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  1. I ordered clothes, dresses, jackets etc in a size too small as inspiration to lose more & IT ALL FIT. I can't believe I'm now a medium!
  2. bbykitty

    Hunger coming back

    I'm so nervous about mine coming back. I'm 4mos out. Just curious how much can u eat right now? I'm terms of ounces
  3. bbykitty


    My first period post surgery was the most intense I've ever had. I got crazy cramps & a very heavy period. I never experienced hardcore cramps before the surgery. I can't say what exactly is happening but you definitely feel a difference
  4. bbykitty


    I got mine 100% covered with medicaid, it's absolutely worth the wait! I waited 5mos but did VSG classes w Kaiser during that time & became as educated about the subject as possible. Wishing you all the luck in the world!
  5. Waking up from surgery was a very peaceful thing for me. It was quiet, I had no pain, I was covered up & very warm. I had a scratchy throat from a tube they inserted but that was it. However my good experience was due to the fact that I react very well to anesthesia. That'll help determine how you feel
  6. bbykitty

    I'm so cold!!!!

    YES I used to be a polar bear. I never even wore socks around the house during the winter, never wore sweaters, etc. Now I sleep in socks & sweaters, I'm constantly cold. Though I kind of hope this means I'll tolerate California heat better
  7. bbykitty

    Where’s my Butt??

    UGH I sat on concrete arena seats & it felt like my bones were being grinded down haha. PAIN
  8. bbykitty

    Not losing weight

    Stalls suck but staying consistent will always break them! This is your first, but it also wont be your last. Don't let them discourage you 😊
  9. bbykitty


    I did not do anything besides walking until the 3 month mark because I personally still felt a bit too weak until then. Make sure to listen to your body as well! Listen to your surgeon but you will FEEL when you're ready!
  10. 3 months out & my hair is falling out. The black & white photo was when I weighed 295. I had thick, amazing hair. The one on the right was this Christmas at 173lbs. Hair is definitely thinner & stringy. & I'm wearing it curly, it looks even thinner when I straighten it. I know this isn't permanent, I know it'll grow back eventually. But man its still upsetting What have you guys done to combat this? Or how to cope with Hair loss?
  11. bbykitty

    Foods that made me gag

    The only thing I have aversions to as of today are just oily/fried stuff. I had real peanut butter & i was grossed out the whole time. Also donuts feel like rocks in my stomach. Which is kind of a great as I now have a valid reason to stay away from those foods! Luckily I'm able to handle naturally oily foods like salmon & avocado. Its just the processed stuff!
  12. bbykitty

    Newbie here

    Welcome! I hope this place is able to help you through your journey!
  13. bbykitty

    Feeling down

    Hugs. The liquid stage truly took a toll on my mental health, it's so much more tough than one would think so I fully sympathize with you right now. I'm sorry you're finding this hard, but I'm glad this is gonna help your reflux! I hope it will be worth it for you in the end 💜
  14. bbykitty


    Wow that's very interesting! Did your weight loss slow down significantly? I think it's great that your surgeon is concerned about your last 100lbs. I've seen amazing things on these newer weight loss medications. Keep us updated!
  15. bbykitty


    Going through this exact same thing! This has been the least enjoyable winter so far. I used to HATE sleeping with socks & now I absolutely have to. I'd wear sweaters 5x max during California winters & now I need it everyday. Experiencing Summer with less fat is gonna be great
  16. -In regards to the straws, some doctors say yes, some say no. It's honestly just to avoid any extra gas in your stomach. I'm 3 months out & I finally started drinking with straws again, but small sips to avoid any extra air. I would avoid it during the first couple of months -In terms of 'testing' it seems standard that you recieve a small water cup, broth & jello for your first meal post op. If you have any negative reactions, tell your nurses! However a lot of the time most discomfort or nausea you feel is normal. -Broth. Your doctor should give you a sheet or at least inform you of all the options you have during the liquid stage but yeah, my program reccomended everything to be low sodium! -For your bonus, take your biggest comfiest pj pants for when you leave. I took pj pants that fit just right & they were suddenly too tight when I was being discharged because of the gas they pumped in. It made the car ride home uncomfortable, don't make the same mistake I made!
  17. bbykitty

    Reaching my goals!

    Congrats!! Those are amazing numbers.
  18. bbykitty

    Don't want to lose all my boobs

    I've gone from a DDD at 295lbs to a C at 163lbs. They overspill a tiny bit but I assume they'll still fit on a C at my goal weight. Based on your current propositions I'd say you'd probably be left w some size at your goal weight!
  19. bbykitty

    January 2023

    Don't worry too much about 1st week weight loss, you're still carrying a lot of fluids from surgery & it affects the scale.
  20. I went to a theme park twice last week & fit in every ride! & not gonna lie, I also compared my saftey bar w other people's & was surprised to see mine go lower/tighter than the people who sat next/near me. I'm especially proud since I had issues fitting in some of these rides at this exact theme park years ago
  21. bbykitty

    1 week in the Caribbean...

    Ahh my family is planning a trip to a Latin American country & I'm worried about those exact same things! I assume I'll have to take half of my protein snack stock & live off of pre-cooked frozen chicken breast from the grocery store. I'd have to stick to the basics. I'm happy to hear you fit in the seat better! That has to be an amazing feeling
  22. bbykitty

    Food Before and After Photos

    It's my birthday!! I ordered a Bourbon sauce Mahi Mahi & shrimp plate! I had all 4 shrimp, half the Mahi Mahi & I only got like 2 bites of the potatoes & a few of the sweet potato shavings & it was AMAZING
  23. bbykitty

    Where should I be??

    Here's what my Kaiser handbook says you should be in terms of calories, protein & water intake!
  24. How are you doing when it comes to physical activity?
  25. Now THATS how you handle your first stall! Way to go

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