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  1. liveaboard15

    Affordable personal training

    for in person you will need to either advertise on facebook and tell your story and see what people would charge. or go to your local gym and see about personal trainers they offer or have numbers for.
  2. liveaboard15


    Love watching Dr Alverez's videos and he just put out a new one regarding stalls. Has good information. Passing it along
  3. liveaboard15

    I'm struggling losing weight

    This video gives good advice
  4. liveaboard15

    I'm struggling losing weight

    I am in week six and havent been loosing much. probably just another stall. i lost a ton during my first 3 weeks then barely anything after that. Typical 3rd week stall that can last a few weeks.
  5. liveaboard15

    Affordable personal training

    Also you can go on youtube and find tons of videos that personal trainers put out.
  6. liveaboard15


    Welcome. I simply watched a ton of youtube videos on other people getting their surgery and their journey Also watched youtube videos of the actual surgeries and made up my mind that way pretty much. From there i looked at different bariatric centers to get prices and read reviews and made my first appointment.
  7. liveaboard15

    When did you start exercising

    3-4 weeks after surgery i started walking longer distances and now 5 weeks or so post op i am riding my mountain bike. as for heavy lifting i am waiting for a while before that
  8. liveaboard15

    Regrets ?

    almost 2 months out. No not really. Yea it sucks that i really cant go to mcdonalds and grab 2 double cheeseburgers and a large fries or a large meat lovers pizza anymore lol. But other than that i find it was worth it as long as i continue to loose weight.
  9. liveaboard15

    5 days post op

    A recliner was what i slept in for the first 2-3 weeks after surgery. I could not do a standard bed. I wish i had an adjustable bed lol.
  10. liveaboard15

    3 week stall

    i stalled out on week 3... and now on week 7-8 i am stalled again. normal
  11. Dont worry its nothing bad LOL. almost 6 weeks post op Chick Fil A 8 piece grilled nuggets 130 calories, 3g of fat, 1g of carbs and 25g of Protein Chick Fil A Diet lemonade 50 calories, 0 fat, 14g carbs (A bit high but i only drank half) Gotta say it was delicious. Not as good as fried but still nice. I could not eat all pieces in one sitting so save the leftovers for later or tomorrow. So far i have had 0 issues with any foods i have eaten which is nice. been almost 2 weeks since my last weigh in. Waiting for June 4th which is my monthly date i take measurements of my body and weight to see monthly differences.
  12. liveaboard15

    Protein HELP

    chicken? I get the grilled chicken already cooked in a bag. Its 15 grams of protein per serving, Also Tuna pouches or cans. They are like 15-20 grams of protein per serving.
  13. liveaboard15

    How long until operation date ?

    correct. They need the pre op testing stuff first to make sure you can have the surgery. Sometimes test come back with issues. Mine did. My EKG came back abnormal. I had to see a cardiologist to get clearance for surgery and to get that clearance i had to get a nuclear stress test done.
  14. liveaboard15

    Post Op Day 3

    I was prescribed a heart burn medication for 30 days after surgery. Ask for a script or you can buy at the store if you want but a script is so much cheaper. Pepcid is to reduce the acid already in the stomach. The other medication is called a proton pump inhibitor. It helps stop the production of stomach acid. The most common is called Omeprazole and its available over the counter called Prilosec in 20mg capsules. Or what i was prescribed was Pantroprazole 40mg. and that one i believe you need a script. Typically these medications you take in the morning and wait like an hour or so before you start eating or drinking.
  15. liveaboard15

    Post Op Day 3

    are you pre op or post op?
  16. liveaboard15

    First fast food since surgery

    LMAO. I am soooo short haha
  17. liveaboard15

    How long until operation date ?

    your surgery date will be given to you probably when you finish your pre op testing. Gotta make sure everything comes back good.
  18. liveaboard15

    Alcohol use

    I dont think so. But after surgery alcohol will become an issue if you start again. If your surgeons office requires a psychological evaluation then the alcohol will come up and you will need to discuss it with them. It was questioned in my eval but i dont drink. As for the surgeon alcohol never really came up other than no drinking once the pre op diet starts and not for a long while after surgery
  19. liveaboard15


    the sugar maybe? Since liquids tend to not stay in the tiny stomach long and go into the small intestine quickly causing a light dumping syndrome?
  20. liveaboard15


    never heard of a script for that. shoppgirl already said what i would say. gasx but walking is best.
  21. So i had my surgery last month. I am self pay as insurance will not cover. I paid around $18-19K. I had to pay before i could have the surgery. A couple weeks after surgery i notice there was a claim from the hospital on my insurance for that same surgery for around $40K. Which they denied since its not covered. I called the hospital to find out what the heck is going on. So i gave them my receipts showing i paid the Surgeons fee, Surgeon assistant fee, Anesthesiologist fee, Hospital facility fee, complication coverage fee, Pathology, psychological exam, and nutritional evaluation. all coming out to about $19K. So they told me they would figure out what happened and why my they did my insurance instead of self pay. Today i get a email from the hospital that they switched me to self pay and that i am owed a refund of over $3,000 which was odd because i am not owed anything. So i called and they checked and checked and said they gave me a discount since I paid cash lol. So i was like... ARE YOU SURE... Because once i get this money i am paying off my credit cards and you wont be getting that money back... and they checked and said i am good. So i should be getting some moolah back here in the next couple days lol. So thanks for that mistake haha.
  22. liveaboard15

    Getting money back from surgery

  23. liveaboard15

    Getting money back from surgery

    So i got an email this morning... Saying that the 3K refund was a mistake. That they would correct it... GO FIGURE... lmao
  24. There are tons of reviews here and online of the different mexico places to get surgery... Would help if you let us know what surgery you are planning. Me personally if you are doing the sleeve i like Dr Alvarez at the ENDOHOSPITAL. Its only a few blocks from the border. They only do sleeves and the place is amazing and Dr Alvarez went to medical school in the USA unlike others there.
  25. liveaboard15

    Getting money back from surgery

    Yea thats with any bill to keep it from collections pay something. Even 5 bucks lol. I use to be a debt collector and we had people do that all the time to keep it from going onto their credit. They would mail in a 5 dollar check every month. remember one guy sending a dollar (he could afford more but didnt want to pay it lol)

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