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  1. liveaboard15

    Starting new journey what was your timeline

    So this question really depends if you have insurance. Typically with insurance most have to do like 6 months of supervised weight loss attempts and such. I had no insurance.. So i saw my surgeon for the first time on December 14th. This is where he ordered all the testing like EKG, Chest Xray, Bloodwork, psychological exam. I did the testing pretty quickly. The psychological exam took 2-3 months to book. There were no openings before that so that was on March 1st. One of my test came back abnormal which was the EKG. So i had to visit my cardiologist to get clearance for surgery. This is when they ordered a nuclear stress test. after that i was cleared for surgery. Once everything came back normal my surgery was scheduled for 3 weeks later. So if it wasnt for that stupid psyc exam i could have had the surgery months ago.
  2. 3 months post op. Been in a stall now for a couple weeks. July 6th was at 256lb and currently at 254lb. So only 2lb lost in 2 weeks. Been wanting to ride my bicycle to work to get in some workout time but man this florida rain has been insane lately lol.
  3. They did not check my actual stomach. The testing i had to get done were EKG, Blood work, Chest X-ray, Psychological exam and that was it. My EKG did come back abnormal so i was required to get a Nuclear Stress Test done.
  4. liveaboard15

    Toleration Question

    Trust me. You will know and you will know quick. you get the typical full feeling and if you overdo it it can be a bit painful. Its always best to portion your meals so you dont overeat. Eat nice and slow.
  5. liveaboard15

    What do you do instead of eating?!

    I also rent pontoon boats here where i live. I dont own a boat. There are websites where you can rent peoples personal boats kinda like that car rental website that lets people rent out their own cars. I cant have a boat parked where i live either. When i had my jetski i paid to keep it at a marina. My friend bought a $90K Boat last year. They use it maybe twice a month. I cant justify spending that much money and only using it that much lol. when i had my jetski i used it almost every single day. Thought about buying one but i am planning on moving out of Florida next year and if i get a jetski then cant move until its paid off lol. I will keep renting instead. Also not sure if its available in your area. but here. THere is also something called a boat club. prices vary by location but basically you pay $7K Upfront and then a monthly fee of a couple hundred dollars depending on the package you choose and you get to use a boat for a certain amount of days a week all year long. You reserve online, and its ready for you at the marina, Bring it back when you are done, they clean it and do all the maintenance, I found that to be the best deal to be able to get out on the water without the high cost of boat ownership and storage.
  6. liveaboard15

    Toleration Question

    so far 3 months post sleeve. I have been able to tolerate everything i have tried. Now certain things do make my stomach gurgle like crazy and you know then that maybe you shouldnt be eating this that is my warning lol. but i have never thrown up or gotten nausea over eating anything. The sitting heavy in the stomach part yes.
  7. liveaboard15

    Athletic Shoe Suggestions

    So after i had surgery. I got my first job that required standing for hours in over 15 years. It was rough. Very rough for the first few weeks. I tried different decent priced shoes, Inserts ect... None worked. Finnally after googling and reading. i came across one pair each website kept recommending. But they were very pricey. I am a person who buys typically 40 dollar shoes so spending this much was hard lol. But i did and trust me i would do it again in a heart beat. Now over 2 months into this job where i am standing for 9 hours a day 50 hours a week my feet no longer hurt. I dont know if you are male or female. Dont know if shoes differ between the two genders but for me a guy these shoes are amazing.
  8. liveaboard15

    What do you do instead of eating?!

    Its perfect because its away from fast food and relaxing lol. Plus plenty of fish for food lol
  9. liveaboard15

    Low carb bread

    Found some new low carb breads today at the supermarket. They taste pretty good too. I miss bread and carb heavy foods lmao.
  10. liveaboard15

    Psych Eval Tomorrow - Nervous

    Mine was in two parts. 1st part was a one hour zoom call where she asked me about food, how i eat and such like "When you eat chips or crackers, Do you take the whole container with you or do you put a portion on a plate or cup and put the container back. Then discussed the changes i would have to make once i got the surgery and if i was ready to handle it. it was simple. The 2nd part for me was a few days later i had to go into the bariatric center and had to take a couple "Exams" multiple choice about 700 questions total. Most were the same thing but were reworded to trip you up. but it was simple.
  11. liveaboard15

    Stalls - How many

    i am at 3 months post op and i am in a stall. I actually gained a pound. its annoying but it happens and will happen again
  12. liveaboard15

    Mahi mahi post op?

    at around 1 month post op i was eating tons of fish. Sockey Salmon, King Salmon, Halibut, Mahi Mahi, Snapper, shrimp, crab legs and smoked fish. No issues at all. I just took small bites and chewed well.
  13. liveaboard15

    Surgery next week

    Hello and welcome. Lots of great information you will find here. So tell us a little bit about yourself. What surgery are you planning on getting, height, Weight, and is insurance covering or not?
  14. my insurance wont cover anything bariatric at all. So i was self pay. That really sucked when it came down to pay so i hope you get covered and you probably will
  15. Stayed overnight for my sleeve. I could have stayed 2 nights if i wanted. Glad i did stay overnight. The IV kept me hydrated and i got medication throughout my night via IV.
  16. The whole reason is to let your new stomach heal. You just had major surgery and your stomach was basically cut up and stapled. It needs time to heal from all the cuts and inflammation. Eating solids right away after surgery stresses your stomach out and you can potentially cause a perforation. But every surgeon is different in regards to pre op and post op diet... For me it was 2 weeks of liquids only after surgery which i did to the letter. after that i moved onto small foods on week 3 which was scrambled eggs and canned tuna. and i ate very small amounts at a time. Some cant handle soft foods yet so soon. I am currently 3 months post op and i can eat anything i want without issue. Let that stomach heal properly and you shall be rewarded lol
  17. liveaboard15

    Back pain disappearing

    Same happened with me. before surgery i could barely walk thru a retail store without my back hurting like crazy. I could not stand for an extended period of time either. Now i go for miles long walks and i got a job where i am on my feet for 9 hours a day and no pain whatsoever.
  18. liveaboard15

    Pre op diet weight loss

    i think i lost like 15lb or so. 2 week pre op diet... It was rough the first 3-4 days but after that you start to get use to it and it becomes a little easier. fatigue no big issues, Hunger was a big issue. I kept myself busy to not think about food.
  19. liveaboard15

    California Insurance

  20. liveaboard15

    California Insurance

    I have not heard of any insurance covering that since thats a cosmetic issue and not a health issue. Most people that do that do it out of pocket.
  21. liveaboard15

    Post Op Coffee

    Oh wow that sucks. Bypass must be very different than the sleeve. I have 2-3 cups of coffee most nights (I work overnights) without issue. Currently drinking a starbucks expresso drink lol
  22. your username is the name on here... Which is KevinS62 and as for your password its whatever you created.
  23. liveaboard15

    Chewing food rule

    That's one rule i stopped following after the 1st month lol. No issues whatsoever. I also dont do the take 30-45 minutes a meal either. Food gets so cold and gross waiting that long. But you should for as long as possible to heal up better. The whole purpose is to heal.
  24. liveaboard15


    A predetermination of benefits is a review by your insurer's medical staff. They decide if they agree that the treatment is right for your health needs. Predeterminations are done before you get care, so you will know early if it is covered by your health insurance plan.

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