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    I had mine done in Tijuana, Mexico almost 3 weeks ago. It cost me 6320.00 American dollars plus my travel there by plane to San Diego, California where a driver picks you up from the airport and takes you across the border. I chose Frontier airlines and it was about 250 for a round trip ticket. All was very professional and safe. They take better care of you than any hospital I've ever been to in the USA. My doctor was Dr. Papilla and he was wonderful. You can even purchase your surgery video after its all done if you want. That is 50 bucks. I chose to have my after care meds delivered to the hospital for 180 bucks but you could get a prescription instead if you prefer. Its a very seamless experience and I have already lost 50 pounds since I started this journey. I started at 318 pounds and today weighed in at 268 pounds. That includes the preoperative diet that started 4 weeks prior to surgery. The day I weighed in for surgery (September 6th 2022) I was a whopping 295. My diabetes is gone, my fatty liver is reversed and my vision has returned almost completely (I can read without my glasses again) and the swelling in my legs is nearly gone. I have a personalized diet plan with their dietitian and they are still keeping in touch with me. I am so pleased with them. I had surgery at Hopsital CIBA through a company based in California called Be Slim Bariatrics. They ONLY do bariatric surgeries. The doctor will approve you for the surgeries he sees fit vased on your medical application and you can choose the one you want to go with. I chose Gastric bypass instead of the sleeve since I researched it and found that it was more likely to reverse diabetes. I took the gamble and feel like I have WON! The doctor speaks English and most of the nurses do too. I put a translator on my phone and we had no issues. I do not regret this decision and I would do it all over again. My only regret is having waited so long to jump on it. Beslimbariatrics.com It literally is saving my life. Health insurance in Texas said its purely cosmetic and refused to even consider it. I feel alive again. Diabetes was literally killing me. If you have any questions please let me know. I was scared to go but after researching for almost a year I made the decision to leap. I figured that I was dying anyway and I would rather die trying than to sit back and wait for diabetes to kill me first. Oh and the hotel they put you in the night before surgery was the nicest place I have ever stayed. I literally felt like a movie star. Its gorgeous. They transport you to the hotel and to the hospital. Its called the Quartz Hotel in Tijuana, Mexico. Look it up. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Sent from my SM-N960U using BariatricPal mobile app

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