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    MykMom reacted to wdbass in Revision from VSG to RNY with hernia repair   
    I had sleeve to by-pass surgery two weeks ago today, as well as repairing a hiatal hernia. My doctor told me that, without the by-pass, the hernia would reappear, possibly within 6 months.

    It’s been wonderful to wake up each day without all of the problems related to the hernia. The weight loss is a happy side benefit!
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    MykMom reacted to StratusPhr in Revision from sleeve to bypass   
    I gained 40 lbs!! I maintain at or below goal (150) for 8 years!! I've already lost just under 20 lbs, but I'm on full liquids. No Gerd, no chest pain from the hiatal hernia. Right now, other than struggling with Protein, this was a win/win!!
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    MykMom reacted to GreenTealael in Revision from sleeve to bypass   
    My revision was for GERD not regain so I can’t speak to that, sorry. What I have heard is that the weight loss from VSG to RNY can be slower and lower but every body reacts differently.
    I initially lost about 10/12 lbs but I have bounced back into my pre surgery range (I was already at my goal)
    I am happy to say that the symptoms of GERD have not come back so I’m very happy about that.
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    MykMom reacted to MAQ in Revision from sleeve to bypass   
    Hi. I just had that on 10/29/21 so don’t have a lot of info yet, but tolerating drinking well and just moved to stage 2 diet and tolerating that as well. A week out and no pain whatsoever.

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