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    Can't hurt to check with your Dr/Nut. I take it as well (for over a month now), once in the mornings and sometimes right after my heaviest weightlifting sessions along with my Protein. If your Dr gives you the go ahead, make sure you drink plenty of Water, as the creatine draws water into your muscles, and if you don't drink enough water, the redirection of the water will deplete your vital organs and at the very least cause cramps. And Mike is right, you will retain a lot more water weight while on creatine. For me, I think once I was fully loaded on the creatine, I added 7-8 pounds of water weight. Since you need to take a few weeks away from the creatine every once in a while, you'll see the water weight drop in just a couple of days and will get a good idea of what your true weight is. Good luck and let me know how it goes if you take it!
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    If I ever want to go on holiday and wear a swimsuit or bare my arms again, then I will have to get arm and leg surgery. I had really fat arms and legs. They are really bad, so bad that they shock me. I used to wear wide leg trousers and find now that I love skinny leggings. Winter weight ones hide my wrinkles. I did expect it because of my age and am saving hard to afford it. The rest of my body, I can hide so I will see sometime later on about that. I was told by the dietician that the surgeon will not contemplate my surgery until I am in maintenance.
    Fortunately, my eyesight is shot, I can not see the finer details of my face anymore. This will save me a fortune

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