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    Started process for WLS on Jan 3. 2023 and RNY surgery scheduled for April 4. 2023. It just got real :)
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  1. Sometimes reading the posts here make me wonder if some people just weren't mentally ready for WLS and needed more time with the bariatric team psychiatrist. Complaining about the limited drink/food choices early on... blah..blah...blah. The living to eat mentality really needs to go and be replaced with eating to live. JS

    1. Bypass2Freedom


      We have to remember that everyone moves at their own pace. For some it may be harder to adjust, people may have other factors at play that feed into the unhealthy relationship with food e.g. eating disorders, trauma. I'd hope those who you are referring to address this outside of this forum, with a professional.

      This is a place to feel safe to vent, seek advice, hopefully without judgement.

      Compassion goes a long way :)

    2. BabySpoons


      Seems it would be more compassionate not to perform a WLS on someone until they are mentally ready for it. Unless of course they are on death's door...

    3. JennyBeez


      I'm really grateful for the pre-op clinic team I had, tbh. They had wonderful suggestions starting with a year prior to surgery -- one asked me if I thought I could give up carbonation for a month in prep, for example. A month of food journalling well before the surgery was scheduled, so we could go over places where improvements could be made after surgery, etc.

      It really makes me wonder about the pre-op education and support that some clinics have. I can see coming on to vent about having trouble with these things, but some people do seem legitimately surprised by some of the answers they get. My aunt, for one, was looking at a clinic in Mexico (cause she doesn't qualify for the ones here in Ontario/Canada) and they basically made it sound like the surgery would do all the work for her and she could carry on eating as normal, just with smaller portion sizes. :S

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