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    I just heard of this recipe for “Bread” & will be trying it soon. It’s high in protein so yippee! 1 cup cottage cheese, 2eggs & Everything Bagel Seasoning from Trader Joe’s. Mix all ingredients in a bowl, then smoosh on to a baking sheet covered with parchment paper. Bake at 350 for about 35 minutes.
  2. Sorry to hear you’ve been going through all of that…thankful you’re finally home! Hope the pain subsides soon for you and energy levels start to get better. I’m 5 weeks post op & still low energy…keep telling myself my body is healing. Looking forward to getting energetic
  3. Hopped on the scale today excited to see how much I’ve lost (4weeks post op) to discover the scale reads the same as last week. I’m taking in less than 500 calories per day & meeting protein requirements. Was thankful to read from others that this plateau is common around 3weeks. Trying to stay positive but this was 🥲
  4. I’ve had a hard time getting my protein in too. Started drinking protein water (Protein2O, it has 15g of protein). Also bought Isopure tropical fruit protein power to add to my water (has 20g). I haven’t tried it yet but looking forward to it. Hope this helps.
  5. I can’t say the staples were a pain issue for me. There was generalized soreness in the abdomen but was medicated at the hospital. Once home I didn’t require too much pain meds. Just a couple days at night to help sleep. For me the sorest area was the larger incisional port where the Dr removed the stomach. He had told me I would feel a tugging sensation for a few weeks due to the additional stitches at that location. The pain wasn’t too bad, but, thankful I knew what it was. I don’t feel it anymore. As far as the nausea, I was given medication to prevent it so thankfully didn’t go through that. Hope this helps.
  6. Hi all, thought I would give an update and would love to hear how others March Buddies are doing! I’m 3weeks post op (3/18) & have a bit more energy now that I’m taking vitamins! Still progressing very slow with food. I’m on puréed foods and able to get about 2T when I do eat something. But, mainly takes me most the day to get my 2 protein shakes in & started drinking protein water as well. I’m 5’ 8” & “big boned” so my nutritionist upped my protein target to 80g. I’m Averaging 350-420 calories/day, not due to nutritionist just because I’m not able to take in much. What are the rest of you averaging? Is this normal for 3 weeks? Also, Hoping to get into a better walking routine. Confession: have not been doing a lot of walking, except when I’m shopping! I am parking farther away to get more steps in so making little adjustments. And, my scale says 22lbs lost since day of surgery! Hope you are all doing well on your journey.
  7. I had a hard time getting enough water at 1st as well. I hope today is better for you. My Dr prescribed a nausea medicine that dissolves in the mouth which was helpful. I had my surgery 3/18 and can now get 6-8oz in 1 hour. And feeling cold is a very common side effect I'm learning... a nice warm blanket when leaving the hospital would be awesome!
  8. This is the type of abdominal binder I was given at the hospital. It has Velcro& easy to put on/take off. I really liked it and find it helps keep things supported especially getting in& out of bed.
  9. Glad you're doing well. I'm feeling good,maybe pushed myself a bit much yesterday so trying to not over do it today🙃 I was told you can't over do the protein, curious if others have gotten the same advice? And I asked for a belly binder, it's not typically part of the post op with my Dr. I've found it is helpful for me. Some people like the extra support it gives& others don't care for them. I don't think it plays any role in the healing process, more for comfort.
  10. Hi, how are you feeling? I had mine the day before you. Hope you're healing is going smoothly.
  11. Good luck tomorrow, I had mine a week ago and completely understand the emotions. There are a few other March buddies who recently had GS & are doing great! I recommend bringing chapstick or ask for some at the hospital! And walk as much as you can to get the gas bubbles out. It really makes a difference.
  12. So glad your continuing to feel great!!! I've been able to get 2 Protein shakes & my water so far. But, that's about it. I can have creamed soups(strained) if I've met the shake& water goals. I'll probably have a bit more energy if I could get a littler more calories. Which creamed soups do you like? And that's a good point about the supplements. I haven't started taking them. My doctor starts vitamins 2 weeks post surgery. I bet that will help a lot! I need to order some. Was planning on getting chewable (all in one). Which type do you like?
  13. Hope everything went smoothly for you. How are you feeling? I had the sleeve 3/18! I'm working on getting 2 protein shakes& water in to stay hydrated. Not a lot of calories so low energy at the moment.
  14. Had my surgery 3/18 & back home yesterday. Stayed 2 nights because couldn't hydrate myself enough day 1. And had 2 surgeries in one, the Dr fixed a large hiatal hernia while doing the GS. So today I'm focusing on continual sipping!!" Trying to go without pain meds as the crushed pills taste terrible🤣
  15. Great news that you're doing well. Congratulations on having the surgery behind you! My surgery is scheduled for 3/18 & the Dr will be fixing a hiatal hernia as well for me. It's nice to know other people going through similar things. Love to hear how your healing and progress continue.
  16. My surgery is 3/18, nervous & excited at the same time.

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