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  1. Hey yall, I had vsg on Halloween. Lost weight fairly easily the first 3 weeks. But that 3rd week and now the 4th week the scale has not moved. I know from what I read it is normal but it's been 2 weeks now and I am worried. I have tried different things to restart it like okay maybe I need to count every thing that I eat and did that then, okay maybe I need to eat more so my body will stop freaking out and tried that. However, nothing worked haha. I am getting all required protein and water and keep it low carb. I was eating like 250 calories and day then bumped it up to around 500 for a couple days. And when I added more carb still nothing happened. So, today I decided I'd try to walk for 30 mins which I did. Hoping the scale moves. Any suggestions?!!! I really want to succeed...
  2. snorelax8

    Always cold!!!!

    2 months post op and freezing my baduckis off. I cannot get my feet warm especially usually the worst is after a shower. It is very weird...
  3. snorelax8

    October 6tj Surgery update?

    You look so good!That's awesome! I am currently in the 3 week stall and trying to not freak out and just do what I know to do and hoping it passes like you said.
  4. snorelax8

    Weird Pain 2 weeks post op

    Okay, well for now I am only taking the stomach acid pill once daily and then doing shots of blood thinner plus vitamins. I did have a theory that maybe it was the shots. Because I had been injecting my stomach since surgery and then I changed it up a few days right before this started and injected in both arms. So, probably a long shot but maybe something happened from the few times I injected in my arms? I since stopped like a week ago and went back to the stomach just in case.
  5. Hey guys, so last week doing the dishes I had pain going up both my arms and across my shoulder in the back and then I felt what I thought was like shortness of breathe, maybe a little heart flutter. It scared me so I went and sat down and it stopped. Now it happens sometimes when I am active. Long story short, I called my surgeon he said it was weird and to get it checked at ER. Six hours later, an EKG, CT scan and bloodwork showed no clot and nothing really abnormal. I went to the grocery store tonight and just walking around I started to feel the weirdness again. Has anyone experienced this? I just want to know what it is and when it will stop hahaha. It's unnerving.

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