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    Colorado ladies?

    There are many support groups throughout the Denver area. Up here in the Broomfield area we have a support group meeting once a month. Here's the text of an email I get once a month. Haven't got December's yet. It's a good place to meet others like us. The Annual Pants Across Sky Ridge event is coming soon! The event takes place Thursday January 28th. We would love to see an overwhelming number of people participate this year! You will need to turn in the following items preferably before Christmas and for sure by the end of the year: A pair of pants or shorts that fit you before your surgery A pair of pants or shorts that fit you now/by the end of the year A digital pre op picture of you and a post op picture of you emailed to Lauren Buckley at Lauren.Buckley@HealthONEcares.com and last your "story" about why you decided to have weight loss surgery emailed to Lauren at Sky Ridge. You can drop your pants off at the Front Desk with Lauren Buckleys name on the bag. Please put your name or initials inside your pants/shorts. If you want to be selected for a make over for females or a new suit for male make overs include a letter of why you feel you deserve or would be a good candidate for a make over ( hair and make up) or a new suit as well to enter into the contest. You will get more information soon about the event that evening! Support group topic is the same for all three groups this month. We will discuss and share ideas on how to get through Thanksgiving and the holidays coming up. Monday November 9 th 6:00 pm -2nd floor of the Russell Pavilion. Please check daily schedule for room we will be in on the easel display outside the Sterne Elder room Wednesday November 11 th -at Good Samaritan Hospital in Lafayette - 4:30 in conference room ; please check schedule on door of each conference room November 18th at Sky Ridge Medical Center 6:30 ground floor in the Sky Ridge auditorium. See everyone at the groups! Happy day! Kelly
  2. 2muchfun

    Colorado ladies?

    Are you male or female?
  3. 2muchfun

    Sudden pain

    Did you vomit? Remember, you have a complete stomach below that band. Vomiting causes our whole stomach to convulse and expels stomach contents up through a very small hole. This can cause band slippage and most definitely a lot of pressure on the upper stomach which could cause inflammation if not tiny tears in the stomach wall. You should go back to your doc. Next month is also my 4th anniversary. I too went in last month and they took out 1 CC. It sure made eating easier. Very few stuck episodes since. But I think I need .5 CC put back in. Maybe after Xmas? tmf
  4. I agree with the others but I'd add that if the Dr has a staff bariatric knowledgeable nutritionist, ask for a consult to make sure you're eating the right foods, in the advised allocations? tmf
  5. 2muchfun

    Port flip?

    It sure can. Not likely but yes and only your doctor will know for sure?
  6. 2muchfun

    Back to Work?

    I work from home and went back to work within 3 days. Much will depend on how you react to the gas they use to fill your body cavity and how you react to pain meds if you take them?
  7. 2muchfun


    Probably will depend on what kind of contraption you're access the site with? Android, PC, Apple, cell phone?
  8. 2muchfun

    Recent fill def made a difference but..

    Iamshazza & Julie, It might be a good idea to use the 5-Day pouch test to see if it's real hunger or head hunger. I usually fast 3 days a week and this morning was my fast day. Fasting is a good reminder of what real hunger feels like. I'm thinking I need a few weeks to kick this carb addiction I've had all summer. Being too tight drove me to slider type foods. I still feel that urge but now that I can eat without getting stuck 75% of the time, regular food is giving me that satiety signal I've missed for a while. Still miss the carbs though
  9. 2muchfun

    Post op Anxiety

    One fill after 30 days post op and then every 30 days till we reach satiety is fairly standard. Each doctor will have their own protocol of getting a patient to the green zone including no fills for many months post op. 3 fills in the first 6 weeks is quite irregular but maybe your doctor has a formula that he finds effective? Or, he's very hands on and wants his patients to reach satiety quickly. I like that. My doctor is very accessible but I would have preferred the route your doctor took.
  10. 2muchfun

    Post op Anxiety

    My first 2 fills did nothing for me. My 3rd fill was nearly 5 months after surgery and gave me some level of satiety and an occasional stuck episode(reminding me to eat slower, smaller and chewier). I only lost 12 lbs the first 2 weeks and nothing till the 3rd fill. It was at this point I had a nutrition consult and that did it. I started losing 6-8 lbs a month for the next 4 months. It will take specific foods to allow you to feel some satiety this soon after surgery. As you get closer to the green zone/sweet spot you will find most foods will give you satiety. I assume you're aware of slider foods? Sweets, chips, crackers, potatoes, Soups, foods with lots of liquids will not give you much satiety. Keep posting and welcome to the board. We look forward to following your journey! tmf
  11. 2muchfun

    Banders #7

    Want to know what's even cooler Deb? I'm seeing The Who and a week later, heading to Lincoln Center to hear The NY Philharmonic with the boyfriend. Can't believe how lucky I am to have found someone who is interested in both rock and roll and classical music same as I am. Was thinking that I may have been the only one like this. Good thing you're not into Yanni too, that would take a heavenly miracle to find a guy who's that diverse
  12. 2muchfun

    Recent fill def made a difference but..

    Doc took 1 CC out and dinner went through just fine and I still felt satisfied. Looks encouraging.
  13. 2muchfun

    3 weeks post lapband

    This could be caused by so many things! I read that your blood pressure is low and your heart rate is 51? That's not normal. I know for me, I was still taking my high blood meds and standing up quickly or when I'd stop exercising I'd get dizzy to the point of nearly passing out. Stopped the meds and all is good now. Good luck.
  14. 2muchfun

    My surgery date...4/15/15

    I didn't start losing weight till my 3rd fill and then it took another 3 fills to find the green zone.
  15. 2muchfun

    Recent fill def made a difference but..

    Butterfly, I hear ya. I go in tomorrow for a small unfill. Always have that fear of losing and never finding the green zone again! But, I've already lost it since I feel like I'm too tight now so can't get any worse? tmf
  16. 2muchfun

    Banders #7

    I'm thankful my wife hasn't divorced me over my ups and downs with bariatric surgery and being crazy on drugs for 6 months during my knee surgeries
  17. 2muchfun

    Recent fill def made a difference but..

    Shazza, I haven't been following your threads. There are so many situations that can cause the problem you write about that it's nearly impossible to diagnose and advise here. I would think 4 days is plenty of time for your stomach to adjust to the new fill? I'm going back in on the 17th for an unfill myself. I was fine for nearly a year but in the last 3 months I've noticed a lot more restriction at any time of day compared to a year ago. Makes me tend to move towards slider foods so I know I need some saline removed. It is depressing when these issues develop but from what I've read over the years it's normal. Don't know why you had a fill but sounds like it's too much? tmf
  18. 2muchfun

    Banders #6

    Good to see familiar faces again. And good to see so many are still trucking along successfully. Gowalking, you're an inspiration to all. As for me, I'm back to biking. Strength level is close to 100% again. I struggle with long walks and going downhill. I lost another 15 lbs during the surgery/recovery but gained it back + 5 lbs. Need to get back to eating healthier but not worried about it. The band is still there doing it's job. tmf
  19. I'm repetitive but I try to introduce one or two new meals to our meal plans each month. I do need to start to whittle down some of the carbs and fat calories though. Seems like it's easy to alter some recipes by adding real noodles instead of spaghetti squash or double the amount of butter or olive oil. Constant struggle.
  20. 2muchfun

    Banders #6

    Digital Detox? Yeah, me too. Started about 10 months ago. So, what is this Bandsters #6 thread all about? I see a lot of old friends. I went in to have my left knee replaced on October 20th and then had acute appendicitis on December 4th and then my right knee was replaced on December 22nd. My strength is pretty much back to normal now but the knees are still healing, very slowly. Took me about 3 months to kick the percocets/oxycodone but that's behind me now. Good to see you all again. tmf(Dan)
  21. 2muchfun

    3 weeks post lapband

    I don't want to discourage you, but I was in Bandster Hell for 4 months before I got my 3rd fill which gave me enough restriction/hunger diminishing to start to lose lots of weight. For some, it comes immediately after surgery but for many it can be weeks or months before that hunger is diminished.
  22. Nicky, If you're using a PC computer you can use the search engine at the top of this or any page. I entered Bruyne in all forums and received 143 hits. So someone has used your surgeon. You can message these members if you're so inclined? tmf
  23. 2muchfun

    Recent fill def made a difference but..

    You know, I've been pondering the same thoughts myself. A few months ago I started to feel a lot more restriction. Stuck episodes many times a week but I'm still staying the same weight loss of about 50 lbs. I find myself eating the wrong foods often and I believe it's partly because I may be too tight. Slider foods are easier to get down than more nutrient rich foods. I'm thinking maybe a .25-.5 unfill might be in order. I'm having some minor nightly reflux issues but I'm keeping my weight down mostly due to heavy exercising and I do still use intermittent fasting 3 times a week. I'll let you know if I go in for the unfill and if it helps much? tmf
  24. 2muchfun

    Typical day 7 weeks post

    I pretty much eat whatever I want, just in much smaller quantities now. Of course I want chocolate and chips but those are not on the healthy food list. Looking back on when I was first banded, I lost 12 lbs the first 2 weeks and then nothing for the next 3.5 months. After my 3rd fill I finally had enough restriction to feel less hungry. Up to this point(4 months out), I ate as healthy as I could so I didn't gain more weight. You're doing fantastic so far, just keep eating healthy and go for a fill as soon as you can. I too felt like I could eat anything and had no restriction till that 3rd fill. It will come. tmf
  25. I don't understand your question?