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  1. liveaboard15

    I can’t drink enough liquids

    Took me a week or two to be able to get the 64oz in and it was very hard. i am over 2 months post op and i struggle mainly with remembering to drink water. I get reminded when i go pee and its very yellow. When i see that i am like SHITTTT i need to drink some water lol
  2. about a week. Some take longer, Some take less time. BUt walking is all you can really do to help get it out.
  3. funny thing is after my surgery while in the hospital i was given celebrex a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory up until my discharge. After discharge i was prescribed Hydrocodone for pain tho it was not needed since the main pain was from the air in your chest which pain medication does nothing. my surgeon said that NSAIDS were not to be taken for gastric bypass people. and for sleeve people on a very limited amounts.
  4. Foamies is more of a gastric bypass thing. I had sleeve 2 months ago. idk what restrictions you have on the band. but for us mainly small meal sizes... Protein is first and most important, waiting 30+ minutes after eating to drink anything. taking the multivitamins, calcium for life, and the possibility of developing severe GERD and needing a revision to bypass is a big thing and something i worry about. If you have GERD or heartburn then bypass will be what you need to get.
  5. liveaboard15

    Surgery today

    Very nice and nice to see another guy on here lol. you seem to be having a much better time your first day than i did. It was rough for me. Glad to see you are doing great. Keep us updated!
  6. You know i tried something similar. So weight loss surgery is excluded for me. So i spoke to the insurance to see if i was diagnosed with severe gerd, would they cover gastric bypass surgery since its basically a cure to it. They straight up told me no. I was like of course thats just my insurance.
  7. liveaboard15

    Elite sweet doughnuts.

    Net carbs are the carbohydrates in food that you can digest and use for energy. To calculate net carbs, take a food's total carbs and subtract: Fiber. Since our body doesn't have the enzymes to break down fiber, it passes through our digestion system unchanged. Lots of items i notice NET CARBS. One i eat currently are flour tortillas that have 4G net carbs. Lowest i could find.
  8. Probably not going to get around that. I have thought about that too since my state excludes all bariatric surgery. and i am hoping i never have heart burn issues but if i ever needed a revision to bypass my plan would be to move to another state temporarily, Set up residency, Get insurance, Get the procedure done and move back. Yea lots of work but $20K+ for revision is too high for most people to pay out of pocket. I paid $19K for my sleeve out of pocket andi am out of money lol
  9. liveaboard15


    I am 2 months post op. and i drink 2-3 cups a day of my favorite which is Tim Hortons. (I work overnights) No issues whatsoever. I use Truvia for the sweetener and sugar free creamer.
  10. of course. Any store, Walmart, GNC ect... They do have bariatric vitamins but you can also get the regular stuff as well just simply take 2 or so. My surgeon said if i got the regular ones to take 2 a day. If i got the bariatric to take 1 a day. as for cacium there are tons out there. The citrate is best for absorption but the pills tend to be on the big size.
  11. liveaboard15

    Am I doing this right am I broken?

    the first couple weeks are the hardest. you just had major surgery. Need to heel up. Like Doobie said. you wont be on liquids forever. But you gotta follow the steps to make this surgery a success. For me the first month was the roughest. Then it got much easier
  12. liveaboard15

    “Low” BMI Qualifiers?

    I paid out of pocket and the requirements were the same with or without insurance regarding the 35 BMI or higher with 2 issues or 40 bmi without issue.
  13. liveaboard15

    Stall out and depressed

    Your profile says you have lost 91lb in 4-5 months. Consider that amazing. Most take longer to loose that. and stalls happen. I am 2 months post op and i have had 3 stalls. they can be depressing but you will get over it and loose again. as you start to get closer to your goal weight and get more months past your weight loss will slow down. just stick to the program and you will continue to loose some.
  14. liveaboard15

    Backing out

    most people do... but you will get over it... I am 2 months post op and i can basically eat anything i want so far. No issues at all. Only difference is much smaller portions. We all recover differently. Some may have a harder time while others its a breeze.
  15. WOW thats a huge difference. Congrats on that!!!
  16. i have an instapot thing. I only ever made rice in it. lol.
  17. liveaboard15

    No BM since surgery

    happens to most that undergo general anesthesia. Took me 5 days... and i will say the first one hurts... alot lol. My surgeon prescribed a stool softener upon discharge.
  18. liveaboard15

    10 weeks post op

    So just about 10 weeks post op. No issues at all. No pain, I have had zero issues with any foods i have tried, zero issues with any drinks i have had. scars have healed up very nice, Vitamin intake has been good. only causes nausea once in a while. still taking medication for at least a year to prevent gall stones. Heart burn has been zero after the first couple weeks (which was very bad) My daily meals typically consist of either a chicken egg or 2 quail eggs with onions, banana peppers and cheese (Or if i am not feeling like food, i have a core power protein shake) Lunch typically either grilled chicken or tuna Dinner for most days i have grilled king salmon I went out to eat for the first time a few days ago. Friends and I were on a boat fishing and we decided to ride over to a restaurant on the water and i ordered the Grilled Shrimp that came with French fries. Out of the 10 grilled shrimp i could only eat 5 of them. I also had probably 7 fries out of the basket. But still it was nice. Gave the rest of the food to friends to eat since we were still going to be out on the water for a bit. Clothing has been a change. I have had to buy a new belt as the old one was too big as well as my pants. Shirts so far i am down from a 3-4 XL to 2XL ALMOST DOWN 60LB so far
  19. liveaboard15

    Really this many pills!?

    most surgeons do not recommend the patches as there really isnt much scientific evidence yet that they work. i only did the patches for the first week or two until i could do pills. I highly suggest getting bloodwork done to make sure the patches are working if the person goes that route.
  20. liveaboard15

    Spousal support?

    sounds like he thinks you look just fine. he gave you his opinion on it. Its a different thing thing to be supportive as you stated he is. He just stated he doesnt think you need it. Do you want him to lie to you instead? Maybe also let him know the health benefits of the surgery if he doesnt know already.
  21. liveaboard15

    Really this many pills!?

    Seems like overkill.. I take 1 multivitamin a day (Bariatric pal capsule) I was specially told not to take extra B12 since the multivitamin has it in it. and i take 2 calcium chews a day 500mg each also from bariatricpal website. Thats it for the supplements. I was only told to take a multivitamin twice a day if it was a non bariatric type. As for actual medication I only take 2 a day for gall stones for a year.
  22. liveaboard15

    Bariatric Cook Book?

    I bought a few on amazon. I found them completely useless. Just a bunch of random receipts probably from the internet that had a decent amount of carbs, sugars in it. Hope you have better luck with yours.
  23. liveaboard15

    Made to 1derland today!

    ok i gotta ask... What is this 1derland? lol
  24. liveaboard15

    Liquid Diet vs High Protein diet

    all surgeons have their own pre op diet... Some its all liquid, some have meals in them. many people slip up but slipping up is not a good thing. Imagine going into surgery and they close you back up because your liver is still too big. The first 3-5 days are the hardest when it comes to the liquid diet. after that it gets a bit easier as your body starts to get use to the limited intake. I personally slipped up twice. Nothing super major. I added some salmon 3oz most days to my pre op diet when it was suppose to be all liquid. But even my surgeons team said that if the liquid diet became a big issue to add a small lean meal like salmon or grilled chicken. My surgeon also said (and this is just mine not everyone else) to not give up caffeine during the pre op diet to make it easier. but some surgeons will say no caffeine.
  25. I suggest maybe a psychologist. There are support groups but typically from what i have seen its for the patients tho in my support group which is monthly the persons significant other sometimes joins in as well.

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