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  1. liveaboard15

    Best Multivitamin for Gastric Sleeve

    This is what i take... You will need to experiment and see what works for you because for many of us vitamins cause us to be very nauseous. For most its the iron in the multivitamin so some may do better with a lower dose of iron in it. Also making sure to have food in your stomach.
  2. liveaboard15

    Multi vitamin

    They make me nausous sometimes. But its typically when i dont eat something. But best thing is to take it right before bed. That way you in bed when the nausea hits. I typically keep a ice pack as well after i take it. It helps a ton to put it on my head
  3. After seeing your stats. Its more likely a safety issue with having to loose the 40lb before surgery. Here is a video explaining that part from a surgeon. That part starts at around the 2:00 minute mark.
  4. liveaboard15

    Multi vitamin

    I take these once a day. once in a while it will make me nauseous. but overall no big issues.
  5. Most people have a week or 2 weeks of a pre op diet. tho that depends on your weight and BMI... The heavier you are the longer you are on the diet. You havent updated your stats on your profile. It would be helpful if you did. you can put your weight and height and the type of surgery you are getting. (Click your profile at the top right corner and go to SURGERY setting and update... but 2 months is brutal. as for having to loose 40lb. I have seen some surgeons require people to get under a certain BMI as a safety issue for surgery. but all surgeons are different with their guidlines.
  6. liveaboard15

    Working out after surgery

    Yup. I go over to a nice area by the river and walk for about an hour when i can. it gets my heart rate up.
  7. Avoid soda by not buying it anymore... The amount of sugar in them is insane and the carbonation in them wont be your friend after surgery. As for just water... Water is great. But i also have a Gatorade zero almost everyday as well to switch it up. I was addicted to pepsi before surgery. I drank lots. as for sweets. on bariatric pal website they have a store section where they have sweets that are ok in moderation. including chocolate. Its actually pretty good.
  8. liveaboard15

    Liquid IV

    Those have 11 Grams of sugar and 11 grams of carbs... not the best thing.
  9. liveaboard15

    Working out after surgery

    I dont do gyms. but after about 3 weeks i started walking more and riding my bicycle. I could not run or job yet because of my fat jumping up and down it was painful.
  10. liveaboard15

    What can I eat?

    I was eating chicken, lean pork, Lean beef, fish, eggs, tuna ect... all at 2 weeks after surgery. but of course all surgeons are different.
  11. liveaboard15

    What can I eat?

    Were you not given this information before the surgery? and after? I got paperwork that let me know exactly what i could eat during each stage. This is more of a compact version i was given by my surgeon. hopefully it helps you out.
  12. liveaboard15

    Lab orders without doctor

    i disagree... The time waiting to see a doctor... getting a lab order and getting the results (which typically you wont get them, you will get them during a follow up) sometimes is too long. Doing it my way i can order my own test, get the results in a day or two and if something is out of range (elevated) I can make an appointment with my primary to go over the results Which i have a couple times. If the doctor says its nothing to worry about, Great... If they think its something to worry about we can move forward from there. As for without knowlege of what they mean... That is what the internet is for... doing research. Am i a medical student or doctor, Nope... Do i know more or even close to a med student or doctor, Not a chance. But i can at least learn a bit. And all it takes is a vial or two of blood which is no big deal. Lets say that D Dimer test came back out of range... My next step would have been a ultrasound of the vein in my legs to look for clots. Elevated triponin test then next step for many would be a nuclear scan with a Gamma Camera (obviously those would be ordered by a doctor if they felt it was necessary)
  13. So i started the pre op diet on April 4th. Surgery April 18th. So far these are my stats 6 weeks post op. Always do my measurements on the 4th of the month. Not bad. Wish it was a little quicker but not bad for 6 weeks post op.
  14. My nutritionist said feeling that way is typically because of the iron in it. I had the same issue when i first had surgery finding one that did not upset my stomach and cause me to throw up. Going down from 45mg of iron to 18mg of iron helped a ton. Also eating and waiting about 20-30 minutes then taking the capsule helped as well. My nutritionist also said that if the nausea was a problem to take the pill right before bed so that way you are laying down and comfortable. I currently take the BariatricPAL multivitamin with 18mg of iron capsule once a day.
  15. you are reaching your 3rd week stall... At this time you wont really loose any weight and you can gain a couple pounds... the stall last from a week to several weeks. mine lasted 2 weeks where i did not loose anything at all and gained 2lb
  16. liveaboard15

    Eaten solids on Day 4

    no dont make yourself sick... Just dont do it again.
  17. I am prescribed Omeprazole for heart burn. Its available over the counter called prilosec... but a script is much cheaper
  18. No not really. depending on your surgeons schedule you will be able to eat soft foods in a few weeks after surgery. and tiny amounts fill you up fast. I was on solids after 2 weeks and it was glorious lol. Because the 2 weeks pre op liquid diet sucked and the post op liquid diet sucked because that point you really cant have any solids until a couple weeks or longer depending on your surgeon. but after the liquids it gets so much better.
  19. Technically yes but no... After we heal up sure we can eat pretty much anything but in smaller portions. But the whole idea is to eat healthier as well... the bad things that got us to this weight should be avoided for the most part like fast food and fatty items.
  20. I am about 7 weeks post op. I lost a lot of weight pre op and first 2 weeks. Since then i have slowed a lot. here are my measurements that i take on the 4th of every month. As you can see its not super fast. This process takes a while.
  21. liveaboard15

    Surgery day questions--Assistance please.

    I have been seeing a lot of different time frames and I am curious how long it took your doctor to complete your surgery? for my sleeve, Surgery was about an hour and a half or so. My surgery was at 9:30am and i was back in my room before noon How long was your hospital stay? one night How was your doctor's bedside manner? I did not see the doctor after surgery. his surgeon assistant saw me twice and just went over things and asked if i had any questions which i did not. What can I expect when I get to the hospital before surgery? You go to pre op section, where they may have you strip down and for me anyway wipe myself with some special rags all over my body, put on a gown and lay in a bed where a nurse came and put an IV in my arm, Put some special stuff in my nose and just waited there to go to surgery. What was your biggest struggle at the hospital and at home? getting out of the chair, I needed help to get up, A bed was out of the question for a few weeks. When did you go back to work? i work from home but if i worked an actual physical job, i would want at least 2-3 weeks off If there was one thing that you could have changed, what would it be? nothing really. What did you pack to take to the hospital? extra set of clothes, crocs, headphones, nintendo switch, magazines, cpap machine,
  22. liveaboard15

    Washington State Friends

    SOOO LUCKY lol. I always loved just sitting and relaxing at Fort Casey watching the ferry between Coupville and Port Townsend. Great place to take pictures too. I grew up there from 1988-2000 and last went back 2 years ago.
  23. liveaboard15

    Washington State Friends

    I wish. I grew up on Whidbey Island over there. Miss the Pacific Northwest so much. Wish houses were not so expensive lol. Good luck on finding a PNW buddy.
  24. liveaboard15

    What to Pack for hospital?

    I brought a big bag of stuff to keep me entertained, Book, magazines, nintendo switch and so on. Never used any. Slept and walked most of the time. A pair of headphones are nice tho to listen to music or to put on a white noise app to sleep better.

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