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  1. 16 hours ago, csrouse said:

    Hi all. Wanted to check in and see how folks are doing? I had my sleeve 12/9 and the weight loss is slowing already. Nutritionist says I’m right on track but it sure is hard not to see the scale moving. I’m tracking 100%, hitting my Protein and staying well within calories. It can’t stay stalled forever right?

    also how the heck do you update current weight? I figured it out :)

    Surgery 12/10. Stalled right now too.

  2. 2 hours ago, huskymama said:

    I feel the same way - I haven’t started meats but I feel hungry every few hours but it is weird hunger pains it’s like my stomach is super pissed and stabbing me until I put something in it - even Water calms it down. I’m only supposed to eat 3 times a day the puréed food but I’m terrified to eat the tuna and chicken - I did get some today. I also got some hummus and cottage cheese. The only thing of these I ate preop was the hummus so it’s going to be interesting to see the flavors and stuff - how I react or whatever. I told my husband tonight I’m nervous about the hunger I was hoping I wouldn’t be. But I checked my calories and under 400 today but I felt I ate like a Queen lol such an odd feeling

    Do you eat the hummus with anything? Just curious.

  3. 2 hours ago, Karimor98 said:

    I am almost 4 weeks postop , I was cleared to eat “soft” foods so my nutritionist told me to eat eggs and tuna until then. I’ve gotten an aversion to the smell of tuna because I work in the vet field and it makes me sick now. I have been eating puréed chicken salad, which she told me to wait until the 27th of Jan to start but it has been going down fine. What my concern is..I take a couple bites I’m FULL not even like 2 hours later I’m starving again and idk if this is normal or its my food addiction again?

    I am experiencing the same thing. My nutritionist says I should be eating every three hours. Even if I drink plenty of fluids, two hours later my stomach is feeling empty. Not sure what to do.

  4. 21 minutes ago, Jai D said:

    I also had my surgery with Dr. Sadek in NJ on Dec 17th. I’m very impressed with the outcome so far. How are you doing? I’m down 13.5 lbs from 241 to 228. I’m already at a 6 day stall at 228. Where are you in the area.. I’m looking for ppl to eventually walk with or be active. I’m in Woodbridge.

    I’m in North Brunswick we can figure something out. We have very similar stats. Surgery date weight was 239, last I checked I was 227. I was told to only weigh once weekly fridays so I don’t get scale obsessed. I agree that the practice is very good and helpful. I really like the nutritionist I picked as well.

  5. 1 hour ago, dollydoodle71 said:

    12/13 for me. I have been wondering if it is a fluke that I’ve done so well. No nausea. No pain. Getting my Fluid and Protein and Vitamins. Hoping my good luck continues.

    Yay that’s great. I was sleeved 12/10. I probably felt good after the 18th. Never had nausea either. Moved into mushy foods (pureed) with no issue. Hoping it gets better for us all.

  6. 1 hour ago, huskymama said:

    Post op day 4 VS and I feel so much better today. I am able to get off the Anti-nausea medication so far today - knock on wood - and I’m tolerating Water and Gatorade zero very well. I am going to combine 1/2 Water with 1/2 Protein Water today. I’m supposed to be up to 64 ounces yesterday I got just under 20 but I think today I may actually hit that goal. I still have a ton of gas my tummy is always talking grumbling and squeaking I’ve named it bubbles because it has taken on a personality of its own lol. I have no interest in food none in fact Christmas dinner made me dry heave just the smell. I’m not having any cravings but Water and Gatorade although when my husband popped open a Coke and pored it over ice I’m not gonna lie I wanted a drink so bad and it smelled so good. Funny thing is I gave up soda around 2 years ago so I was shocked by that one. Not sure what I weigh yet so I’ll post it when I weigh in today. I was never on pain meds - just Tylenol- I haven’t had anything since post op day 2. I live with ice packs seems to help. Also I know my stomachs had enough because I now sneeze when it’s full which is not fun l. Hope everyone here had a Merry Christmas and is feeling better!

    So glad you’re feeling better. I did a five minute walk on my block and the gas issue subsided immensely. I put a tummy binder in for that. The food aversion was strong for like 15 days. I’m on mushy food now and it coincided with my body’s sudden desire to eat again. Wish you the best!

  7. 1 hour ago, LotsoLabs said:

    Hi there -

    First post ever! I had surgery on the 15th of December, released from the hospital on December 16th. Feel pretty good - but having a lot of trouble with the Protein requirement which is making me very tired and weak. I hate the shakes and got permission from my surgeon to drink the Protein Water instead. Now I'm beginning to develop an aversion to that.

    I go back to the doctor on the 27th. I'm hoping - hoping! - he'll release me then to start eating soft foods. I'm still on liquids only.

    How quickly were you able to eat soft foods? I see a lot of people eating eggs and yogurt far more quickly than the 2 weeks I've been told. Also, how soon do you start to feel...."normal" again? I just feel so weak and fuzzy.

    I had the same protein aversion. My tip, fill a cup halfway with ice and Water, then fill the rest with the protein water. It’s not a super high amount but it helped my weakness and I cold actually drink it. I had my surgery 12/10. I have weak days and normal days. I realize that if I consume half a Protein Shake within half hour of waking I’ll have a better day. This after I was able to actually drink the shakes

  8. 5 minutes ago, huskymama said:

    Had the sleeve Dec 22 started liquids today threw them up so they are keeping me another night in the hospital. I just took a sip very very small of Water and threw it up again I just don’t feel this is normal

    Oh no, sorry to hear. I remembered your surgery was yesterday and was hoping for the best for you. Hopefully it’s just inflammation causing the problem and it will get better real soon. Keep us posted.

  9. 38 minutes ago, Karimor98 said:

    I had my surgery December 6th….I’m REALLY struggling. Tomorrow will practically be week 4 of Clear Liquids and I can’t tolerate them anymore. My stomach will reject them and I am scared to vomit. Any tips? Or is anyone else dealing with this as well. My doctor simply says you need to drink …which is no help.

    Are you sure it’s still just clear and not full liquids. I know you can have a few weeks of clear ahead of surgery but usually a week after surgery you move to Full liquids

  10. 36 minutes ago, csrouse said:

    I am right with you guys. Had mine Dec 9th. One incision site pulls and is itchy, but other than that, I really have had a smooth recovery so far. Protein is coming from shakes. I’m hitting Protein goals, but not fluid goals. Are you having cravings? I’m not physically hungry but I WANT food. Realizing how much of an addict I really am.

    I really need to make an effort to make protein goals too. I’m doing ok on the general liquid goals. I went to the mall yesterday and certain smells made me want food but it wasn’t physical just smells triggering cravings. Having a sugar free lemonade to sip on really helped.

  11. On 12/16/2021 at 4:24 AM, Angelina1210 said:

    I had mines on December 10th-how are you feeling?

    Same as yours. How you feeling Angelina? Today was the best day so far. Thicker liquids going down better. Still get full after just a few sips. Not much pain except for hiccups. sleep is non existent and stitches are itchy. I haven’t taken off the little bandaids they put in them. Every day is a little better

  12. 2 hours ago, Mariela94 said:

    Omg yes I’m glad you said that I was researching others who had the same issue and came across someone saying premium Protein clear and bought a whole pack today can’t wait to try it. I feel the same still having gas’s mostly after my walks and the hiccups are the worst part of it! Thank you for the tips! Anyone or maybe yourself use melatonin to sleep seems like I have insomnia after this whole surgery not sure if it’s good to take. I use to use 3mg dissolvable tabs.

    I’m gonna have to dig up some melatonin in my med cabinet. Don’t feel sleepy at all, which of course makes me think of food.

  13. Mariela94

    Day 4 post opt. I couldn’t do the milk type Protein Shakes at all. My nutritionist had me buy the Premier Protein clear, and had me dilute significantly with Water and ice. Life saver. I started strained cream of chicken and that was filling for lunch. Tonight I had a little chicken buillon cube in 8 ounces of hot water. I have not been able to nearly finish any of these but I don’t feel weak anymore. The pain for me was gone yesterday. My doctor said I shouldn’t be in constant pain. Sudden gas pain was normal. When I hiccup, I swear I’m gonna pass out from the sharp pain.

  14. Sitting in my hospital bed post op VSG today. Lots of tummy pain initially. Was given dilaudid and it helped immensely. After walking to the bathroom I was authorized for my X-ray confirmation. It was so cool to see my little baby stomach on the screen after taking a shot of contrast. It’s been 12 hours, pain is being managed with acetaminophen well enough. Started my liquids which I really have to make an effort to take down. 1 sip at a time is my motto. Hoping all goes well for everyone here.

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