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    WendyTK reacted to Arabesque in Afraid to Eat   
    If you follow your plan, you won’t put on weight. You are consuming so few calories & even when you progress to purées, soft food & then solid food, you’ll still be eating so few calories & such tiny portions, that again you won’t put on weight.
    Not consuming calories, not meeting your Protein goals (or at least being close to it) will actually be doing you more harm. Affecting your recovery & healing, putting your body into starvation mode, being nutrient deficit, etc. These will impede your long term health & weight loss.
    May be get in touch with your team & ask if you could see a therapist to work through this fear of eating. You don’t want to swap one set of poor eating habits with another & create new health issues.
    Trust the program. It works.
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    WendyTK reacted to toodlerue in Afraid to Eat   
    The 1st few days are rough. Consentrat on Protein and liquids right now. The Protein Shakes can be counted as liquid.
    The first few weeks I only got between 700 and 900 calories day. Just don’t go on a binge. I need a bunch of crap and you will be fine.

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    WendyTK reacted to AJSci27 in Afraid to Eat   
    I’ve had this feeling before but it lasted a very short while. Your body needs the calories to survive and weight loss will still happen. Your stomach is not that same anymore and you won’t be able to eat the same amount or the same types of food anymore. That feeling will pass in due time. You’ll be okay! Just make sure you follow your surgeon’s directives ♥️

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