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  1. MsGina

    July 2022 peeps!

    Hey July peeps. I’m past my 3 months since surgery. I too had a 3 week stall and I’m losing slow but steady now. I feel really good. I lost 20 lbs prior to surgery and another 43 since. I’m feeling good. I’ve gone from size 20W to 14W. My energy level is low; I think cuz I’m on 600-800 calories a day. I’m walking most days and still doing light weights but I’m not building stamina. I have an appointment with a nutritionist tomorrow and I’ll get my labs done on Thursday. I’ve found that I bruise way too easily right now too. I’m talking severe bruised on my forearm just cuz I put on long gloves as part of a costume. They’re going to be checking into that too. Other than that I’m very happy with the slow but steady progress. I hated the stall. I’m the one in the ivory dress with the pink ribbon. Those are the gloves that killed me.
  2. MsGina

    July 2022 peeps!

    It really depends on your starting weight. The more you have to lose, the more you will lose at first. I have only lost 29 lbs since surgery and that puts me at 201. I had a 2.5 week stall and am only now loosing a pound a week. It's frustrating cuz I did better with Keto but now I can't really just give up. I can't eat that much. I know from reading other posts that it will pick up again.
  3. MsGina

    July 2022 peeps!

    Hey Kevin, See if you can get some Omiprazole. I was having horrid heartburn and my doc told me to take 20 mg of Omiprazole. He said if its bad, I can take it 2X per day. He also told me to I could use tums if needed. Don't drink coffee or have any sort of chocolate. my heartburn is now under control. I'm hoping it stays that way because I'm seeing people here that are getting revisions to bypass due to heartburn. I didn't want bypass, that's why I had the sleeve. I didn't know heartburn was an issue with the sleeve (especially since I rarely had it before). Apparently it is an issue due to high pressure caused by the sleeve (but supposedly only a few get it). I pray you can get yours under control. Also taking Omiprazole/Prilosec long term is not good for your bones either.
  4. MsGina

    July 2022 peeps!

    Hi there, My VSG was July 12. I have had hunger but not from the beginning. For me it seems to be associated with Carbs. Try to stay low on carbs. Drink lots of water (as much as you can). I am finally at my 3 week stall (Week 6) and it is frustrating. I'll try to be patient but this would be where I would normally decide screw it, I'm working hard and no progress. Luckily, I can't very well say that now cuz I can't eat much no matter what I feel like. I'll hang in there for the journey. I'm certain it gets better and I'm glad I can't say screw it this time.
  5. MsGina

    July 2022 peeps!

    How are you doin? I'm not having the easiest of times. My surgery was Tuesday and I'm not doing great. Lots of pain and vomiting. Not really ale to drink much. Still very hopeful. I hope your response to surgery is better than mine.
  6. MsGina

    June 2022 surgery buddies

    How are you doing?

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