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  1. alisonb

    gas pains

    Get a waterbottle, make it half full with water and put in a straw. Blow "bubbles" with deep breaths throughout the day. Works like a dream!!
  2. alisonb


    I had no pre-op diet either. I also questioned my doc about it. He did not require it. So, go pig out with glee!!!!
  3. alisonb


    Hey Kat, hope u r feeling ok now. I am on day 5 and have seen the silver lining....hehe.
  4. alisonb

    Tomorrow's the day

    Way to go!!! Good luck and best wished for your recovery. ali
  5. alisonb

    April 2006 Bandits

    Hey Amourette!! Hehe - u are soo funny! I am glad to be back home although staying with my mom and dad had HUGE advantages!! I am happy surgery is over and that this week is nearly done...Now we'll just take one day at a time i quess!
  6. alisonb

    April 2006 Bandits

    Hi all, i am going in tomorrow and have been crying all morning - sigh - how silly. I am feeling very freaked out. Can't understand why even. My family is supportive, though they have no idea why i would want to do this. My DH is ignoring the fact and hoping it will go away when he's not looking. I just want this to be over now...
  7. alisonb

    April 2006 Bandits

    Thx Yoda - very positive way of thinking about it. I am going to use that one - if you do mind!! See friday is your big day! Go girl!
  8. alisonb

    April 2006 Bandits

    Hi guys! Time is ticking sooo slowly by. I eventually got hold of a dietician because my surgeon wants to speak with one who will look after me after the op. She had no idea what a lap band is... I quess i really am the first..everything. I guess i will tell her what i must eat (from u guys) and then she tells me what to eat...hehe. I have made my peace now with being the first person my surgeon will do this procedure on. This is what i want - so here we go!
  9. alisonb

    It's finally my turn!

    Same from me...good luck. I will pray that all goes well. My surgery is Saterday - bandland - i like that!
  10. alisonb

    April 2006 Bandits

    Good luck guys! I have decided to go ahead with my surgery regardless of all the question marks... There is no other dr in South Africa doing this at the moment and if i have to be the first - then so be it. My family and friends are more nervous than i am. I have made my peace. My hubby is having a tough time at work and under a lot of stress, so i have decided to go and stay with my mom for the first week post-op. From reading all your posts, i don't think i want to be alone... I am trying to do take my mind off the op this week as it has consumed me last week and i felt rather ill! I have started a good book and am cleaning and rearranging stuff left right and centre!!! hehe - i am a nutcase - to be honest but this is what i want! No pain...no pain - hehe!
  11. alisonb

    April 2006 Bandits

    Hey Amourette I got a reply from my doc. I will add it here. Thank you for your enquiry. To answer your questions... You give no history of heartburn. You therefore very unlikely have a hiatus hernia or Helicobacter infection. I considered doing a gastroscopy, but decided it to be unnecessary. A gastroscopy is also quite expensive. As regards an ultrasound scan to look for gallstones, once again, you give no history to suggest biliary colic (gallstone symptoms). Nevertheless I shall check your gallbladder at 08h10 on the day using my ultrasound scanner (at no cost). In the event that you do have a gallstone, I feel that it should not be removed at same sitting . Removal would be necessary in the event of symptoms (and would then be covered by your medical aid). You do not appear to be pale. I doubt blood tests would indicate anaemia or other significant abnormality. My anaesthetist will see you in the ward prior to the procedure. In the absence of a cardiac history, he will unlikely request an ECG. I do not require that you follow a specific diet in the week prior to surgery. However, it is very important that you fast from 24h00 the night before. Also do not take your diabetic tablet on the day. Love Alison
  12. alisonb

    Just banded 4/6/06

    Excuse my ignorance - but what the 'heck' is broth?? I see it everywhere.
  13. alisonb

    scared...should I be?

    Hi, i am also scared yet exited. Weird feeling hey? I can't seem to think of anything else at the moment. It is as if my life has been put on hold until my op. I don't even want to talk about it to my family and friends - i'm in this zone! This is not a good thing either and if i didn't find this website, i think i would have gone slightly mad by now...But just knowing there are people out there - even if it's the other side of the world - going through the same emotions, has made my day! Thank you!
  14. alisonb

    April 2006 Bandits

    Hi Ceparano I have just emailed my dr with all these queries and will await his reply. Yip - this does not sound right - no tests, no pre-op diet, no psyc, no dieticians (before op)!
  15. alisonb

    April 2006 Bandits

    I am now 2 weeks pre op and have done nothing but read all your posts! I feel so unprepared. My dr did not say anything about pre-op diet. In fact, i am his first ever lap band patient - how scary is that! I could not find anyone else in South Africa doing this procedure and he is the only one advertising it...was rather surprised to know i was going to be the guineepig... I do not yet have a dietician and i have not had any tests done. He said as i have no problems with heartburn, he is not going to worry about that. He just gave me a date - after deciding that yes, i am a candidate. This does not sound so cool now after reading what you all went through. I am a self-pay as well. I am really freaked out now...
  16. alisonb

    Exercise Support Needed...please!

    To Alison from Alison :scared: I know how u feel. I look at my treadmill everyday and think today is the day...and then today was not the day. All i can say is...baby steps. And u're doing that! Well done...everyday will get easier and 10 minutes is more than u did before - issn't it! So u go girl!!!
  17. alisonb

    April 2006 Bandits

    Hi, my date is April 22. I am from South Africa. I have been reading everything i can get my hands on and yes, i am scared...but also very exited!!!
  18. alisonb

    Scared and exited!

    I am 2 weeks pre-op....and terrified! Well, maybe not terrified but very wary. Am i doing the right thing here?
  19. alisonb

    Scared and exited!

    I am 2 weeks pre-op....and terrified! Well, maybe not terrified but very wary. Am i doing the right thing here?

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