything like that, i would really appreciate it.

    Thanks :tt2:

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