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    Me and my mother are both getting vsg

    I had no one to help me my first days at home and I sure wished I had help. a few friends would get groceries but I had no permanent assistance. see if your family can help or you can hire someone. and get a couple of those grabbers that help reach things, you will thank me every time you dont have to bend over. love and good luck, sara
  2. thank you for your story and your honesty.
  3. scrapbasket


    just remember to give it plenty of chewing and dont pig out or you will have a big stomachache because the same volume applies... have fun
  4. scrapbasket

    WLS for Binge Eaters?

    I am only 4 months out but this is my story too. when I binge ate, I could literally not feel my stomach. the lap band made me bulemic, so I think the sleeve was the best option for me and it is working. I am trying not to worry too much about what will happen in a year or two or three. I am grateful to have almost half my weight off.
  5. I like the premier protein too but not the strawberry. It is the only one I really enjoy drinking.target's brand is too sweet most of the others gag you after a few sips. new product I like is coco libre protein.it just came out here in the sf bay area.
  6. scrapbasket

    Where to get protein foods and samples

    there is a new coconut milk drink with Protein added I like/ coco libre protein esp the chocolate,it just came out. I like Premier Protein vanilla and choc but not strawberry. most of the others have ugly aftertastes or are too sweet for me. still looking.
  7. scrapbasket

    Pre-op liquid diet hell

    drink a protein drink now, pee, drink some more water, take a nap, repeat. you will get there. love sara
  8. scrapbasket

    Upper GI

    I did. they check for strictures, slipped band, hiatal hernia, and such. no worries, some sleepy time meds and they say, you are done! go home.
  9. mine got steadily worse with the lapband and the sleeve is even worse. I am kinda hoping it will subside some when I get closer to goal. what makes it worse: eating fast, eating carbs, spicey foods are dreadful. what makes it better, prilosec or equivalents, gaviscon/over the counter, slowing down, chewing more, staying upright for a while after eating. when I was vomiting last week they said they may have to check me for a stricture but I am somewhat better. eating too much, that 6th bite, makes me pay for it. my weight loss is slower than many, but steady. I am happily discarding stuff that is way too big and trying out old favorites and new fun stuff.I have lost a lot of muscle tone in abdominals last few years, I am hoping being fitter will help also. it is a pain.... "rehab is a bitch, aint it? " my motto. we have a heavy price to pay for our eating sins, but we can and will heal up. love sara
  10. when I get achy I go buy new athletic shoes and I get more bounce. I walk funny and wear down the outside of the soles quickly. look at your favorite shoes from the bottom and if they are worn, go shopping. good luck. love sara
  11. scrapbasket

    Need a boost

    patience, grasshopper...
  12. scrapbasket

    I am mad at myself..

    or he is gay or mostly gay/bisexual. either way I believe a treasure like you deserves someone who understands you are a treasure and treats you as such. why settle for ordinary or less than that? love sara
  13. scrapbasket

    Band to Sleeve in One surgery

    I did it that way too. doing ok tho not losing as fast as some of you amazing people. I didnt want to go thru 2 surgeries, 2 anesthesias, 2 recoveries. I think it was better tho not without a few glitches and stalls. good luck.
  14. scrapbasket

    Bridesmaid dress question

    Just a thought, is it very expensive? can you order two and return the one that is too big or too small closer to the time? I realize that sounds strange but if it is not altered maybe you can get your money back for one. good luck. love sara
  15. scrapbasket

    need some feedback please

    I think you better call your surgeon, and get some advice from the big cheese. have you any zofran or nausea meds? get well soon, baby. love sara
  16. scrapbasket

    Husband Spying on Me

    well by now it probably has gotten a lot worse or a lot better. just a thought, paranoia and suspicion are classic symptoms of drug use especially cocaine and methampetamines. you seem very far apart. what is happening? the events you describe are strange in many ways . I also see a lot of projection, the player is always accusing the partner of playing around it seems.good luck. protect yourself. love sara
  17. scrapbasket

    Bra size

    I am finding it encouraging that a lot of people held on to their boobs and they didnt shrink away to nothing. I like my girls 40 dd and wouldnt want to turn into nada.
  18. scrapbasket


    dear friends, for surgery you definitely have to remove anything metal before they start. why? because they use an electrosurgery cauterization which can easily ground to your piercings and burn you,yes, there! so get them out beforehand. you can put everything back on as soon as you are out of surgery and recovery. love sara, a nurse
  19. scrapbasket

    Feel like crap

    from another nurse: call the docs today and get in soon. you should be able to get in a bit more than that. you probably need some acid inhibitors pronto. keep your fluids up.my lifesaver is coconut water and they even make one with protein. you could have a stricture but sometimes it just takes some folks longer. you will feel a lot better with the acid inhibitors, you could also try some gaviscon over the counter, very soothing for the burning. hope you do better soon. love sara
  20. scrapbasket

    8 Years And This Is What Happens?

    I wonder how it all turned out? healed or split up?
  21. scrapbasket

    Finally hit Onderland

    happy to be in onederland too. with the lapband I lost 38# before it leaked and failed and could never get below 202.5.sleeved, I am here at last at 195 and working my way down. it is a magic number about fat shame and discrimination... the world in the usa is not kind to large people and it is getting more so. lots of things fit: it has been 15 yr since I weighed this, but I hung onto my clothes and everyday I find myself reaquainted with an old friend clothing wise. or reunited. love and best wishes , may we all get where we are going.
  22. scrapbasket

    When I hit my goal I'm going to...

    I am only part way to goal but I believe we should use the good towels, the good china, wear the diamond earrings with jeans, Celebrate life now. so I bought myself some black pearl earrings to celebrate my 35# off and all the victories and the survival of bad things so far, and my 65th birthday coming up. so there will be new celebrations when I make goal but I feel so amazed and grateful. maybe I will get lipo and get rid of the fat knees I have had since age 14 even at 112#. maybe I will retire and say the hell with sutter health. who knows. I bet I cry too and step on the scale about 9 times. I am giving myself a year to get there, only 56# to go, sleeved in may. maybe I will go to scotland or tahiti or paris or venice or all of them. I will definitely ask a man out and I wont wait till then if I see someone wonderful. love sara
  23. scrapbasket

    Keeping my head up!

    check into when the open enrollment period is and what your choices are, what insurances cover bariatrics and plastics. meanwhile start doing the necessary documentation as people mention various requirements preop, which vary a lot. you could be doing your surgery in just a few mos depending on when your open enrollment happens and whether the company has a 3 month waiting period. and mexico options dont sound so bad, and I am a nurse... research and prepare. love sara
  24. scrapbasket

    TOM and blood thinners

    things to watch for at home, getting big bruises or lots of little red dots in your skin close together ( petechiae). bleeding more than a teeny bit when brushing teeth. nosebleeds more than 2 drops, real bleed. similar, taking a long time to clot if you get a cut.... get plenty of iron and vitamins and eat some iron rich food when able ( steak, kidneys, liver, spinach, raisins). love sara
  25. scrapbasket

    PLEASE tell me my boobs will shrink

    I have only lost 37# so far but a couple bras are too big. 40dd. the new ones in the same size are fine. I tried on an old bra, 34 d and the cups were not too much smaller. I hope they dont deflate too much. ladies, splurge on the girls and buy pretty new bras on sale so you will look sexy and nice and feel good about yourself. dont wait. we need 2 things to be happy: good shoes and good bras. love sara