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  1. 6 hours ago, sparkplug said:

    I have been banded for 10 years and I believe it is the safer alternative than any other surgery. I did not want my body rerouted or changed from what was normal. I know of a person who had the sleeve and was told that even with that surgery, over the years your stomach can stretch again. It all comes down to self-control and learning new eating habits.

    I am thrilled to see that there are people being banded like me and are starting this new adventure. I was worried that everybody is jumping on the new bandwagon of doing outrageous things to their body to lose weight instead of just trying a non-invasive way like the band.

    I know exactly what you mean. If the doctors would have told me I had to have a bypass or take any part of my stomach out I would have not had surgery. It was lapband or nothing for me. I think I would have been more successful early on if I'd been aware of this new Keto Low/Carb way of eating. I think the combo would work well for me.

  2. On ‎4‎/‎16‎/‎2018 at 4:12 AM, thistlequeen1964 said:

    I have just joined this forum. I was banded 03/14. I have learnt to live with my “friend” over the last 4 years. I have lost weight but nothing like I thought I would. However I am so much healthier and subsequently happier. I have officially reversed my diabetes and having seen the damage this terrible disease has done to my loved ones I am so grateful to have had the tool to help me change things! It takes some getting used to and I miss eating salads more than anything and bananas but small price to pay.

    4 years of stress free but now I am a bit worried.

    I live in Scotland and just back from Sri Lanka, whilst there vomited quite badly and wasn’t able to keep much down. Not food poisoning just made a bad choice for lunch and ate too quickly. Now if I am sick I give in and just take soft foods for the rest of the day and usually back to normal the next day but this hasn’t happened. Home now but still unwell. I have picked up a flu type virus over there and can only take liquids. Pain (not severe) on my left side just under my ribs. Things feel different since my vomiting episode and hoping it’s just because things have swollen with the vomiting and the virus which has made me cough. The gurgling is there but I can’t feel stuff passing through as I was.

    I had the band on the NHS and I haven’t seen anyone for over 2 years. I don’t think my GP would even know where to start. I would hate to lose my “friend “ were this to be a slip and I would hate to rush into something if it was only because I have been unwell. Not sure where to turn or do I just ride it out until this virus gets better.

    Ps, Soup is getting through. I have never suffered from reflux and definitely not getting it now.

    Any advice anyone? Please?

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    A year ago I was feeling some pains right where my band was. We were going to Scotland for 17 days and my wife wouldn't go unless I saw my doc. My PA suggested I visit a cardiologist. I did. After a stress test they concluded that I may have angina caused by a blocked artery.

    So, in for a angioplasty I went. They ended up stenting my circumflex artery a week before going to Scotland. Made all the difference in the world. Good think I did it since my 12 years younger wife walked by butt off. What a great country you have. And what a culture although I think your ancestors could have killed a few less people.LOL

    Don't hesitate, check it out. If I hadn't, I might not be here to write a response to your comments.

  3. On ‎4‎/‎14‎/‎2018 at 11:09 PM, Songbird1230 said:

    For those of you who were succesful, at which point did you feel full restriction? I just hit 7 and I'm FINALLY feeling something. Any tips?

    I think most of us had differing experiences. For me, I just started feeling satiated longer. Looking back I probably had too much saline in my band most of the time. Getting stuck and regurgitating food seemed like the norm and now I know it shouldn't be.

    I've had most of my saline removed but got a fill a couple months ago. I think some of the lessons of eating slower with smaller bites has paid off for me. I'm on a Keto diet now and the combination of Keto and a band partially filled seems to be working for me.

    Just stay away from processed foods, starches and sugars.

  4. I've read where people have had violent vomiting and their band survived just fine. Vomiting just increases the odds of failure. I have read of many bandsters and all the other surgeries who vomit every day and the gastric acid eats at the esophagus and teeth. These are usually little vomits that usually are re-swallowed but the acid is still there.

  5. Vomiting has always been a fear of mine with the band. Your stomach convulses over and over again. This can cause the band to slip or move so much that it can affect the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve goes up and over your left shoulder.

    You might want to have some Fluid removed to see if it solves the problem. Your band may have moved or slipped a little and it's putting pressure on that nerve? Good luck.


  6. Like Suznty says, it's a lifetime of adjustments.

    How much your band is filled isn't a criteria for measuring when the band works. I've seen people with no saline get plenty of restriction and success. Every body is different. Every stomach is different. Most surgeons place the band in the same place on the stomach but if the placement is lower there's more bulk to fill the circumference of band. Think of the band around your wrist and then around your upper arm. It's going to take more saline to fill a band around a skinny wrist right?

    I'm 6 years out too and had all my saline removed back in June but I got a new fill this last week. I can't feel anything yet so it may take a couple more adjustments to get back to my fighting weight.

    But, back in 2011 when was banded I lost 12 lbs the first few weeks and then nothing for 3 months. Took about 4 fills to find some restriction but 6 to finally find that sweet spot. Good luck.


  7. First, is your band adjusted so you feel restriction or satiety if you eat solid food?

    Are you eating small again? Small bites, small portions, big chews?

    For me, Atkins is the best way to re-start this all over again. I too fell of the band wagon and I'm restarting all over again. Just remember to eat Protein first. Stay away from slider foods like Soups, chips or anything that has empty calories.

    If you want some meal plans respond and I'll try to suggest some good ones. Eating high protein is easy. It's ignoring the breads, rice, potatoes and junk food that's hard for most of us. Good luck and get back to me if you need more advice.


  8. GoWalking,

    I too thought I had a handle on my weight problem but obviously not. I sure love food and it was sweet to imbibe in the foods I'd sworn off for several years but I'll be 70 this year(I hope). Like to live another 10-20 but not gonna happen if I don't get control of this carb beast in my head.

    Good luck with a new boyfriend. And no matter what we were told or what I told everyone on this forum, it's still a damn diet, only it's a little easier to manage with the band.


  9. Shannon,

    You should have a much higher possibility of success since you've lived the bariatric life for so long. Too many lap banders did poorly because they couldn't make the adjustment to eating the band way. There were a significant number of patients whose bodies just didn't accept the band too.

    Mostly esophageal incidents, slips, dilations and poor eating habits caused most of the incidents. But you should have expectations more in line with how we banders live. Good luck.

  10. Thanks for starting this thread Julie. I'm a reformed Lapbandtalk/Bariatricpal addict. I'll be posting here more often again. Been away enjoying being nearly skinny for a few years.

    Some heart problems caused me to not exercise for a while and I've gained some back. Got a refill yesterday so I'm spunky to get back to dropping some lbs. Been on Atkins since the 3rd and dropped about 7 lbs. Mostly Water loss of course. Now comes the hard part.

    Now that I've depleted a lot of the glycogen in my body I'll only be looking at 1-1.5 lbs per week and sometimes nadda per week. It's still easier than no band at all.

    Looking forward to this new year.

  11. Good to see some old faces. I had my band unfilled back in June after I had a stent put in an artery. I did OK but I'd gained weight due to not being able to exercise from a blocked artery. Had my surgeon put a few CCs in yesterday. Back on the Bandwagon again.

    Sorry to crash your #7 but so glad to see some of the old crowd are still around. I've got to lose 30 lbs to get back to my fighting weight. I'll be lurking if you don't mind.


  12. Losing weight isn't symmetrical every day or week. Carbohydrates, sodium, menstrual cycles, stress, traveling and medications can all cause our bodies to retain Water. 1.5 lbs is only three glasses of Water. Easy for our bodies to retain this much in one day.

    You'll see similar posts like yours and you'll continue to have similar experiences over the rest of your life. It's natural. But you are doing so well, keep going, never let small setbacks like this effect you. Again, it's going to happen.

  13. Hard to tell but most antibiotics are absorbed in the duodenum. Shouldn't take long for them to get into your system but antibiotics don't work as well as they used to. Mostly because germs and virus strains have developed immunities to many ABX. Maybe try another ABX?

    ABX will only reduce pain if they do what they're intended to do and usually days after taking them. And only because they're killing germs or allowing the body to heal itself.

  14. My fills were always performed by my surgeon and only one was a little painful. Otherwise it's just a pinch. I think experience and art play a part in injections.

    For example, I've had blood drawn many times and on a handful of occasions it was very painful. I really appreciate an experienced artful phlebotomist.