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    annyapena reacted to Lisa XO in December surgery   
    Just got my date: December 27

    Now I'm nervous. lol
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    annyapena reacted to kcuster83 in 23 Days After Sleeve   
    Your body is adjusting, just follow your plan and it will pass.
    There is an iconic "3 week stall" which you seem to be right around there. Around 3 weeks post-op a lot of people hit a stall. Basically staying at the same weight for a little bit, just still to your plan and it will pass.
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    annyapena reacted to catwoman7 in 23 Days After Sleeve   
    I was going to say the same thing - it sounds like the infamous "three week stall" (most of us have our first major stall within the first month or so after surgery - it's usually the third week (hence the name), but not always. Sometimes it's the second or fourth week (and occasionally even a little later). The best thing to do is make sure you're following your plan to a "T", and stay off the scale for a few days if you have to. Stalls usually last 1-3 weeks, although occasionally they'll last a little longer. But it WILL break as long as you stick to your plan.
    as far as exercising, you might want to check with your clinic for their recommendations. I was allowed to walk (and ENCOURAGED to walk) right away. I was cleared to do most other exercise ( other than weights) at about a month out. I was able to do weights at eight weeks out, I think.
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    annyapena reacted to Jeanniebug in Anxiety or Hunger?   
    I had surgical pain that I thought was hunger. It went away. The hunger did return though, a few weeks after my surgery.
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    annyapena reacted to SleeverSk in Anxiety or Hunger?   
    I had a about of hunger induced anxiety today, it's hard to pick and even my friend who is naturally slim and eats little mentioned she had anxiety but we made a connection between when she hasn't eaten and anxiety. It's actually very interesting how our blood sugar level can mimic anxiety.
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    annyapena reacted to Arabesque in Anxiety or Hunger?   
    It likely is head hunger. Very understandable to feel anxious & stressed after your surgery. You question your decision, wonder if you’re following your plan correctly, worry about your healing & recovery, doubt such small portions can be enough food, etc. It can be a real emotional roller coaster. For many of us when we felt this way in the past we turned to food to comfort us and your head is still trying to make you do this.
    Real hunger feels different to head hunger. I get restless & think something is wrong with real hunger. With head hunger I want to eat a specific food, flavour or texture. Head hunger will disappear if I can distract myself or by having something to drink (like a herbal or green tea). Real hunger doesn’t disappear.
    Also your excess stomach acid (as a result of the surgery) can make you think you’re hungry (hunger pangs) when you’re not.
    While most people lose their hunger for a time after surgery not everyone does. Average seems to be for it to be lost for about 6 months but some find it returns sooner while for others it doesn’t return for a year or more.
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    annyapena reacted to mzulli in Anxiety or Hunger?   
    I definitely couldn’t identify hunger until at least 3 weeks post-op. It’s still a challenge though and tomorrow is 7 weeks since my surgery.
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    annyapena reacted to SleeverSk in Anxiety or Hunger?   
    I know that feeling, I don't have any advice, just support to let you know your not alone.

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