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  1. liveaboard15

    Help! VSG or Bypass

    SOOOOO TRUE!!! The price difference for my place between sleeve and bypass was about 5K. but like you said. If you need revision down the road... that $5K blows up to around 25K. Very good thing to think about
  2. liveaboard15

    What to Pack for hospital?

    I had to have my parents bring my cpap to the hospital lol. Reason was because while in the recliner i kept falling asleep and then my O2 saturation would dive down and alarms kept going off lol They ended up having to put me on oxygen until the cpap arrived.
  3. liveaboard15

    Headache after eating fried food

    No just sleeve.
  4. liveaboard15

    Gerd Meds

    before surgery i took it whole, After i open the capsule and sprinkle it in a small amount of food in the morning.
  5. liveaboard15

    Gerd Meds

    I take that medication. On the paperwork it says you can open the capsule and sprinkle the little balls over food like apple sauce.
  6. liveaboard15

    LapBand to Sleeve weight loss?

    i did not have a revision. Just the sleeve. I am 6 weeks post op. Here are my stats so far on what i have lost. of course some are faster, Some are slower.
  7. liveaboard15

    Headache after eating fried food

    i was on solids 2 weeks after surgery but all surgeons are different but typically fried foods are a no go now. Try grilled chicken next time and small amounts.
  8. liveaboard15

    Independent Health through NY Marketplace

    No not really if you do the steps... and you qualify with your BMI and or medical conditions. if you can update your profile to include your stats. It helps when answering questions. You can click on your profile and then go to surgery and add your weight, height, surgery you are wanting and so on.
  9. I could not do a bed for several weeks. recline was much easier and the first week of surgery i required help to get out of the recliner to get up.
  10. liveaboard15

    Not losing Weight

    thats fine... soon you will hit your 3rd week stall where you wont loose anything at all for a while. May even gain a pound or so. We all loose differently... Me personally right now i am averaging around 8lb a month and i am 6 weeks post op.
  11. liveaboard15

    Caffeine After Surgery

    i drink coffee almost every night (I work overnights typically from like 8pm to 5am to 11pm to 7am so i drink 2 cups or so throughout my shift. Tho i have noticed i do get a bit on the dehydrated side. So i drink my coffee and make sure i drink plenty of water after.
  12. No issues so far with marijuana. Currently using this one. It is a 1:1 Ratio of THC and CBD. So roughly around 48% THC and 37% CBD. Does not increase my hunger at all and i feel great. I am not doing edibles because i have watched youtube videos that the affects of edibles are much different after surgery so i am staying away.
  13. liveaboard15

    Will US insurance coverage Mexico surgery?

    Not at all. There is a reason why mexico is cheap... Its basically a cash transaction... They dont deal with insurances.
  14. liveaboard15


    i have never seen that show but yea i was hoping for a little bit faster lol. but of course i am just 6 weeks post op. even my surgeon says hitting the goal weight takes time. up to a year or so
  15. Yup... my hospital even has a website on their page regarding it https://www.baptistjax.com/services/enhanced-recovery
  16. liveaboard15

    took first step

    The one i had to watch was on the hospitals website. I didnt need to schedule to watch it nor did they actually verified i watched it. they just asked if i did lol
  17. i wasnt given a specific amount to loose. Just simply to follow the pre op diet for my specified time of 2 weeks which i lost 11lb during that time. How long is your pre op diet?
  18. 6 weeks post op and got my bicycle from the shop a couple weeks ago and been riding. been using my bicycle instead of my car to get around and get things done. takes longer but its actually fun. 3 more days until my monthly weigh in and body measurements that i do on the 4th of every month. hopefully i lost some weight and got a bit smaller lol I also have yet to experience any issues with any foods.
  19. liveaboard15

    2 weeks post op

    So i bought little 1 ounce sauce cups and i would fill it with protein shake and take shots like that. Little by little. Was much easier than drinking from the bottle. As for water. Even 6 weeks post op i struggle to get in the required water unless i just keep drinking and drinking. Big sign that you are dehydrated is the color of your pee. If its yellow or very yellow you need water and mine is most times very yellow. when i see that i am like Oh crap i need to go drink water. So i get my container of water and take as many sips as i can over the course of an hour. As for eggs. If your surgeon says its ok. Then try some scrambled eggs. I typically eat quail eggs because they are much smaller.
  20. liveaboard15

    Adding Surgery Info to Profile

    Click on your profile name at the top right corner and then click on surgery. You can update there.
  21. That would have been easier. Mine was in person and really was no point to go in person as they didnt actually do anything other than weigh me. would have saved me a half day of traveling lol
  22. liveaboard15

    Very low heart rate

    I am 34 years old. My surgery was 6 weeks ago. Almost right after surgery my heart rate went down like crazy that i was concerned. So i use to keep a log earlier this year of my blood pressure and rate and it was typically in the 130's over 80 with a heart rate of around 80's and this was me just relaxing. After surgery that dropped to about 110/60 with a heart rate now around 55-60 and i do wear a fitbit and it does track my heart rate and it says my resting heart rate is around the 55 and while i sleep it drops to around 44ish which is normal. I also have a Oximeter that i wear at times whiel sitting at my desk and an alarm goes off when my heart rate drops too low which is often. I brought this up with my primary care and they were not concerned at all. Neither was my cardiologist.
  23. My surgeon suggested lactaid pills for those having that issue.
  24. liveaboard15

    Severe Anemia-

    So when i first started taking them it was making me very nauseous. The nutritionist told me to take the multivitamin with iron at night before bed along with a small snack. That helped a ton.

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