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    Tired of hearing I'm too skinny!

    I cant wait for someone to say that to me! really. that said, what gives anybody the right to comment on someone's size unless you are doing an intervention on someone weighing 79#. I have a few months to think up a couple snappy comebacks if and when I get there. love sara
  2. scrapbasket

    Wedding Dress Shopping

    congratulations on all your loss and your upcoming wedding. have you got a good seamstress in your area? that way she could make the dress closer to the time that you are going to marry and probably you can afford real silk too. try on various styles to get an idea what you like. ask around if any of your friends used someone good. wedding gown prices are super inflated. I have sewed all my life and it is the best way to get exactly what you want for less money and a great fit. good luck. love sara ps for what I would pay for designer I could afford real silk and real pearls sewn on... just sayin.
  3. scrapbasket

    Feeling crazy sick today

    if the doctor didnt give a rx for nausea call and ask for one. I like zofran and it was essential for awhile. it is very important to be able to take your fluids in or you will wind up fainty and needing an iv. so treat this sooner rather than later and I hope you feel better soon. love sara ( rn)
  4. scrapbasket

    The Dreaded Catheter!

    catheter: since they switched at sutter health to a cheaper brand I thought it was more irritating, stiffer tube. removal: no sweat, and a relief. residual, slightly sore at home since I have a VERY sensitive urethra, long unnecessary story. a couple pyridium over the counter took care of that. drain removal: process not painful, very irritating when in, happier the moment they took it out. dont sweat the small stuff , comparable to the annoyance of an iv and nothing permanent. love, sara
  5. scrapbasket

    What's Your Favorite Store Now?

    actually victoria's secret has good bra sales twice a year and I like their unlined full coverage bras. they would always stretch to fit me ( 40 dd +) and were very comfortable to wear. now they are carrying ddd which they didnt before. I am looking forward to shopping soon in the store! buying colors and prints in the bras, yeah. that is interesting about the size differences. I havent fit into a size 10 for a while so I will have to see how it works out in a few months. right now I am in 18 land but I remember it was hard to find 14s and 16s. so I made a lot of clothes which I plan to alter down. meanwhile I am in my storage boxes going wild and changing my clothes often and happily. love sara
  6. scrapbasket

    Gratefulness; reminder in giving thanks

    me too, I am sorry about your friend. one of mine died yesterday in her early fifties, a nurse, cancer... thanks for the gratitude reminder, and all your posts. I enjoy your wisdom that is helping me along the way. love, sara
  7. me too. tho I am not losing as fast as you awesome folks. I saved a lot of clothes in my smaller sizes as a work of faith that I could wear them again. now I am sorting, washing, and altering. and giving away. love sara
  8. scrapbasket

    iv hand swollen

    rest elevation ice RICE ( rest elevation compression ice for all injuries) AND traumeel which is an ointment with arnica, a herb that is good for bruising. love sara
  9. scrapbasket

    Why can't I lose? :'0(

    as a fellow nurse I understand completely.
  10. scrapbasket


    wow, I was afraid to read this because comparisons are odious and I am a slow loser. I had a few stalls. but I am down 37# and grateful. some of you are unbelievable! but happy for you. cant wait to get to the next level. just so glad to be in"onederland". amazing. love sara
  11. scrapbasket


    ps the most meaningful part of the memorials, cost hardly anything. we had a potluck at the local church in their hall and people had a chance to share music and memories and talk. it was better eating his favorites made in his memory and hearing people talk about how he had changed their life. simple is good. but again, be together now.
  12. scrapbasket


    we did a jewish funeral for my dad. the worst part was most of the friends in his address book were already gone... we ended up having 3 memorials in different places as a lot of the friends and family left were in different places. the plain wooden pine casket was actually quite handsome. the synagogue my brother went to helped a lot. the main thing is, it is not about how much you spend, it is about honoring that person's life. and while he is here still, dont focus on the end. be together in every way you can and if you are able, get a little video cam( borrow) or tape recorder $20, and let him record messages for his children and grandchildren to share his story and his wisdom. walk together. be in the moment, it is a precious time you will never get back. hugs, kisses, reading to him, asking questions, tell him you love him.love sara
  13. screw em. you live in your body not them. who gives permission for others to critique your looks, your body, your food or anything else about you! be happy and do your thing, darlin. love sara
  14. scrapbasket

    What is your theme song?

    when I got up at 4 am to go to get sleeved I had "happy" playing in my head. then I knew it was gonna be ok.
  15. scrapbasket

    Mirena slows weight loss?

    the things you learn in the powder room! you are great. now I know more about sex toys and birth control makes you fat. wow. now I recall that the years I was trying the patch and other added hormones are the years I went over 200 ! thanks for the insight. sleeved 3 mos ago and working my way down.
  16. scrapbasket

    "doin the dirty" is sooo much better now!

    gomekast: pillows! hot tubs! showers! more cushioning on your bed ( foam pad). recliner, get creative and be happy.
  17. scrapbasket

    Men and Relationships

    remember that song, 50 ways to leave your lover? hop out the back jack... and count your blessings that you wised up in time. love sara
  18. scrapbasket

    UPDATE 4: One-derland is at hand

    I made it! onederland (197). it has been at least 12 yr or maybe 15 since I was here and I was gaining then. so happy to finally get to this place, and know that I am heading down. nowhere near as rapid as you guys, but here anyway and I have to set new goals. gave away my fatpants . love sara
  19. scrapbasket

    Thrift Eating

    I understand ! another former member of the clean plate club. if my russian ancestors could see me now, there are generations of survive the winter with not enough food who taught their bodies how to endure... but I cant help them by stuffing myself. I threw out tons of food this summer, and made my dogs very happy with all the goodies and leftovers. I decided it was ok to have more than one thing on my plate, and I def cant finish it all. and it is ok to have more choices in restaurants, not just order an appetizer. for now, I am willing to let the overfill go elsewhere than down the tube. if I overeat I pay in stomach acid and pain. I am very happy to be wearing some smaller sizes and taking clothes in instead of adding width.love sara
  20. scrapbasket

    Warning, Self Pity Party Ahead

    I understand completely and wonder what the heck, are they lyin? when they say they are in size 16 or 14 and over 200 or whatever... I just have to shrug my shoulders and be on my own journey.my stomach is still sticking out too and I had much better abs at this weight 15 yr ago. it might be that old 64 yr old thing, just sayin, cause I am the same age. and how the hell did you lose so much so fast?I am jealous of that... thought I was doing good at half the weight loss similar age height and weight. so work out baby, we will work on our abs, and give our bodies a chance to catch up and redistribute everything. I am just so happy to be in onederland again and finally. and 2 boxes of smaller clothes fit today that didnt fit 1 week ago even tho I only lost 2 #, there is a mystery part of this process... love sara
  21. hi. I had the lapband 7 years ago, initially I thought it was great. problems came up, I lost 38 # and then no progress, slow regain, bulemia, leaking port. due to other issues it took about 3 years to come to the place of replacing it with the gastric sleeve.we removed the band and I am recovering from all that. the biggest problem has been gastric reflux and intermittently, overacid stomach despite various meds and acid blockers. I just want to check in and say hi. I am very happy to be again in "onederland" and finally see my clothes too damm big. love sara
  22. I had a lapband 7 years ago and only lost 38 # before having more and more problems with it. Eventually I went back and forth between bulemia/vomiting and hardly any restriction, then it leaked and became unfillable and I regained the weight. after various other trials I consulted with my surgeon dr upadyhay in oakland ca. we are going to remove the lapband and do the gastric sleeve in around a month, the date is not yet set. scared, fat, tired, gastric reflux, hoping this will have a better result.thanks. open to comments and suggestions. love sara
  23. scrapbasket

    Extreme Pain! Help!!

    you should have an ekg too to check out your heart. if I had that kind of pain I'd go to the er. get well soon. sara
  24. hi, I had lapband 1 yr ago and also I am a nurse. thats a long time to fast, not surprising you couldnt do it. if we didnt have problems with food we wouldnt be doing lapband. dont worry, tell your dr and>>> ABSOLUTELY fast after midnight before your surgery<<<<. if you cant do the pre-op fast they will have to cancel or you could inhale vomit, not pretty. thats the reason for the nothing after midnight rule.its very important. good luck on your surgery. sara