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  1. Hi, I had my surgery 10/21 and I have lost 45 pounds! Which is great but over the last month I haven't lost any weight. I'm not sure if I need another fill or not but I struggle with my head a lot! I will eat and I feel satisfied but my head wants more and more. Sometimes I can eat and till I'm STUFFED....a feeling I haven't had in MONTHS. Sometimes I can't. I'm afraid of getting another fill because I'm not sure I need one because it's my head. I feel like I'm loosing control and motivation. I've been sneaking See's! I guess I'm putting this out there for accountability, I need to be accountable for this and I need to get my self in check.
  2. So I had my first fill yesterday. Today I ate soft food for the first time since surgery/fill. I baked lemon garlic tilapia (that was a first too) and cauliflower. I had about 3.5 ounces of the fish and about 3 ounces of the cauliflower. I ate very slowly....my food was cold by the time I was done. I chewed 30-35 times before swallowing and waited a few minutes before my next bite. I paid close attention to that hunger feeling; still feeling hungry I took another bite until my food was gone. It's been about 20 minutes since I ate and my stomach is growling but my throat feels like something is stuck in it. I thought if you get the sensation that something is stuck in your throat that you overate? But if I overate, could my stomach be growling? Any thoughts would be nice. Thank you....
  3. Hi, San Diego Mom -


    How are you? Did you get your fill on the 17th? I did. I must say, the fill made all the difference in the world for me. How about you? I hope all is well.

  4. socalfosh

    I just PB'ed and it made me happy

    what is PBing?
  5. Oh, and tonight I am making baked potatoes and chili. I'll mush up the baked potato real good, puree the chili and mix it together. Sounds yummy!!

  6. There really isn't a set "menu" and I wish that there were. I'm sort of making up my own stuff. I bought some on the signature soups from Vons and I blend it in my magic bullet. I also make a "crustless quiche". 3 eggs, 1/4 C fat free cottage cheese, dash of jack cheese and some diced green chilies. I blend it in my magic bullet and poor into an oven safe personal size bowl. Bake at 350 for 30-35 minutes. It makes two servings, I only eat half and give the other half to my daughter. It's soooooo good. I posted a few recipes on the "food and nutrition" forum under "mushy phase". You should check that out, there's a lot of different ideas.

    I haven't really gotten that stuck feeling, no vomiting or anything either.

    I don't know what time my appt is....I'll check; maybe we'll be able to meet in the waiting room!

    Take care,


  7. socalfosh

    Mushies Stage Recipes

    Snowbabymb, Do you puree that or eat it as is? Sounds yummy, I think I'll try it! :rolleyes2:
  8. Hi, San Diego Mom -

    I'm feeling much better now. I don't have any port pain but you are correct, that is normal. I went back to see him a week after surgery. My fill appointment is on the 17th. How about you? I'm realizing that I'm scared to eat anything because I'm afraid of slippage. How do you feel about that? Honestly, I started the mushy stage a few days early because I couldn't handle liquids anymore. Maybe that's why I have such a fear. I'm really just focusing on results and I will stick to the doctors diet from now on. Sorry about the delay in my response....I just noticed you sent this message. Take care.

  9. socalfosh

    Mushies Stage Recipes

    Ricotta Recipe 1/4 C Ricotta cheese 1/4 C Fat free cottage cheese 1 ounce mozzarella cheese dash salt/pepper and parm cheese 1/2 C Marinara (I use Ragu and the calorie/fat count is based on that) Mix all ingredients in your magic bullet or other blender devise. Pour into personal size casserole dish; heat in oven at 400 for 15 minutes or microwave for 1 minute 30 seconds. Makes two servings. 150 calories per serving 5.5 grams of fat per serving 13 grams of Protein per serving This is so yummy.....it's basically all the good stuff that oozes out of a lasagna! Yum.
  10. socalfosh

    Mushies Stage Recipes

    Crustless Quiche 3 eggs 1/3 C white cheddar/mont jack cheese mix 1/4 C fat free cottage cheese diced jalepenos and diced green chilies to taste pinch salt and pepper Mix ingredients in magic bullet or other blender Poor into a personal size casserole bowl or oven safe bowl bake in oven at 350 for 30-35 minutes This will serve two 1/2 C servings 200 calories per serving 11 grams of fat per serving 19 grams of Protein per serving I'm not a nutritionist so I can't say if this is too high in cal's or fat but I will send the recipe to my nutritionist and see what she says. You be the judge.
  11. socalfosh

    Dr said eat anything I want! What??

    Hmmm......I'm about two weeks out and I can't eat solids until week 5 - "soft solids" at that. I'm totally starving all the time and really sick of my "options". I want so badly to nibble at something solid but I'm too afraid. Its kind of making me depressed because I haven't had solids in 31 days.....yes I'm COUNTING!! When I started my pre-op diet I was gung ho about it....even coming out of surgery. But now all I think about is food and much I miss it. I believe it to be the enemy now and I'm completely obsessing about food. On Monday I move into the mushy phase and I'm actually excited. I don't know why there are restrictions but I'm too afraid to go against what my docter says but I can't understand why there are so many different versions of the pre and post op diets out there. I mean there has to be some reason why I have such a strict post op diet, right? I don't know what that reason is but like I said, I'm too scared to go against what he says so I won't but it's depressing me!!!!! :smile2:
  12. socalfosh

    Banded 10/21 and have ???

    SD Mom, mine was at 8:30, went in about 9:15. I researched him a lot too, so I knew I was in good skilled hands. Ultimately, I'd prefer that over a friend! LOL.
  13. socalfosh

    Banded 10/21 and have ???

    San Diego Mom, I was banded by Dr. Horgan too. What did you think of him? I never met with him once until the morning of the surgery. He came in and asked if I lost weight, I said yes, he left and the next thing I knew it was over with. He didn't even come in to the recovery room. Anyway, yeah sounds like we're opposites. Last night I tried some pudding and that didn't sit well. I didn't get a "full" feeling, just didn't feel so good. I tried sleeping on my stomach last night, it was a little soar where the port is but not bad. I ended up moving back to my back.
  14. socalfosh

    Banded 10/21 and have ???

    I was banded 10/21 too in San Diego. Today was the first day that I feel a little better. The gas pains were awful!! My stomach growls but I can't eat much at all when I eat. The most I can have at once is a Popsicle. I've tried Jell-O and chicken broth but I feel sick after a few bites...but still hungry. I'm so afraid to eat too so I just don't. I drink small sips of water all day. I can't wait to get out of this phase...it's just miserable.
  15. Well after 8 months I was finally banded, yesterday! I am excited for a new healthy life, but man do I feel like crud! :sad_smile: I have gas pain in my chest and in between my shoulder blades. My stomach is soar, of course. The doc prescribed Tylenol with codeine; not strong enough in my opinion. How long did you post opers feel bad for?
  16. socalfosh

    I Did It!!!

    It's nice to hear that one day it will be worth it. I was banded yesterday and I'm pretty soar and the gas pains.....ouch! I know it will be worth it one day, and it's nice to hear success stories. Congrats to you! And thanks for sharing.
  17. thanks guys!!!!!!! I've been walking around and it has helped.
  18. socalfosh

    Hi from San Diego!

    Hi, I'm the same way, which is why I was so discouraged after my initial. I thought they were so nice at the seminar too, and they are, they are just super busy on Wednesday's so they are in and out. I am on the liquid diet, I was instructed to do 3 weeks of it. It's been tough but I just stick to it. At night when I really struggle I do some sit ups and go to bed and I'm fine. Some days are easier than others but I have great support around me and that helps! The tests I had to do were a barium swallow and they x-ray the esophagus and upper stomach. (I don't know if the technical name is upper GI) I also had to do something where they put a tube down your nose into your stomach so they can make sure that works properly. It was uncomfortable but only lasted about 15 minutes. Then blood work and an EKG. Tests that were worth it to me. Hopefully your insurance will accept the doctor visits you already have. My insurance is Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Minnesota. From what they tell me its pretty good too. Good luck and congrats on your wedding!
  19. socalfosh

    Hi From NSW Australia

    $15-18,ooo if your cash pay. My insurance is covering it for me.
  20. socalfosh

    Such a loooooong process!!!!

    I felt the SAME way. I started with the process in February of 08. A few times I almost talked myself out of this. I said to myself "I can do this myself" or "by the time this is done, I could loose the weight myself". Well, I know that's not true, I've tried and failed - I'm a great yo-yo dieter! In March when I was being told September or October would be a realistic surgery date I thought no way! But my surgery is in 5 days and I am so happy I stuck to it. STICK TO IT. It WILL be worth it! Good luck!
  21. socalfosh

    Hi from San Diego!

    Hi, there. I'm having the procedure done at UCSD on the 21st. My insurance required 6 months too. When Dr. Horgan's office told me that, they asked if I had recent proof of 6 months that they could submit. Since I did not we started the 6 month process. So they should be able to at least try it but it will ultimately be up to the insurance co. Let me tell you about my first experience there as I was frustrated and turned off by the experience right away. They only do initial consults on Wednesday's so they are super busy. Psych will come in and ask a bunch of questions. When I went, there were two docs, one female, one male. (The male was a jerk.) Then they leave, you wait a few minutes and someone else will come in and ask the same questions. This will repeat about 4-5 times. I did not meet with the Dr. at all. I thought I would have, but he never came in. Then they all get together and decided if they want to submit your insurance right away or not. For me, they decided not. They wanted me to come back after a month with a weight loss of 7-10 pounds. If I lost the weight, then they would submit the insurance. In total I was there for a few hours. I didn't expect any of that so I was annoyed and felt like "F" this. But, I continued going and it was a pleasurable experience, they submitted my insurance, my insurance wanted the 6 months so we started. At the time I thought "this is stupid, 6 months is forever away and I don't need this". I think that was me talking myself out of it because I fear change. As much as I want to be fit and in shape, I even fear this change. I am soooooooooo happy that I stuck to it, and before I knew it, the time passed and my surgery is scheduled and I couldn't be happier! I am telling you my experience not to turn you off to it, but to inform you so you don't go in with unrealistic expectations like I did. I hope you have a great experience and I hope you take the time to make the right decision for yourself. If you choose to do this, Dr. Horgan is one of the best in the area to perform the surgery!
  22. socalfosh

    Medically Supervised Diet

    BTW, how do you get a profile pic to show up? I uploaded a pick and checked "use as default pic" and it still doesn't show. thanks,
  23. socalfosh

    Medically Supervised Diet

    I also had a similar experience. I have BC/BS and I started this process back in February at 253. Per the insurance I went through the 6 month process ans lost about 10 pounds. During the 5th month (Sept 5th) I was laid off from my job and I lost all hope for the surgery. I told my dietitian and she encouraged that I still go to the 6 month appt which was 9/24. I went and by that time I gained some weight. I guess I was eating for emotional reasons; anyway, they re- submitted my insurance on the 25th. They called everyday and one day they called and the insurance company knew of the stop date. We thought for sure they were just going to lag out the approval. I had no hope but I prayed, and the praying did me some good. I got an approval from bc/bs on 9/30 and my surgery is scheduled for 10/21. The moral of the story is don't loose hope and faith. Things will work out, even if there are bumps in the road!!
  24. socalfosh

    November 10 date!!!!

    I started mine on 10/1. My surgery date is 10/21 so I was 3 weeks too. I thought 3 weeks was going to be awful - the first day was the hardest but the first day was also the most eye opening. I realized just how much I ate for no reason. When fixing the kids' breakfast and their lunch I would just put food in my mouth. Then I would eat my own. I would snack during the day then cook dinner and pick while I was cooking, then eat, then pick at the kids' lefts overs then pick while I was cleaning up. It was so eye opening for me. I am 15 days in now and I have struggled and I have had urges to just break down and eat but I have not. You can get through the 3 weeks and it goes by faster than you know. Good luck on everything for you.
  25. socalfosh

    November 10 date!!!!

    My dietitian says no slim fast....way too much sugar. If you're going to drink a shake find one with less than 6 grams of sugar and less than 160 cals.