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  1. I received word today, I've been approved for band to sleeve revision ! Pre-op testing to begin next week. This will be a 2 step procedure for me so band removal first. Very excited and anxious/ nervous at the same time. The process was quicker and smoother than anticipated....thankfully!
  2. socalfosh

    You're all I got! (Waiting on insurance)

    When I posted this question and said my paperwork wasn't even submitted yet I was a bit annoyed. I was told by my insurance they didn't have any request on file. So, yesterday (7/11) I emailed my patient advocate and asked for an update. No response. Today (7/12) they called to inform me the band removal to sleeve conversion was approved! I was not expecting that but I am so excited. All my pre-op tests are scheduled for next week. Wow.
  3. So I submitted to insurance on Friday to remove band and revise to sleeve. Its only Monday and I keep checking my phone and email. This is gonna be a loooooong wait! Lol. I've made the personal choice to only confide in my husband and my best friend who do not have weight issues. So you're my support while I go coo coo playing the waiting game! Peace & Love - Nicnac
  4. socalfosh

    You're all I got! (Waiting on insurance)

    Curious if anyone has heard back about their insurance yet? I found out my paperwork hasent even been submitted yet. =/
  5. So I've consulted with a one surgeon (he placed my band in 08) and he's happy to remove and do the sleeve in a 2 step process. I'm going to a surgeon for a second opinion (only because I didn't do this with the band and I regret not getting more info from another source) and he performs the removal and sleeve in the same surgery.....which is way more appealing to me. Anyone out here have 1 procedure? I'd like to hear from both (2 procedures and 1). Thanks!
  6. socalfosh

    You're all I got! (Waiting on insurance)

    Thanks everyone! Good luck to you all too.
  7. Wow mcm! Wow! People really are cruel. But like I said, if a nurse (or any co-worker) came in with her new "enhancements" there would be no such judgment. If I were in your position I would do the same thing. Good luck on your surgery to you and your fiance.
  8. But when woman get boob jobs they're practically applauded! Nothing ago an boob jobs.....really. I think there's a stigma or something. I've chosen not to tell anyone for my personal reasons. I'm a private person and I don't like people in my business. But I don't lie easily either so when the weight starts coming off I will reply " its medically supervised and I have a personal trainer". No lie there! Its human nature to be afraid of things we don't understand and most people simply don't understand obesity unless they're living it, therefore you receive negative feedback from some people. (Not everyone) Good luck to all of you! Keep up the good HARD work!! Man I wanna punch people when they say "easy way out"!
  9. I'm moving in the direction on sleeve over RNY. (Taking out my band). 5 yrd ago when I had the band it was the "safest wls with minimal complications". This is now what I hear about the sleeve. I can't help but wonder......what will have to deal with that we just aren't aware of yet. Please, share your thoughts. Thanks!
  10. Your responses have calmed my nerves! I'm a bit of a "catastropher" so I'm always thinking of worst case scenarios. I want to be in shape and healthy not skinny and sick....which is why I'm choosing sleeve over RNY. Thanks everyone.
  11. Thank you everyone for sharing. Mrs. Pierre.... have u now completed both procedures?
  12. Thank you everyone for sharing your stories and experience with me. A lot of you have hit so many nails on the head. I will proceed with caution and seek skilled surgeons and education. Thanks again!
  13. Good luck to you in your upcoming procedures. Please, keep me posted!
  14. socalfosh

    Please Help Me Decide ...

    Hi Andrew, I am 5 yrs post op of the lap band and I am now considering the sleeve. I chose the band because I didn't want to alter my body with RNY and I don't recall the sleeve being an option when I decided on the surgery. I lost slowly over 2.5 years then stalled and started re-gaining. I don't blame the band exactly, but in hindsight I wish I would have chosen a surgery that provided faster results. The band is difficult to get use to but you can get there. Also, I've learned in my new research that 60% of people banded have it removed after 5 yrs due to complications or not reaching their desired goals. I have not reached desired goals, therefore I am considering a band to sleeve revision. It's scary to think about having 80% of the stomach cut out, I will be meeting with a surgeon to discuss on more detail. It's not a decision to take lightly but I am considering it because I want better results, its why I had he surgery to start with. I am leaning towards the sleeve because of the Vitamin loss which isn't a risk as it is with RNY. (Always need Vitamins, but not as risky with sleeve) Good luck on your journey!
  15. socalfosh

    Down 50 Lbs And Notice That Strangers are Nicer

    OMG, I noticed it too! It made me mad as hell. I'm amazed at how differently I'm treated.
  16. Hello, my name is Nicole. I've been overweight since after the birth of my 1st child in 96. Over the years, the weight just piled on and on. Before I knew I pushing 300 pounds! Oh NO! When I went to my Dr. to get some diet pills he actually suggested I consider the surgery. I was a little insulted and I ignored his suggestion. After about a year after that I was only continuing to gain weight. I finally went to a seminar and just went through the process never really expecting to actually go through with it. I am SOOOOOOO glad that I did as this was one of he biggest life changing experience of my life. Today I am officially to my half way point and I feel so good. YEAH!!!!:thumbsup:
  17. Hi, Lori. I was just reading your post that you left. Thank you for your kind words! This journey is amazing as you will see! How far are you along so far? How are things going? I just got another fill....I was getting loose! hehe. It feels good getting a fill.

  18. socalfosh

    Go much gas!

    Walking is key. I had horrible gas pains and read walking was good. I thought it sounded crazy because I was so pain that I thought I couldn't do it but I did and it helped. Just take some gas X's first. Good luck!
  19. socalfosh

    5 Reasons

    I don't know if I can name 5 but I'll tell you my number 1. No one knows how their body will "react" and if I had any complications it is a comfort knowing the band can be removed. If there are complications with by-pass it is my understanding there is no going back - that's it, done deal. Something I didn't realize: The body really will take time to adjust. I thought once I could go on solids after the surgery I was magically "cured" of urges to overeat or that I wouldn't think about eating all the time but that's the not the reality. It is a tool that takes time to adjust to. It took me about 4 months but I love it today and I'm glad I did it. Good luck.
  20. socalfosh

    Amazed at my success so far!

    Wow, I never thought I would be an "inspiration" to anyone. Thanks for the kind words. You all can do it, just take one day/step at a time and before you know it, you will be writing your success stories. Thanks again!
  21. socalfosh

    Jonathan's Success

    Congratulations! I don't see any pics
  22. socalfosh

    This is my story

    We are the exact same height and starting weight! How are things for you now? Any more success? My goals have been smaller weight loss increments, I think its more encouraging to Celebrate smaller victories.
  23. socalfosh

    excited and nervous

    Congratulations! I went to my seminar one year ago in May. I was nervous and very skeptical. But I put one foot in front of the other and expected nothing. I went along with everything, the insurance submittal, the psych eval, everything. When they told me I had to wait 6 months, I did. Irritated and annoyed, thinking I don't need this. (I admit I was skeptical about this actually working for me). But before I knew it, the surgery date was scheduled. Here I am, 6 months later and I have lost 64 pounds. I couldn't have done it without the surgery! And, to add to patchelton, it is NOT easy. It's a challenge and it will take time to adjust and to get to a comfortable spot. But just keep rolling with the motions and one day you will be amazed at how far you've come! Good luck to you!
  24. HAHAHA LOL. what you say in the end, that is so funny!