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  1. On 8/9/2022 at 10:24 AM, FierceFire said:

    I had RNY July 20th. At my one week checkup I had lost 10 lbs. I weigh myself weekly and the last 2 weeks I haven't lost anything. 0 lbs in 2 weeks. Living off soft foods and have low energy levels for what? I'm starting college on the 29th and was hoping to have lost some weight by then. My mood has been all over the place. I've been crying and am regretting this surgery so badly.

    Also going back to school like two weeks post op. You got this!! Moodiness is super normal, and it gets better day by day as you heal. Good luck with school!

  2. 3 hours ago, Caybot said:

    This doesn’t happen to me, but I feel I can eat/drink more than many when I read others’ posts here. I can take a big gulp or a big bite without any issue for the most part. If I do eat or drink too quickly I do experience a slight pressure sensation but it passes.

    I will add though that I had a band for 11 years and thus I likely have already assimilated to eating and drinking a LOT slower than most. For the last 7 years or so if I didn’t I’d bring it back up. That is the reason for my revising to the sleeve and so far I’m already able to eat denser and different food than I have been able to before (4 weeks post op on Wednesday)

    Thank you !!

    anyone have any Protein recommendations besides Premiere (who apparently is having a recall of some of their products), or Ensure Max ? Any protein powders you guys like putting in your Water ?



  3. 17 hours ago, KevinS62 said:

    I feel it. I'm sitting here working in my bedroom office and adult son is making Spam and eggs in the kitchen. It's like torture. I end up eating my Soup or broth at the table by myself, while wifey is cooking something nice for her and the son.

    I guess, I hope, I'm sure, once I get on my regular diet after another month or so, it will be easier. I will be able to eat with them, just smaller portions than I used to put on my plate. My hope is to get them to eat a little healthier as well.

    Hi everyone! Sleeved on July 20th. I feel this in my soul. Keep getting suggestions of food videos show up on my social media - thinking about just getting rid of it all together. 2nd year med student, kind of nervous with how busy classes are / nutritional deficiencies because its kinda difficult to get in all the Fluid requirements (esp with the nasty Protein shakes). Excited to interact with everyone in this community though!


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