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  1. MotownNixie

    September surgery buddies!!

    My MIL had her bypass surgery in her 60s and that was in 2010. She is doing fabulous and it has definitely added years to her life. Her surgeon is the one who preformed my sleeve surgery earlier this month. I was approved to be off work for 3 weeks, but I know I could have gone back sooner. I have a desk job. I go back this Wednesday. Make sure you do take the time off you need to heal and to adjust to your new eating schedule. I honestly think getting back to work will help me with that schedule. I know I have had a harder time getting my liquids in. Good luck. I hope your daughter can be supportive. I just know I am thankful my MIL’s is thriving after her surgery and look forward to the same for myself. Good luck 😊
  2. MotownNixie

    Wonton wrappers!

    This is a topic I need to know about. I love making lasagna cupcakes with wonton wrappers and I wondered if I still could post surgery.😊
  3. MotownNixie

    September surgery buddies!!

    Thanks, I am doing well. I graduate to puréed foods today. How are you doing?
  4. MotownNixie

    September surgery buddies!!

    You got this. I had mine on the 6th. I go back to work on the 28th. But I am up and about. Just remember to drink and stay hydrated. That has been the hardest part for me,getting my water in.
  5. MotownNixie

    September surgery buddies!!

    How did everything go?
  6. MotownNixie

    Athletic Shoe Suggestions

    My foot doctor recommends ASICS. He told me to choose running shoes because they are designed to take the pressure. I also where New Balance, but I prefer my ASICS for the treadmill.
  7. MotownNixie

    What's On Your Workout Playlist?

    I have several playlists made on my Apple Music. Most are based on the artist (Wham!, Midge Ure, and Scorpions) or an 80’s workout, but also they are varied by time. I have a 15 minute one for me to use on breaks at work.
  8. MotownNixie

    September surgery buddies!!

    Sending hugs and positive vibes to all having surgery this week. I go for my one week post op follow up tomorrow.
  9. MotownNixie

    September 2022 surgery buddies

    Yay! So glad you got your date!!!!
  10. MotownNixie

    September 2022 surgery buddies

    Oh no. so can you appeal again. like Vicky said, see if your surgeon’s office can help. Sending positive thoughts your way and to Vicky too for her surgery.
  11. MotownNixie

    September 2022 surgery buddies

    Awesome for your surgery date. I attend my third nutrition class in August to see about the post surgery diet. I am having my husband come along for that. But I wonder if I need to get a pre-approval from my insurance. I have only called to get the requirements and let my weight loss center know. I did submit my leave of absence to work though. Woohoo!
  12. MotownNixie

    September 2022 surgery buddies

    My surgery is scheduled for September 6th. I had my initial appointment with my weight loss center on April 1st. I am also using Baritastic. I have used My Fitness Pal previously, but like Baritastic better. I have been slacking a little, but getting back to it. I am nervous, but so excited.

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