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  1. i start to feel me as a looser, the operation doesn't work, all the blood test are perfect, i'm on a diet and i do sport, but the weight don't change. it's like my body can't lose weight, and i'm starting feeling bad, i don't understand why i don't lose weight, why after three year i'm still here, with only 20 kg less. i think the operation would change my life, it was a new life to start, and it wasn't. i'm the only?

  2. I'm study at home, when i not working, and i try to explain to my parents all my difficult, but my father forget the thing i Say to im. I can't eat chicken, beacause i traw up, if I go to shopping for me I bought chicken. I try with a shelf only for me, it work for a little time. And i also try my fitness Pal, it work if I don't become obsessed with the count of calories. I'm complicated, I know, but I work hard for this,and i don't see to much results, and I think I'm loosing my motivation

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  3. Hi, i've made a sleeve gastrectomy on September 2019, i was so Happy. At the operation time nu weight Is 148 kg, All Is working well. At febbruary my weight was 122kg, but arrive Covid. All close, all the time at home for month beacause was a lockdown here. I'm italian. I start regain weight, One, two, three kilos. On Summer i was 134 kilos, but my body start change, and i have no worry ti wear a swinsuit on holiday. I try to loose weight again, i arrive ti 126,another lockdown and then i gain weight again. On June 2021, i change my dietist, i weight 130 kg, on the end of Summer i was 120, i was so Happy, but i finish the Summer work and i restart gain weight. Now i'm 126 kg, and i don't know what to do. I think It doesn't work, or i'm not good for that. I don't know what to do, i try, but my family don't help me. I know that if i have food ti avoid in fridge, when i stay at home i eat Them, beacause i'm alone, and if i ask not to buy, my father don't listen. I make artistic roller skating, and i'm Happy, i study e when i found something i work. But all that doesn't work. I search help, but i don't know where.

    P.s. Sorry for my english, Is not my mothertongue

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