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  1. Good afternoon love! Just wanted to reply to your comment and share a bit of my journey with u. I had a revision in December from a VBG(first weight loss surgery approved) in 2004 to a gastric bypass do to esophogus issues, heartburn and major weight gain. I lost 46lbs after revision. The vitamins I see you posted are great but expensive. I have blood check up every 3 months have been amazing and i take a Bariatric vitamin from amazon. 16.77 month. My health is fabulous. Look into amzon for vitamins love. It will really save you money and they work just as well. Please take your daily calcuim after revision and you will be just fine. Good luck and God Bless you
  2. Mo'Nique

    Sugar intake question

    I agree but I had a revision to Gastric Bypass because of horrible complications from a VBG in 2004. I was 228. I am now 170. Moderation
  3. Mo'Nique

    Sugar intake question

    I can eat Sugar but it's very overwhelming. I don't dump. Bypassed 12/3/21
  4. Mo'Nique

    Slow weightloss

    @catwoman7 My BMI is 31.1. I have heard the same from my doctors office. The lower the bmi the slower the weight loss. The reality is still hard to grasp. We will get to the finish line just turtle speed🤣
  5. Mo'Nique

    Slow weightloss

    Same here. My revision was Dec. 3. I have only lost a total of 41 lbs. I eat right, etc. I had a appointment with my nutritionalist. She said I was fine. Try and eat a bit more but I drink and eat at least 50-70g protein a day. Go figure.
  6. Mo'Nique

    Please help !

    Sugar free tropical Popsicles saved my life
  7. Mo'Nique

    Over 2 mo po and stalled

    I had revion from VBG to RNY 12/3. SW 230. CW 205. Im having the exact same issues you are. The more I read I am noticing that many bariatric patients say stalls happen alot. Dont worry. Youve done very well for 9 weeks post opp. Be happy for yourself!
  8. Happened to me after VBG I 2004. 12-03-2021 I had a revision to RNY do to complications with Gerd hernias and me closed esophagus. They did not repair hernias. I've lost 40lbs and can barely feel either hernia anymore and can eat without issues!
  9. I had a gastric bypass 6.5 weeks aggo. It was a revision from a VBG done open in 2004. I have not lost any weight in 2 weeks. has anyone ever heard that revision patients dont lose much weight?

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