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  1. Hi I’m 34 and looking forward to having the sleeve next year. I’m really hoping this surgery will boost my confidence and help me get back into the flow of dating. I’m so tired of being used, closet girlfriend or finding out I’m a side chick. Oh that’s hard to even write. It hurts and has caused me to kinda shut down on the dating. I’ve always been very out going, confident and enjoyed dating and I can’t wait to be there again. I’d love to hear some uplifting stories of dating success after survey.
  2. journey2-199

    Weight loss, dating and confidence

    Congratulations on the weight loss!! That is so amazing. I bet it feels amazing. I could totally see where your coming from. The thought of someone not liking me now but liking me then makes me feel yucky. Yes I physical will change but I’m still me. I’ve heard so many times your so petty but….. I live in Southern California where a big girl just doesn’t fit the scenery. It’s sad but the truth.
  3. journey2-199

    Weight loss, dating and confidence

    Now that is amazing!! I can’t wait tell I can say that! I look forward to so much. How much did you lose? Do you deal with lose skin? I’m 5’4 and 280.
  4. journey2-199

    Weight loss, dating and confidence

    Thank you both! I love the battle scars too! I think I’ll be using this for several friends that only see the negative. Thankfully I do love myself. Dating when your a bigger girl just sucks! Lol

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