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  1. I feel so lost and angry

    yesterday I consumed 1400 calories at only 11 weeks post op gastric sleeve.

    2 weeks ago I started feeling a lot more hungry so increased my calorie intake to 900-1000 because I thought if I’m hungry, then eat.

    when I used to diet before the surgery I was on 1500 calories so to me it’s absolutely bizzare that I’ve had 85% of my stomach removed and can still eat 1400?

    can anyone please give me some advice?
    I’m hitting my Protein everyday keeping and carbs to a minimum.

  2. Says on my plan week 3 and 4 puree/soft foods but I’m so bad at maths and so confused, because I started purée last Wednesday as instructed so does that mean tomorrow I go onto soft foods? Or another week puree , then soft foods the week after that.

  3. Hi guys :)

    had my surgery 02/02, start weight was 21.9. I got down to 20.9 before my op on the LRD.

    first week weigh in after surgery was a loss of 8 pounds and this morning week 2 I’ve lost 3.5 pounds. However I got on the scale Sunday and it showed a 3.5 pound loss then, so in 3 days the scale hasn’t moved and I’m still on liquids?

    what do we reckon, I’m going to be a slow loser? Or I’ve hit the dreaded 3 week stall early?


  4. Hi guys,

    how many calories were you consuming 3 days post op? I feel like I’m ingesting too much I had an Actimel 0% (27 cal) in the morning, 330ml Protein Shake (155 cal) for lunch which went down quick and a cup of Soup (90 cal) in the afternoon which didn’t take me long to finish either.

    my surgeon never gave me a calorie amount. I’m currently planning on having another cup of soup (90 cal)

    is this too much for 3 days post op? Surgery was 02/02/2022

  5. Hi guys,

    abit TMI but I’m currently 9 days into my pre op LRD and I’ve noticed my bowel movements are not as regular as I’ve known them to be previously. I can now go 2 days without passing.

    Is this expected due to the little amount of calories ? Has anyone else had or have the same issue ?

    Thankyou! :)

  6. Anyone cheated on the pre op and everything was still ok for the go ahead of surgery?

    I got told I need to do a 3 week pre op diet , eat anything I want aslong as it’s within 800-900 calories. First 4 days went great but slipped up last night and cheated.

    still got 2 weeks and 2 days until my gastric sleeve surgery, do you think this will effect anything? Or if I stick to it 100% from now I should be okay?

    I know I shouldn’t of cheated but I’m only human

  7. Hi all,

    I have been looking into the gastric sleeve and had my consultation an hour ago.

    The surgeon informed me of having to stop smoking forever. I have an addiction to food and also smoking and I am now debating wether or not gastric sleeve surgery is right for me.

    For health reasons I know I will be so much better off with the surgery but as I currently look at food as a comforting coping mechanism aswell as my smoking I can’t help but feel like will I think it’s the wrong decision if I do through with the surgery.

    Basically what I’m saying is any tips or advice if has anyone else been in the same situation where food is their addiction aswell as smoking and if you regret your decision?

    thankyou :)

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