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  1. On 4/21/2022 at 12:21 AM, Crisscat said:

    Has anyone experienced any Gall Bladder problems post op? I was told some people have problems and need to get their Gall bladder removed, just wondering if anyone has had problem or had to get theirs removed?

    My bariatric surg was 8/8/22 5’6 highest weight after 4 kids (2,4,7,9) and a challenging relationship with their dad for 14 years. Down maybe 30lbs by now. When I was told on 9/12 I had a 26lb weight loss and told my GB had a stone so 10/3 is my surgery. It came to surface bc my pcp needed a f/up mri from a pancreatic cyst and Found excess Fluid in my stomachs.

    my surgeon said normal but not my gallbladder even the cyst is normal. Worse part is my mother and auntie both very judge mental and critical told me to pray. My mom

    said “People Get addicted to Surgery, not bc you feel better Eventually but bc the anesthesia😳😒) this being a Med necessity! But I’m so tired of the non support I’d honestly threw in the towel recently.

  2. I’m actually 4 weeks post op with my surgery and prior to the surgery like 4 months prior, I was told NO caffeine whatsoever. I know from experience coffee can cause ulcers and it’s an irritant to the stomach. I know this from experience and I’m also a nurse very in tune with gastroenterology. I didn’t stop drinking until I was 1 day pre-op. After the surgery , I drank whatever agreed with my stomach. Remember everything is a mental game. Your brain tells you; you can’t go without caffeine but you can. It’s not easy finding the best Decaf and sometimes drinks you had before just taste weird. If your doctor told you to keep drinking coffee, I’d ask the possibility of it being an irritant and see if it’s a risk worth taking or just enjoy your cup of coffee peacefully!

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