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  1. I weigh myself every day and the scale has not really moved in the last 4 days. So I might be in the dreaded 3 week stall. I think that you can gain weight even with the low calories but I don't think its fat, I think its Water weight or Constipation. Eventually your body will get the clue and let go and you will see the scale move. I would call your dietitians though and let them look over your food log and see if they have any suggestions. My dietitians said usually the stalls are caused by either not enough calories, low Protein or not taking Vitamins. But I would talk to your team and see what they think. It should at least help your anxiety and give you some input from the experts. Good luck!
    Thank you so much!! I've reached out to my dietitian yesterday but I haven't heard anything back yet. I see the Dr on the 12th so I'll ask him about my logs then!!

  2. Idk if you're in texas or not. But we have HEB and I got their meal simples Soups and just put them all through the blender adding a little extra either Water or non fat milk depending on the Soup. I'm currently on full liquids post op as well. I have had baked potato soup, chicken tortilla soup, Tomato and basil soup, green chili chicken soup, green chili chicken corn chowder, and chicken noodle. I didn't strain any of them. I just threw each one in the blender, added a few tablespoons extra Fluid and pulsed until smooth smooth. I needed flavor! Lol.

  3. When did everyone start their Vitamins? I will be a week post-op tomorrow and haven't purchased my Vitamins yet.

    Mine has me starting B12 first day post op (it's sublingual). Starting the Multivitamin on 1 week post op. 2 week post op start Fiber supplements and 1 of the Calcium. 3 week post op increase to 2 calcium. 4 week post op increase to 3 calcium and add Iron. So by week 4 I should be taking everything.

  4. I actually use both because I like different features on them. I do think the baritastic app is easier to use and easy to track what I want to track, but I have had issues with it being way off on its information. Like I had it say a can of chicken in Water was 56 grams of fat when it was like 2.5. It did get fixed about 2 weeks after I saw it but my dietitian said I was eating too much fat before surgery and I actually wasn't, it was the app being wrong and I hadn't caught it. So now I double check the stats and I also use the myfitness app as a backup to see how the 2 sites compare. So far in the 2 weeks, only 1 day was way off and that day the baritastic app said I ate 200 more calories then the fitness one. The thing I don't really like about the my fitness is that it kind of yells at me every day for not eating enough calories.
    I know! It would be nice if they had a bariatric feature!! But okay I'll just try to double check the stats and see how I'm doing. I'd rather overestimate than underestimate anyway. Thank you for your insight!!

  5. They tried to make me take crushed meds in the hospital. Specifically my pain meds. And I could not tolerate it. So I just haven't taken any meds yet. I'm waiting a few days for swelling to go down. I actually showed the Dr all of my pills and she said all my tablets were fine to take whole. My capsules were fine to take whole. The only meds I still needed to crush were the two pain meds because their capsules can become Gummy and sticky in the tummy. So I said f**k it and haven't taken any pain meds. The rest of my meds she said since I can't tolerate crushing them and I will be taking them whole to just please take them ONE AT A TIME and wait at least 5 minutes per pill to make sure they don't get stuck or anything especially with the swelling. Hope this helps!!!

  6. I have been a MyFitnessPal user for years. It was a major factor in my previous weight loss successes and my fault for not keeping at it to maintain...but that’s another conversation. I am using it again and while it’s a little tricky to mathematically convert portions to our tiny amounts, the database is on point. I still use the free app but am considering upgrading to paid. I’ll be interested to see others’ opinions also!
    The past two days I've used the baritastic app and it seems so much easier to calculate our tiny portions. Like it's already in there the tiny portion sizes. Plus idk if you saw myfitnesspal free version is going to lose the barcode scanner. I really don't want to pay extra right now especially if an equally good app has it. But that's why I wanted opinions! However I do like the fact that myfitnesspal has forums and you can have friends and stuff to cheer you on. Baritastic is lacking there... I'd track in both but that would end up being such a headache

  7. I'm having no problems meeting my Protein goals or liquid goals... I wonder why some people have problems and others don't. This is only my first day on full liquids too.

    So to my question. Do yall use the baritastic app or myfitnesspal or something else to track food and stuff? I've always used myfitnesspal because their extensive library of stuff I can scan. But I'm leaning towards baritastic since it's more personalized to us. I just don't know how extensive their database is. Any insights??

  8. I moved to full liquids on Tuesday when I was released, and my doctor didn't put any restrictions on me either, when I asked she said that since it gos almost straight threw, just go slow (as you are) and you'll be fine .... so as long as you aren't feeling pain neasua or discomfort from it I'm assuming you are fine to finish your Soup .... if you're worried you can always double check with them

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    This is what I needed to hear!! Thank you sooo much! Yeah no pain, nausea, or discomfort here. :D

  9. How much liquid am I supposed to be able to get down at once? I advanced to full liquids today but I'm not having any restriction on it. I'm sipping slowly. Like I'm using a toddler spoon for my cream Soup and waiting 20 seconds ish between each bite. I put half a cup in my bowl. Is it okay to finish that? I'm confused on this liquid part... lol

  10. 3 weeks! Which made me kind of crazy by the end. I was so excited when I got to pureed this week but it already feels so tedious to me now lol. Before surgery, I'd to put away all distractions while I ate (intuitive eating strategies) and but now I have to play a puzzle game on my tablet while I eat because otherwise I'm staring at my timer like a crazy person, trying to take 30 mins to eat. Now I just take a bite every level. liquids were so much easier compared now lol.
    Dudeeee I'm worried about the pureed diet. I'm huge on textures and pureed like textures make me gag how is it?

  11. I keep dreaming of foods all the time and if my kids bring in things like donuts to the house, I swear my stomach starts growling. But if I stop and really feel if I'm hungry or not, I don't actually feel hungry, so I think its head hunger. This hasn't changed from the day I got my surgery (on the 19th)so I don't know if it will ever go away. If it does go away, I'll be a happy person though.
    I hope head hunger goes away. I want to stop thinking about food all the time. :(

  12. I think your good? They told me to leave my meds and Vitamins at home bc they'd just use theirs but if they didn't tell you that then I guess it's better safe than sorry. Just remember you'll have to keep all your stuff together during all the transfers, unless someone is there to keep your bag till you're in recovery. I just brought a phone charger, a stuffed dinosaur, my glasses case, an belly binder, and spare undies. My aunt brought my kindle later but that was the last thing on my mind, ditto with my phone, I only used it to tell the time. I wore slides so I wouldn't have to worry about bending over for shoes.
    Awesome! Yes I gotta bring my stuffed owl as well. I can't sleep without him. I'm bringing my vitamins because I know they taste tolerable lol. And they said to bring my meds just in case they don't have certain ones. My fiance will be there with me and staying the night with me so that'll be good. Thank you so much!

  13. Totally agree with that especially weight loss and moving through stages of food! But kellyarw95 and NewmeDC, here are a few practical things that I learned:

    You will be very, very tired when you get home. I don’t recall nausea (I know for sure I didn’t vomit) but the gas is for real. Walking helps and a heating pad on your back/shoulders. Take it slow and do laps in your house. I didn’t experience too much pain but definitely needed meds for the whole week mainly for the laparoscopic incisions and the largest one has some really deep internal sutures that are painful. Stay hydrated - tiny, tiny sips of Water. You can figure out Protein later but you will 100 legit not be hungry - it’s weird.

    Forget it if you are a side sleeper…invest in a back support pillow because you will need it. I’ve also seen that a lot of people lounge/sleep in a recliner…if I had it to do over again I would likely have invested in one. Roll out of bed holding a pillow to your tummy and letting gravity assist. Do not lift heavy things or reach for things overhead/down low. Hope that’s helpful. Good luck!

    This is all super helpful!!! Thank you!! I appreciate it!

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