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  1. DEA3C6C9-8EB7-4D36-AF7F-B8B9147B94CB.thumb.jpeg.e8270095a5cac84915ab46b1e0dbd711.jpegHey July peeps. I’m past my 3 months since surgery. I too had a 3 week stall and I’m losing slow but steady now. I feel really good. I lost 20 lbs prior to surgery and another 43 since. I’m feeling good. I’ve gone from size 20W to 14W. My energy level is low; I think cuz I’m on 600-800 calories a day. I’m walking most days and still doing light weights but I’m not building stamina. I have an appointment with a nutritionist tomorrow and I’ll get my labs done on Thursday. I’ve found that I bruise way too easily right now too. I’m talking severe bruised on my forearm just cuz I put on long gloves as part of a costume. They’re going to be checking into that too. Other than that I’m very happy with the slow but steady progress. I hated the stall. I’m the one in the ivory dress with the pink ribbon. Those are the gloves that killed me.


  2. 1 minute ago, Bridge1967 said:

    Hi, miss! I've only lost 20 lbs too. Thought I was the only one. Lots of people are talking about 30 lbs+.

    It really depends on your starting weight. The more you have to lose, the more you will lose at first. I have only lost 29 lbs since surgery and that puts me at 201. I had a 2.5 week stall and am only now loosing a pound a week. It's frustrating cuz I did better with Keto but now I can't really just give up. I can't eat that much. I know from reading other posts that it will pick up again.

  3. Good idea Kevin. I'm doing ok. I haven't lost but maybe a pound in the last 2 weeks. It's a bit frustrating but I suppose I'm hitting my 3 week stall a little late. I have lost a total of 28 lbs since surgery. I want more to come off. I need to relax and let the process work. I'm eating right and I exercising. It seems that I stall when I start exercising. I'm talking about walking mostly 2 miles + a day. I did kill my self by doing half squats and some light weigh arm exercises. Boy am I out of shape.

  4. Hey Kevin,

    See if you can get some Omiprazole. I was having horrid heartburn and my doc told me to take 20 mg of Omiprazole. He said if its bad, I can take it 2X per day. He also told me to I could use tums if needed. Don't drink coffee or have any sort of chocolate. my heartburn is now under control. I'm hoping it stays that way because I'm seeing people here that are getting revisions to bypass due to heartburn. I didn't want bypass, that's why I had the sleeve. I didn't know heartburn was an issue with the sleeve (especially since I rarely had it before). Apparently it is an issue due to high pressure caused by the sleeve (but supposedly only a few get it). I pray you can get yours under control. Also taking Omiprazole/Prilosec long term is not good for your bones either.

  5. 19 minutes ago, Missfreespeech said:

    Hi everyone! My VSG was done on July 28. I would love to stay connected to people on a similar timeline as well. Is anyone else experiencing hunger? I felt it immediately in recovery in the hospital and it is real stomach growling hunger. I am taking my PPI. I think I’m weighing myself too much (daily) and am at the 3 week stall. Wish you all good luck.

    Hi there, My VSG was July 12. I have had hunger but not from the beginning. For me it seems to be associated with Carbs. Try to stay low on carbs. Drink lots of Water (as much as you can). I am finally at my 3 week stall (Week 6) and it is frustrating. I'll try to be patient but this would be where I would normally decide screw it, I'm working hard and no progress. Luckily, I can't very well say that now cuz I can't eat much no matter what I feel like. I'll hang in there for the journey. I'm certain it gets better and I'm glad I can't say screw it this time.

  6. 45 minutes ago, daynuhlicious said:

    So much this. Even now, almost 6 weeks post surgery - sometimes I get depressed because now I only eat to fill the pouch. I don't get to eat to ENJOY food anymore. I know this is a mental thing - and part of my problems to begin with - but it's so saddening.

    I have been feeling the same way lately. I suppose we're not supposed to enjoy eating anymore. It takes like 3 bites to fill my tummy. how do you enjoy that? Mindful eating doesn't help either

  7. I have pre-surgery liver issues. That is why I chose to have this surgery. My doc said it would be sad to be cured from Breast Cancer and then die from Fatty Liver disease. Do they know how the liver was damaged? Try not to freak out. whatever your results are, it will not change by you freaking out. Try not to think about it and not stress until you know you have something to stress about. The liver does regenerate.

  8. Hi Newbie,

    I'm concerned about Plenity causing some sort of blockage. Is this prescription? Did your Surgeon approve? My first thought with blood sugar issues is are you keeping carbs low? How is your Protein intake? How much Water are you drinking? Try to get back to basics. Are you eating more that 1200 Calories? Also, remember that from the beginning of surgery, you calorie intake is very low so your body may have adjusted to survive on very low calories. Make sure you're staying within the calorie range your doctor stated for maintenance and if you're hungry all the time, try filling up on water and having at least 60 - 80 grams of protein daily. cutting back on carbs is a great idea because you tend to be hungrier more quickly after ingesting carbs.

  9. For me I am only supposed to take in 400-600 calories until I hit stage 4 after 3 months. Then it’s 600-800 calories til 6 months, then 800-1000 from 6-12 months. After that I should be 1000 - 1200 calories for life. I’ve seen others go up to 1000 this early so it could have to do with starting weight, amount to loose, etc. but I’d double check that. Aside from that, there is a well known stall around week 4 (some have it at week 2 or 4). Stick with the program your surgeon gave you and you’ll be fine.

  10. I wanted to give an update since I'm almost a week past surgery. I've had my days of feeling like I'd made a huge mistake. I've had to have IV infusion of Fluid already and I've had other issues that have made me highly emotional. I can't say I won't have a few more emotional days or that I won't have any more issues but I'm feeling like I might be ok. I think I probably had a dumping episode and that scares me because I think I drank too much Protein Drink at one half hour sitting (6 oz). I suddenly had diarrhea and didn't make it to the toilet before it started. I pray that this is not going to be a normal thing cuz I won't accept that but I feel like If I really only take in 2-4 ounces within 1/2 hour I should be ok. Other than this, I feel very hopeful. My pain meds are 2 Tylenol occasionally. I've suddenly developed high blood pressure but I'm sure that will resolve when pain and concern are resolved. I do have a new prescription for HBP though I want to get off all meds. I'm starting to have cravings for hummus. Someone had a topic about hummus and now I want some. Bottom line, like I have read before...If anyone feels they made a mistake, hang in there, trust the process. Change up what you bought too much of or order a different source of Protein (I can't do shakes all the time so I ordered Soups and warm drinks like pumpkin Spiced Latte from Bariatric Pal Store). This will get better and you won't feel shaky and weak. You will have energy and want to do more than sleep until its over. I'm looking forward to next week when I can actually have some hummus.

  11. On 7/2/2022 at 6:16 PM, TimberlynnVSG said:

    I am in the soft food stage and bought some Roasted Garlic Hummus but have no idea what to eat with it.

    Any suggestions would be great.

    Thanks :)

    a spoon? your finger? I know, I know. I'm thinking maybe mashed potatoes, ground chicken? anything in my opinion. I Love the cooked vegetable Idea.

  12. On 5/24/2022 at 3:40 PM, vilmarie.25 said:

    I had my gastric bypass a week ago (may 16th) and Immediately after my surgery my vision started to get blurry, very blurry and still now. Anyone else with blurred vision?

    The ingredients in the anti-nausea patch is the same stuff they use to dilate your eyes for glaucoma screening. If you touch the patch and then don't wash your hands and inadvertently touch your eyes, you will have blurred vision.

  13. 1 hour ago, KevinS62 said:

    Hey all. Day 2 Post-op. Thought it was time for an update. Surgery was 9 AM on Thursday, 7/14. During surgery, the doc repaired a Hiatal (sp?) hernia. I am thinking that's where most of my pain is coming from. That night I had an issue taking medicine and it got me coughing non-stop for an hour or so. Was not good. The nurse had me take some warm broth. It helped. I still have the cough, but not as consistent. Kind of a tickle at the bottom of my throat that I can't get rid of.

    I was discharged yesterday afternoon after the surgeon came in and saw me. Overall a good/great experience and I would recommend Dr. French and the Crescent City Surgical Centre for their nurses, facilities and staff.

    The day of surgery I weighed myself at 289. Out of curiosity, I weighed myself last night at 296 or something. I attribute that to all the fluids they pumped into me. Plus all the broths I drank had a ton of salt in them. No worries on this. Just thought I'd add for the update.

    I have some rough reflux/heartburn and some gas pain issues that I'm dealing with. Overall not too bad I guess, and about what I expected. At least I don't feel like I'm dying. :D A few times I took too much Water or broth in and found it is very very uncomfortable. This is something I will need to continue to work on. Oh, and before I forget, Norco helps for pain.

    I'm on a clear liquid diet for days 1-6. I'm already tired of beef/chicken broths. This morning I had a Protein powder/water shake and now sipping a black coffee. Both were on the dietician's planner/menu thing.

    My plan today is mostly rest and recouperation, but I will get up and walk a little. I will contine working on figuring out how much is too much when sipping Water or broth or whatever. But...typos

    No regrets.

    Hi Kevin, I’m so happy things are going well for you. I think I’m starting to turn a corner. My surgery was 7/12. I also had a hiatal hernia repair. I agree the hiatal hernia repair is where most of the pain is coming from, my doc said that he kinda tightened up the opening of the esophagus to match the size of the new tummy so that is also why it’s probably a little harder to drink/eat too much.

    I ended up having to go in and get IV Fluids yesterday because I was unable to take in more that 10 Oz a day. I discovered today (like you) that if I took my pain meds regularly, I had less problems. I already took in 8 Oz of water in my first half hour of being awake. The IV gave me energy so I think I’ll bet back to walking outside. I’m so hopeful that things are on the mend. Now to figure out how to get at least 60 grams of Protein in.

  14. On 7/10/2022 at 1:57 PM, Caybot said:

    I have band to sleeve surgery scheduled for this coming Wednesday. Good luck to everyone!

    How are you doin? I'm not having the easiest of times. My surgery was Tuesday and I'm not doing great. Lots of pain and vomiting. Not really ale to drink much. Still very hopeful. I hope your response to surgery is better than mine.

  15. 14 hours ago, PeachyQueen said:

    Hi all, new here! My surgery was on July 5th! To those who still are waiting, in my opinion, the gas once I woke up in recovery was the worst, but will subside over the first two days. A week out now and I’m feeling pretty good, with a lot of energy! I hope the same for all of you!

    Thank you. I needed to hear this. I'm just heading out the door for mine. I'll post later (when I'm up to it)

  16. 1 minute ago, miss_esq89 said:

    I'm doing well. Almost 3 weeks post op. Had my 2 week appointment on Thursday and my doc was impressed how much I'd lost since my final preop appointment (I was 402. I'm now 357). I'm finally eating soft and flaky foods. Today I had about 1 oz of boneless skinless airfried chicken thigh and .5 oz of refried Beans. It was delicious.

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    that actually sounds so good right now. Congratulations on your weight loss. Don't be surprised if you hit your 3 week stall now. It's very normal, Just stick with the plan and you will see it falling again.

  17. On 4/4/2022 at 4:21 AM, Jessica1024 said:

    I’m scared that This won’t work. I have gone and done something so drastic as to get 80%of my stomach cut out and I will be one of the people who lose 25lbs and my body just stops despite what I do. I am afraid I will have complications. That will make me regret the surgery. I’m just plan worried. Lol

    How are you doing?

  18. 1 hour ago, MzBerre143 said:

    7/21 for me
    Just had some Protein soup
    Trying to get thru this liquids pre op

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    My Doc told me to loose as much as I could pre-surgery by what ever means has worked for me. He told me I didn't need to go liquid until the day before. surgery. But that's my doc, not yours. I'm sorry you had to do that but it's preparing you for what's to come and it'll be exciting to get to do pureed food finally in bit.

  19. 3 hours ago, HealthierMe2022 said:

    Mine too! I'm glad I found this site as I didn't have anyone to go to for questions or support. My husband is 110% behind me but still such a huge change in my life when it used to revolve around food. I'm 46, 5'4" and 258#.

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    I'm glad you found it too. You're gonna do great. I lost 70 lbs on Keto at 46 and didn't have any saggy skin but now, since I had gained most of it back, My tummy is already drooping low and I've only lost 25 lbs pre-surgery.

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