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  1. Thank you all for your posts. I appreciate the words and encouragment. It's been hard for me because I don't have anyone that understands why I did this (had the lap band)... so when I am eating I always have someone saying "Oh you can eat more then that blah blah blah!" I know that I can't but I do overeat, it makes it so much easier for me to fall off the wagon because I blame them, but I know it's myself to blame. I am working on going back to the habits I had for the first year after surgery. Thanks again!

  2. Hi everyone, it's been awhile since I've been on this site. I really need some motivation and help from all the lapbanders out there that have had sucess. I was banded August 2009, so I am about 15 months out. I have only lost about 60lbs. Now, I am happy with this loss, it's much better than gaining but the problem is that I have not lost any weight since May/June 2010. So, for the last 5 months I have not lost any weight. I have a 14cc band and he has it filled to about 11cc. He told me he does not want to fill it anymore, he tells me I have the most CC's than any other patient in the office. (that really made me feel like crap). Anyways, I know it's my fault. I am overeating! I want to get this weight off more than anything but for some reason I give into food. I still have about 70-80lbs that I need to get off and getting the band tightened is not an option. I know what I need to do, I just need to do it (which I can't seem to do). I am just reaching out to all of you to help me, give me some hints, give me encouragment... I need it. I know I should only be eating about 1/2 cup at each meal and I am probably eating about 2+ cups at some meals. I can not let food control me, I've got to start losing again:(

  3. Hi there... 2 weeks ago when my doctor was trying to do a fill he couldn't access my port. Turns out it has flipped. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced heartburn and nausea when they had a flipped port? I have this horrible hearthburn and just dry heaving. I get it fixed on Monday but curious... also if you have had a flipped port and had it fixed, what is the surgery like?? Thanks:)

  4. I have 9cc in a 14cc band and I have limited restriction. It really frustrates me. My band is almost entirely full and I still am having problems feeling restriction. I am trying to just stay focused and hope that with my next fill I get a good amount of restriction. I feel like I am starving all the time, I know this can work, I just don't understand how most people are at their sweet spot around 7cc. Agggh!

  5. Well when I began I was a size 24 and I think I had to lose like 40 pounds before I went into a 22.....it was totally depressing!!!!!! But now as I have gotten smaller, the sizes go down a lot quicker. Somtimes I lose 6 pounds and I am down another size. Very weird.

    Ok well that is good to know... I am also a size 24... so hopefully soon I will notice some change in sizes!!

  6. Just wondering i anyone noticed a big decrease in their loss at this point? I lost quite quickly in the begining, but now have slowed to about a pound a week. Im know this isnt' a race, and Im still grateful for loosing, but I was just looking for your experience and any tips you guys might have! Thanks:)

    I am 4 months post op as well and my total weight loss is 19lbs. That gets me discouraged at times but I try to stay positive. I had my second fill 2 1/2 weeks ago and have not lost anything since then. I have no restriction at all... it's weird, I almost wish I wouldn't have got the second fill because I was losing with the first one. I am going to call the doctor tomorrow because it doesn't make sense.

  7. I look at these people that were banded in November saying they ONLY lost 11 or so lbs. Well, I am here to tell you, I was banded Aug. 7, it's been almost 4 weeks and I have lost 19lbs. I don't say ONLY because it's not just ONLY, it's weight loss instead of gained. If I would have kept going down the path I was on I might have gained 19lbs in 4 months. Believe me, I know what it's like to get discouraged, but when you do, you need to just give yourself a reality check. The band is designed for you to lose 1-2lbs a week.. it's not extreme lose just at one time like that gastric bypass. Please keep your head up and make this life long change.

  8. I'm 4 days post op and I've eaten 2 microwaveable twice baked potatos (those little single serving small ones) today, the whole thing, minus the skin. I was really hungry and my mom said to try it, so I did and it went down fine. Then like 4-5 hours later I had another. and had like a spoonfull of mac and cheese mashed up.

    I mean it filled me up, so obviously there's restriction there, but I mean, is this okay? Tomorrow I am supposed to start soft foods, and I will, but should I just take it slow and feel things out? Like I figured on wednesday if things are going well I would try solid foods.

    I will be honest with you... after about 2 weeks I moved to solid foods... granted I avoided breads and meat. If I were you, and you do move on to solids, be careful, try to avoid bread and meat... you can do like a chicken salad or tuna salad but no single meat... I don't think it would be good for you.

  9. Hi everyone... I am a little bit concerned. I had my second fill almost 2 weeks ago and I am eating more then I was before that fill. I barely have any restriction, I don't understand it. I was doing good with the first fill but now I haven't lost anything... because I know I am eating too much. I try to fight the hunger but dam, I am hungry. Has anyone else experienced this after their second fill? I just don't get it....

  10. I had my second fill a week ago. The first few days I really thought that my band was too tight because everything I tried to eat came back up. After about four days I was able to eat normal again.... a lot of the problem is that after the fill your stomach is swollen so you need to be careful with what you eat until after the swelling does down. I haven't got sick since those first few days. My problem is that I don't feel anymore restriction then I had before. Hopefully I am just "thinking" this and that really I am not eating as much as I think I am.

  11. Oh, you say it so well.

    This past year I was so embarrassed. We went to an amusement park and I sat in the seat out front to test my ability to fit and lock, which to my suprise I did. Well got in line with my 9 year old and 17 year old and got on the ride and the over the shoulder contraption locked or so I thought. Well the ride would not start because of course my seat did not latch completely. So the guy came and unlatched me and then he tells me to suck it in and he pushes down and it still does not give the green light. So another guy comes and they are both pushing down until it finally clicked in. I was not asked if I wanted to get off or if I wanted to try again. Anyway after they got me fastened in I was so squashed especially my boobs that I was not only ashamed and embarrased I was hurting by the time the ride was over. Having everyone know it was me that held up the ride was the worst part.

    When I told them the seat out front did just fine and was not to tight. They told me that was just a seat to show how they look not one for testing your ability to fit in the seat.

    NEVER AGAIN will that happen to me.

    Surgery date November 25th 2009.

    I understand where you are coming from with the ride... this has happened to me THREE times in the past. Two times with a guy I was dating at the time (how humiliating) and one time at a work outing, with all my co workers watching. I was so upset. Never again am I going to need to even worry about this. When I get down I just look back over my "NEVER AGAINS" and it totally gets me back on track, because I know never again do I want to feel that way. Keep up the good work everyone!!

  12. This is my first visit to the site. It looks great.

    I had surgery about 3 1/3 mo ago. I have only lost 15 lds. I am so discouraged and frustrated. I am keeping a food diary and am staying between 150 calories right after the fill to 8-900 before a fill. I've only gone over 1,000 cal. twice.

    Anyone out there help?:thumbup:

    Don't get discouraged, I am right there with you! I am almost 3 months post op and have only lost around 15lbs myself. I have had one fill so far, and at the fill my doctor filpped out and said he couldn't understand why I wasn't losing. It really pissed me off, I am doing everything I can and the weight just isn't coming off. I eat about 1200 calories a day, I am going to have to try and cut back to 1000 and see if that helps. I go to the gym every other day... I just don't get it, BUT we can not get down on ourselves. We have got to believe that this is going to work for us.

  13. Has anyone just blown the good food choices? Today I ate four pieces of candy and I can't stop think those four hundred calories. There wasn't a reason to do it. I just did!:(

    You can't beat yourself up over a mistake... you've just got to learn from it and move on. Don't deprive yourself... next time maybe have one small piece of candy if you feel you need it. Little Debbie's now makes 100 calorie packs of sweet treats... they are so much cheaper then the other brands that were previously out. They really help my "Sweet tooth" craving when I get one, and hey, it's only 100 calories!

    I know what it's like to have a bad day of eating and beat yourself up. I am doing that to myself right now, but it's not just a day of eating unhealthy, it's a week! The last week I have been eating so shitty. I basically got discouraged because I have been working my butt off excersising and eating really healthy with no results. I Guess I got down and felt like what's the point. BUT I can't have that attitude. I have got to be strong... this is the hardest thing that any of us has had to do but I know we can all succeed with the support of everyone here!!

  14. I cried while reading everyone's lists...and I can relate to SOOOO many of them.

    I am five days post-op, and living in "Bandster Hell" as it has been so nicely put on here! However, I made the decision to have this surgery to make my life better, and I vow to follow the rules, and become a better me.

    here is my list:

    I will never again get into my car after work, and unzip and unbotton my pants because they were too tight and I suffered all day long in them

    I will never again hide in the backrow of group photos, trying to hide my body

    I will never again be the fattest mom at my child's school

    I will never skip another high school reunion, because I am so worried about my weight

    I will never again worry about what size bra I buy

    I will never again be ashamed of what I order to eat while dining out with friends

    I will be committed to this change

    I will be honest with myself about how I look

    I will stay true to my fitness plan and my diet

    I wish everyone health and happiness. This is quite a change for all of us, but a change for the better.

    Hang in there... bandster hell sucks!! I am 11 weeks post op and I am going through some hell myself. I just try and turn to this message board when I feel like giving up. I really needed to read the last thing you wrote: I will stay true to my fitness plan and my diet! I have been doing bad this last week just because I am very discouraged. I have been working my ass off and harldy eating anything but the weight just isn't coming off. Ahhhh we all just need to stick together and know that we have got to make it work!!!

  15. I still drink beer. Beck's Light in only 60-ish calories per bottle. Guinness draught is about 120, less than most beers. I also enjoy a glass (or bottle!) of wine now and then.

    They didn't warn you that drinking beer can cause the band to slip?

  16. Hi there! I was wondering what you all decide to drink when you have an adult beverage. I miss my beer to be honest! So, I need to find something else (besides wine) that I can drink when I feel the need to have a drink. Now, I know I can't be drinking like I use to but my birthday is coming up this weekend and I'd like to have a few drinks. I know I could have like vodka w/ a fruit juice but that's too many wasted calorie with the juice. It's hard not being able to mix alcohol with diet soda. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

  17. Just a quick question. I would like to know if eating Cereal is ok or not. In a very small bowl of course. Whole grain like LIFE Cereal.

    I'm three months out from surgery.

    Thanks for all your input.

    For the last 3 weeks I have been eating cereal everyday. I eat the Special K with extra Protein. It has 11 grams of protein in 3/4 cup, that's pretty awesome! It totally keeps me full for about 4-5 hours, just 3/4 of a cup with some skim milk. Now, it really doesn't have much flavor but if you add some splenda or fresh fruit it touches the taste up. It's for sure worth it for the protein!!

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