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  1. sweettea25

    Im so upset!!!

    I really thank you all who have posted. I really needed that boost of confidence back and its really not that long now that i look at it. I can be patient and I am going to take this time to get my daily routines and life changes together. thanks!!!:smile:
  2. Congrats to everyone and i wish all us may bandsters good luck. Im may 8 also and plan to do well.
  3. Yes.........I am so happy finally have a date and it is in May. But first I have to loose 15 pounds. I know I can do it though and I will. I cant wait to begin my journey!:confused:
  4. congrats and good luck to the both of you as well.
  5. yes we should all stay in touch. Support each other that always work.:confused:
  6. sweettea25

    Dr. Consult

    thanks this thread has answered my questions. i have my first consult with my surgeon march 4.:thumbup:
  7. I am a Henry Ford Employee that has HAP Insurance. I'm just wondering if any one else has gotten the lap band surgery at Henry Ford Hospital and what all they had to go threw before the surgery cause unfortunatly I have been going threw this process for 8months now and still dont have a surgery date yet. Whom else is going threw this? Help:bored:
  8. Hi everyone! Well I finally did my psych evaluation and I past it. She send my results to my insurance company for her approval so they called me the next day and told me I was approved. Only thing is when I called my surgeons office they schedule my next step appointment for February 10. So I was very excited about it but I didnt know I would have to wait another three months just to meet with the nutritionist. Then I will get my surgery date. Guess patience is a everything. So have anyone else been going thru a 6 month process of just waiting months and months for appointments.:eek:
  9. sweettea25

    2009 Bandsters?

    Well I just got approved for my surgery. Now I have to wait tell February 10 for my Nutrition consult. So I get my surgery date that day so I will be 2009 bandster too, around April.
  10. sweettea25

    HAP - Health Alliance Plan

    yes i would like to know also.
  11. sweettea25

    Psyc evaluations

    I am so excited and I have waited a long time for this day to come but its finally here. I have my psych evaluation on October 22. I know I will pass it but I just hope I dont have to wait forever to hear back from my insurance company.:wink2:
  12. sweettea25

    I finally got a date!

    congrats on the both of you. I just wish i was as lucky. I dont even do my psych consult until November 3. Ill be waiting but its well worth it.
  13. sweettea25

    lap band and health alliance

    my BMI is 53 and the insurance company called and said i was approved but before i get it i must have my psych evaluation.
  14. sweettea25

    lap band and health alliance

    HAP surgical treatment of morbid obesity ( bariatric surgery) - eligible members must meet the following criteria: -Weight 100 pounds or 100% over normal weight according to current underwriting standards; -Body mass index greater than 35 and at leat 2 life-threatening co-morbid conditions,or BMI greater than 40 without co-morbid conditions; -Psychological evaluationn demonstrating emotional stability and ability to comply with post sugical limitations, -Documented compliance with a medically supervied weight loss program including diet, exercise and behavior modification for at least 1 year; and -Medical evaluationn rules out other treatable causes of morbid obesity. Thats what was given to me and I am up for my Psych evaluation in November 3.
  15. wow jetti u look awesome. keep up the good work. cant wait til my turn. seems to be taking forever.

  16. wow. congrats on your band today. Hope everything turns out well. Ur very pretty and diva licious just like me.

  17. HI . When is your surgery?

  18. when is your surgery?

  19. :smile:hi. I havent been banded yet. I have HAP insurance and I have to have a psych consult first. Unfortunatlythe earliest appointment I can get is November 3. Then I guess all else will flow. Wish me luck.:smile::thumbup::frown::thumbup::frown::thumbup::w00t::thumbup::tt2::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
  20. have u already had surgery

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    From the album: Sweet Tea's Beginning

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    From the album: Sweet Tea's Beginning

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    From the album: Sweet Tea's Beginning

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    From the album: Sweet Tea's Beginning