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  1. I had surgery on Monday (22nd) and I was released from the hospital yesterday afternoon. The scales show me having gained weight but I’m sure that’s the IV’s they gave me constantly. My question is, I don’t feel hungry in the typical way as I did prior my sleeve surgery. Instead I feel pain? Or is it just gas? Or is it just surgical pain? How can I tell when I’m hungry and I need to eat?? I never thought eating was going to be so confusing. I don’t want to eat anything, I’m not hungry, but I know I have to eat too. Two days out and it all seems so foreign to me still. Help?
  2. SpringCleansing

    How Can I tell I’m Hungry?

    This is something I’ve not been doing well on, hydrating. Today I felt like I didn’t even get a bottle down. I was exhausted and slept most the day! I did space the pills and vitamins out which helped but today I’ve had awful pains from gas I think. Thank you for the guidance! Water water water. I can work on that.
  3. SpringCleansing

    How Can I tell I’m Hungry?

    Thank you all for your input and help! I don’t feel hunger or crave any foods right now. I just want to be left alone and just drink water when I wish to, eat something when I think I may want to. I’m not getting my calorie intake and no where near my protein intake. My parents are forcing again and again that I need to drink more and take all my meds etc. I know I need to but I have been taking them spaced out given o can’t just swallow everything at one time, it makes me sick. So anyway, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who has no “hunger” out there. Thanks everyone.
  4. SpringCleansing

    April Operation Buddies

    My surgery is in the morning (the 22nd). I’m nervous but excited too. I’m the first one into the operating room so I have to be there at 6:30am.
  5. SpringCleansing

    April Operation Buddies

    Good luck everyone and those that have had to done already I wish you all well! My surgery for my sleeve is the 22nd and I started my liquid diet on Monday this week (8th).

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