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  1. Hey girl! Long time no talk. You look great! I have only lost 20 pounds since my surgery in September, I'm at 6.5 cc and still feel like I can eat too much. I thought I would have lost more by now.. so I am feeling a little discouraged. Was your weight loss slow in the beginning?

  2. Hey haven't heard from you in a while, how is it going?

  3. Hey you look wonderful! I've lost 20 pounds so far, since September. I feel like it's going a bit slow. But I am happy with my loss. How are you?

  4. Hey Jamie! Firstly, you look amazing! Second, i have some questions and i was hoping you could help me out! my surgery date is this coming wednesday the 16th.. im so excited and nervous at the same time...i see you had your surgery when you were 19..did you end up with a lot of loose skin? and have your scars healed well or are the very obvious..i know this isnt as important as just losing the weight but i was thinking about it and was curious. also..how do i know what portions i should have? sorry i know, i have too many questions..id be grateful if you could answer a few! thanks so much

  5. That is so exciting! I can't wait until I hear from my insurance.. I am also ready... lol. How old are you?

  6. I am SO happy for you! I'm still waiting on insurance approval...When is your surgery date?

  7. Yeah youre right, any loss is a great loss..and wow 24 pounds is a lot! good job! i dont even know if i'll get approved yet or not.

  8. Yeah, I am excited too...a little nervous though. First off, I'm kinda scared of having surgery. I'm sure it will be ok though. Also, I guess im considered a low BMI, i have to lost like, 70-75 pounds so im also afraid of losing really really slow..i just want it to come off.. i guess its stupid to think that way.. how much do u need 2 lose?

  9. hey you look great! i might be getting banded in june or july..i dont know what to expect though.. any advice?

  10. you're welcome! youre such an inspiration. I havent been banded yet, and i dont even know if i'll get insurance approval..but im hoping it all works out, it'd be great to be thin and healthy. would you mind telling me about your journey?

  11. Hi! i noticed you had your surgery at dr. salimitaris office? if i get banded thats where i'm doing it.. how is your experience going so far? you look great by the way!

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