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  1. Hi, Lori. I was just reading your post that you left. Thank you for your kind words! This journey is amazing as you will see! How far are you along so far? How are things going? I just got another fill....I was getting loose! hehe. It feels good getting a fill.

  2. Hi, Lighterload! How are you? I haven't been on LBT in a long time, when I logged in I saw your messages. How was the surgery? You're about a month out now? Hope you had a happy Easter.

  3. Hi, San Diego Mom -


    How are you? Did you get your fill on the 17th? I did. I must say, the fill made all the difference in the world for me. How about you? I hope all is well.

  4. Oh, and tonight I am making baked potatoes and chili. I'll mush up the baked potato real good, puree the chili and mix it together. Sounds yummy!!

  5. There really isn't a set "menu" and I wish that there were. I'm sort of making up my own stuff. I bought some on the signature soups from Vons and I blend it in my magic bullet. I also make a "crustless quiche". 3 eggs, 1/4 C fat free cottage cheese, dash of jack cheese and some diced green chilies. I blend it in my magic bullet and poor into an oven safe personal size bowl. Bake at 350 for 30-35 minutes. It makes two servings, I only eat half and give the other half to my daughter. It's soooooo good. I posted a few recipes on the "food and nutrition" forum under "mushy phase". You should check that out, there's a lot of different ideas.

    I haven't really gotten that stuck feeling, no vomiting or anything either.

    I don't know what time my appt is....I'll check; maybe we'll be able to meet in the waiting room!

    Take care,


  6. Hi, San Diego Mom -

    I'm feeling much better now. I don't have any port pain but you are correct, that is normal. I went back to see him a week after surgery. My fill appointment is on the 17th. How about you? I'm realizing that I'm scared to eat anything because I'm afraid of slippage. How do you feel about that? Honestly, I started the mushy stage a few days early because I couldn't handle liquids anymore. Maybe that's why I have such a fear. I'm really just focusing on results and I will stick to the doctors diet from now on. Sorry about the delay in my response....I just noticed you sent this message. Take care.