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    I'm 3 days till surgery, but I'm a former bandster so I can relate to what your saying from that aspect. With that said, I truly wish you continued success. Things will get easier in time and you will so enjoy running around with those kiddos which is all the reward. Best of luck. Congrats on losing over a hundred pounds thus far. That's amazing.
  2. socalfosh

    Needing Somw Advise!

    Hi journey, my thought on the "you never get it back" thing is this, if someone were to have a tummy tuck they never think "what if I want it back, u will never get that excess skin back" we don't want it back! Its an adjustment going from eating endless amounts of food to being restricted but you get use to that. I'm scheduled for my sleeve 11/26, band was removed 8/27 . I've found in my research that about 60% of those banded need it removed due to the damage it causes. Someone I know with the band, get liver was adhered to stomach over time. Glad you choose the sleeve.
  3. socalfosh

    On The Verge Of Mental Collapse

    Mouse, I'm with you and I feel your pain. You have 6 days, you will drop the pounds, I'm sure of it. I'm on day 8 of a 30 day liquid pre op liquid diet. I'm allowed pudding, yogurt and cottage cheese but that sure is disgusting after a while. Instead of chicken Soup broth, I've ordered pho a couple of times and just eat that broth. It's yummy. Like you, my doc takes weight loss as an indicator that the liver is shrinking. If you're compliant, you will succeed. Also like you, my doc will cancel if I don't lose the weight, I am required to lose 23 pounds and my pre op start weight is 232. My first week I only lost 3.5 pounds so I've dedicated myself to the gym from now until 11/25 which is the day before my surgery. (Minus Sunday's :-)) mentally this is really difficult, but I just think about how fast time flies and I try to focus on Xmas coming up. By then, we will be on mushy/solids and will have lost 20 plus pounds, right? (Ish) time flies doesn't it, can you believe it NOVEMBER already? Holy cow. Well just blink, and it's December. Blessings to you all. Xoxo
  4. socalfosh

    New Guy From San Diego!

    I'm with doctor Horgan, scheduled for November 26. I'm on the liquid pre-op phase now. I'm wondering what kind of results you all have had. Any words of wisdom? Thanks!
  5. socalfosh


    Ice chips?
  6. I'm not sure, my friend went through kaiser in San Diego. They actually send the patients to one of the top notch, best surgeons in the country for this procedure. (Also in San Diego) She was about 220 and 5'7, no problems getting approved for her. Personally, I even considered the same thing about Mexico but I chose to stick it out with my insurance and my surgeon here in sd because u would have to finance the procedure if I went to Mexico. I don't want to do that. I started back in June and before I know it, surgery is 11/26.
  7. socalfosh

    November buddies where are you?

    November 26, I'm on day 1 of my pre-op liquid diet. Lord help me! But I'm grateful to have this opportunity, especially after having the band for 5 years now. It's been out since late, August. UCSD in San Diego.
  8. socalfosh

    Breaking the news! HELP!

    When I had my band removed, I said I was having surgery and that was it, I never disclosed what kind to anyone at work. I told hr, and my supervisor, I was out a week and when I returned people said where were you, vacation? I said "something like that." When I go out for my sleeve I'm not telling anyone at work I'm having surgery again, just scheduled vacation days. Hr knows I have a second surgery, she doesn't know why, she never asked, and I never said why.
  9. I had lap band in 08 so maybe it's easier for me. I'm just not telling them I'm converting. But when people offer me a soda that don't know about the band I just say no thanks, I don't say I can't drink it because I have the Lap band. I think one could get away with saying they've made life changes without telling them about the surgery.
  10. I'm not telling anyone. Not anyone.
  11. socalfosh

    Liquid diet starts tomorrow!

    I had a 30 liquid pre opp before having my band removed, and I will have to do it again before being sleeved. Gahh! My date is 11/26 , I'm kinda terrified. Good luck to you.
  12. socalfosh

    Liquid diet starts tomorrow!

    I had a 30 liquid pre opp before having my band removed, and I will have to do it again before being sleeved. Gahh! My date is 11/26 , I'm kinda terrified. Good luck to you.
  13. I don't know why people say "if out can't do pre-op how will you do post-op". There very different. Post of, 3/4 of your stomach will be gone and won't have an appetite for a couple of week. Then you move into the soft foods phase. After your soft foods phase you will have developed a different attitude towards food. Pre-op is more of a head f**k. Keep it up.....it will be worth it!
  14. I was conscious for my edg. I loopy, but conscious. I remember all of and listening to them talk. It was a strange experience. Hope all went well for you.
  15. I have the same concern as you Esmeralda. I initially lost with the band....maintained a while....gained about 40 back. Now I'm on on my liquid pre-op and lost 3 pounds each week so far. My band removal is 2 weeks from today. How have you been bow that your about 2 weeks out? Was your surgeon able to address your question?
  16. Im converting from band to sleeve. I'm day 8 on a four week liquid preop diet. I think I could handle another week.....but effing THREE!!?? I wanna quit. I can't. Not to mention this is just to remove the band. I have to do it again for the sleeve 2 months later. I just ate about 5 spoonfuls of the meat sauce I made for spaghetti......I shouldn't have done that. I want to throw my towel to the wind and dig in.
  17. socalfosh

    Dear god I cant do it!

    Wow RJ I'm so sorry for your struggles. I hope you are well now! Thanks for the encouragement!
  18. socalfosh

    Dear god I cant do it!

    Oh man I wish! I don't even get to this procedure in one step! Gahh! Good luck to you. Keep us posted on your progress !
  19. socalfosh

    Dear god I cant do it!

    My nutritionist said over the years they've found 4 weeks is best to shrink the liver......idk. When they placed the band 5 yrs ago I did 2.5 weeks. Thanks for the encouragement.
  20. socalfosh

    Just beginning my journey

    I chose the lap band in 08, I don't recall the sleeve even bring an option but I did not want the by-pass due to long term complications. I'm now in the process of having the band removed (surgery date is 8/27) and I will be sleeved some months later. I didn't have bad complications like some banders did, but weight loss has been slow and the band is somewhat frustrating (for me). You have to go in regularly to have a fill or un fill, if insurance doesn't cover that its $250 a pop. If you get the flu, you must go to the ER to have the band unfilled. My research had shown that many people have the band removed about 5-6 years out due to complications like erosion or slippage. Its a foreign object that your body tries to reject. Definitely do your research and choose what you feel best about. Good luck!