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  1. Hi guys, I'm kinda new here BUTTT for the people that have had an ESG where did you get the procedure done? I stay in the metro Atlanta area so I'm looking for places in Georgia or even in TN, SC, or AL. I know the 2 big places that do ESG is Atlanta, Ga are IBI healthcare and TrueYou. I got the gastric ballon (Obera) done at IBI healthcare and they were very friendly but I don't think they prepared well for what to expect. They told me it's a quick and easy procedure (which it was), to follow the diet, and I should be back to work in 2-3 days. They sent me home with some paperwork on what to eat and that was pretty much it. I was sick and hospitalized twice in the 10 days postop both times for dehydration because i couldn't keep anything down not even water. There was alot of back in forth with leaving voicemails, unanswered calls, etc. They finally removed the balloon on day 12. But to their defense I did get it done 2 days before Christmas (not wise), and had it removed the Monday after the new year so most of the days they were closed or very limited staff. ANYHOO... I was thinking of getting to give this weightless thing another shot, this time with an ESG. So my questions: 1. Is this typical to kinda have a consultation, have procedure, and one followup and send you on your way? I understand their is so much information online about the procedure but I was just wondering if I should be prepared to find out what's normal/what's not on my own. 2. I stay in Metro Atlanta area has anyone had any experience with ESG in this area, I'm also open to surrounding areas: Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, and Tennesse. 3. Have anyone had the procedure done at TrueYou, IBI healthcare, or Northeast Georgia Bariatric Center? (I am familiar with those 3 places because this is where I had my consultation for my Obera placement). Thanks so much...
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    Georgia ESG (Where did you go?)

    I definitely want the ESG and I thought this was posted under the gastric sleeve but I see now they have the ESG under other procedures.. thanks for the heads up... I will post there. My BMI is kind of low at 31 and it fits what I'm looking for. Thanks for the suggestions...

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