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  1. 13 hours ago, sillykitty said:

    Thanks! The diabetes drugs seem very promising metformin is another.

    Look into Mounjaro. It is a diabetes med that is showing early success with weight loss. It's currently in fast track FDA trial to be approved as a weight loss drug. Patients using it report appetite suppression, decrease in food thoughts and slowed gastric emptying. I think it has the potential to be revolutionary.

  2. 1 hour ago, KimA-GA said:

    I'm having real trouble with proud right now...

    Post-surgery, I stuck to 75 grams of Protein and 40 net carbs pretty easily. I was at about 1000 cal/day. I ate more vegetables and cut back on my favorite fruits. No chips at all. Now I sneak in a snack pack of my kids' snack chips. I also indulge in ice cream at night with my family when watching TV. Not more than a cup, but I know all of these seemingly harmless things all add up. Add to that the metabolism of a sloth (thank you, menopause), and I'm a mess.

    1 hour ago, KimA-GA said:

    be proud that you know you need to act and are reaching out! life is hard and we all need to start again sometimes.

    how long ago was your surgery?

    what eating style made you successful in loosing weight last time ?

    what do you think your biggest issue is that is causing weight gain ?

  3. 1 hour ago, ShoppGirl said:

    I have seen people on here who have gained back 30 or 40 pounds and they have been able to lose it. Your restriction should still be there. You most likely have just changed WHAT you are eating throughout all of those stressors. Change it back to your post surgery plan and you should lose. It will be a little more difficult because you probably have your appetite back but you can do it. I am saying all this for myself too as i have gained some back and I’m struggling to lose. I have an appointment set with an endocrinologist because I thought something may be wrong with my hormones because I didn’t think I was eating that bad but my husband told me last night he thinks maybe I have been splurging more than I realize (don’t quit tracking folks). I’m still going to make sure but I’m thinking that I’m right there with you.

    I have heard of people going all the way back to their liquid diet but idk if that extreme is necessary. I was thinking of going back to my liver shrink diet. It sort of detoxed me from all the junk and mine wasn’t too bad. Actually the more I think of it it kinda looks the same as the post surgery regular diet. It was mostly lean meat and veggies (just a little more veggies) with a couple shakes as best as I can recall. I guess what it really amounts to is just getting back on plan 100% for dinner with a couple shakes a day to cut calories a bit further. I am expecting the loss to be slower this time cause I can eat more now and I have my appetite so I can’t cut calories AS much but I’m hoping it will still come off eventually. I will be rooting for you too. We can do this.

    Thank you. This is very helpful.

    I don't eat a ton of "bad" food, but I eat one of those small kids chip snap bags several days/week. I pick at food as I prepare dinner. I have a glass (or 2) of wine with dinner, and then night eating puts me over the top. Not bad food, but too much food. I have to get this situation under control. I have to increase the vegetables and go back to Protein Shakes to cut back on calories. I already go to the gym twice per week and get very respectable workouts in.

    My goal has never been to be skinny. I'm ecstatic at size 8 and very satisfied at a size 10. I'm at least a 14 at this point and I'm beside myself!

  4. I'm embarrassed to admit that I have regained all 40 pounds that I lost. The weight gain started with the pandemic, add to that some very serious health issues with my child, and menopause, and numerous other excuses, here I am. I just don't know what to do at this point. Every single day, I wake up and say it will be a brand new day, but again, here I am.

    Help me please...

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