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  1. I was also told no on gum from my surgeon. Found this info online

    not to chew gum after their weight loss surgery. First, some gums can have a lot of sugar, which contributes unnecessary calories into the diet, making it harder to lose weight. But, even if they opt for a sugar free version, chewing gum can cause problems in bariatric patients.

    The act of chewing gum allows air to enter into your digestive tract. For people who haven’t had bariatric surgery, this may not cause any problems. But for bariatric patients having air in their digestive tract can lead to gas and abdominal discomfort.

    In the first few weeks after gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, or lap band surgery, some patients report excess saliva. Chewing gum can also lead to saliva production, potentially compounding their problem.

    Another problem with gum chewing after bariatric surgery is the potential for any swallowed gum to cause a blockage. After gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, or lap band surgery patients are educated to chew their food thoroughly to a paste like consistency. As much as you chew your piece of gum, it will never be such a consistency. The wad of gum can potentially lead to a blockage if swallowed. Most do not find the risk worth it.

    A great place

  2. I would wait. taking out a loan for almost $20K takes a long time to pay back... about 5-7 years. idk what the terms of that 0%APR is but i do remember that if you end up missing payments or paying late that it reverts back to the extremely high APR that care credit charges which is close to 30%. and with a loan that big that would take decades to pay off. I paid Cash for my surgery and it was around $18-20K. Only because my insurance specifically excludes it. otherwise i would have waited. Rather have $20K in my bank account if i only have to wait a year.

  3. 2 hours ago, Happy Stylist said:

    I'm a slow loser. I've been told it's because my BMI is on the lower end. So after my 3 week stall I only lose 1lb a week. I have not lost anything for almost 3 weeks now. So I guess I'll go back to my liquid diet and see if that helps.

    So i was going to do that. go back on a liquid diet then my nutritionist said no. That i need stability in my diet to loose weight. that changing from this many calories to less or more can cause you to gain weight.but yea if your BMI was lower then you will loose weight slower. I know i am out of my stall because the previous 30 days i only lost around 5-6lb. and recently after 1 week i lost 5lb.

  4. I was worried i would get the injections after surgery but i did not. But i did get them in the hospital and before surgery. The ones after surgery it is a device that injects and then a cover pops out and covers the needle. i had several after surgery in the hospital in my stomach. As much as i hate hate hate needles. It was not bad at all... barely felt it.

  5. OMg that is one thing i am looking forward to is the plane seats. So before surgery i would always fly first class because coach seats are so small and i could not fit in them. and first class is so expensive so its going to be nice to be able to pay a few hundred dollars for a plane ticket vs thousands. A month or so after surgery i applied for a 2nd job a job where i would be standing for 8-10 hours a day. before surgery i could not stand for more than a few minutes or walk more than a few minutes without being exhausted and in pain. Now i stand 10 hours a day without issue at all.

  6. Guessing you had the sleeve? Typically those with heartburn history are told to get bypass instead. but i had the sleeve and the acid reflux was bad for the first couple weeks. even with that same medication you are taking i was taking. but it eventually got better and have not had it since. I hope that is the case for you because the reflux was so painful a couple weeks after surgery that it was driving me crazy

  7. 45 minutes ago, LilaNicole20 said:

    what are your thoughts on asparagus, broccoli, brussel sprouts? Adding some spinach to your sautéed onions and peppers would help with your nutrients. I see it's lacking the color green. Oh, you could blanch kale and make a low sugar slaw to go with your meals.

    Another great swap is 4oz or less of baked/roasted sweet potato in exchange for your rice.

    I hate broccoli, Never had brussel sprouts. As for asparagus i love it. Kinda curious tho on how it is once i reheat it in the microwave. As for sweet potato i meant to grab some while i was shopping and i completely forgot.

  8. decided to try a little meal prepping today. Rarely ever get to prep because i work overnights and sleep all day lol. for the next couple days i am working afternoons so freed me up.

    One has flank steak, another has grilled chicken and the other pork tenderloin. Each with onions, peppers and brown rice.

    been having issues trying to find sides to go with the meat. I hate most veggies lol.


  9. 52 minutes ago, kcuster83 said:

    Back up plans keep us on track, IMO.

    I always have a Protein Bar with me just in case. Rarely eat them but it is always there in a pinch.

    I was out this past weekend riding my bicycle on a 30 mile trail. about 7 miles in i took a break and i was starving. I had a pouch of tuna in my backpack. Glad i did i felt so much better after eating it. Plan to buy some more of these Snacks later on today to keep.

  10. 1 hour ago, SpartanMaker said:

    I don't think I could eat those. A decade or so ago, I lost about 80 pounds eating a low carb diet. Highly processed items like those you're showing were a mainstay of my diet then. I eventually gained every one of those pounds back and then some when I reached my goal. I think the problem was that at the time, I never learned how to eat real food.

    For me, items like that are like a gateway drug. If I eat them, I soon want to have the "real thing" even more. I plan to just stay away and focus on clean eating.

    I can understand that. Its nice tho to have a snack every once in a while. Especially when you dont have the time to eat a proper meal. one of these may be a good replacement til you can eat a meal.

  11. Found these high Protein low carb Snacks at my local gas station. All where absolutely delicious.

    First the puffs. Oh i miss chips and this fills the gap. 130 cal, 3G carbs, 18G protein 1 gram sugar.

    Quest Peanut Butter cups. Tasted amazing. similar to a reeses, 190 calories 1G Net carbs 11 gram protein, no sugar

    poptart thing, Was alot softer than a real poptart, but it was still very very good. 180 calories 5G Net Carbs and 20 grams of protein.


  12. During my pre op diet i was specifically told not to give up coffee lol. They said the pre op liquid diet is hard enough. They didnt want people going thru caffeine withdrawal tho they said no sugar and regular Creamer. So i used Stevia sweetener and sugar free creamer. I also had the Premier Protein Coffee drink and wow that hit the spot during the pre op diet. it has caffeine in it.

  13. Same thing happened to me. I was worried as well and saw my cardiologist and said it was ok due to the weight loss... My normal resting heart rate is now around 50-55. it does go up when i do activities. My blood pressure also now is low-normal range. Before it was high.

  14. only 10 days your stomach is still healing. I wasnt even able to lay down to sleep for at least a month. and any kind of weird movements would be painful. But your stomach will not "pop" you probably pulled a muscle or something. i would call on Monday if you are still worried to your regular doctor.

  15. I used a straw a couple weeks after surgery. as for Vitamins. its more about finding what works best for you. Its trial and error to find one that wont make you throw up or feel nausea. I personally take 1 of these a day. and even these cause me to throw up every once in a while.


PatchAid Vitamin Patches