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  1. I’m 121lbs down now and I have 44lbs to go. For the past two months Ive been losing 2,2lbs per week, which I‘m very happy with. I do find that I need to be mindful and consistent though. Roasted almonds and juices are currently a huge temptation and caloric bomb for me. Unfortunately I have already rationalized buying those foods so I need to figure out a way to stop that. Trying to stay focused and motivated!

  2. Hi guys! I‘m sorry if this is offensive or if this has been discussed many times before on here (I couldn‘t find any threads) but I feel like I’m going crazy and I need to talk about it. I‘m aprox. 7 months post op lost aprox. 120lbs and I‘m nearing the „goal weight“ I had 6 years ago. Logically I should be feeling amazing and I somewhat do. Like I‘m physically able to do a lot more again, which I‘m very appreciative of but somehow I feel fat. It‘s so odd. 120lbs ago I knew I was fat and I wasn‘t able to do certain things but I never felt fat. I felt fine. Now I have a „slightly overweight“ bmi and I feel super fat. Whats going on?!?

    I didnt do this surgery because I was unhappy with how I looked or because I felt uncomfortable. I did this surgery because my health was starting to suffer and I needed to stop yoyo dieting, which I have done all my life. I always wanted to lose weight not because I thought I had to but because people always made me feel like I did. And I hated being treated as a fat person. So living in a fat body in the privacy of my own home or around friends and family I always felt good. Now I feel disgusting and huge and fat and gross and generally not good. This is solely based on my appearance (I feel amazing physically walking, running, erc.). Why does „fat“ all of a sudden feel bad and why do I feel fat when I‘m much much lighter than I was a year ago? Anyone else have experience with this? Does this go away? I really hope it does.

    My theory atm is that I‘m in this weird in between stage and I have no idea how my body is being perceived by the general public. I realize this may be incredibly vain but I feel so bad I dont know whats going on.

    Also I‘m starting to show a lot of lose skin around my stomach, which is giving me anxiety.

    Maybe it‘s important my stats: 5‘8, SW/HW: 304lbs, CW: 185lbs, GW: 150 - 160lbs

  3. I weighted 304lbs surgery day (highest weight ever) and have lost 105lbs so far being 6 months and two weeks out. I’ve had several stalls one lasting an entire month. It’s going comparatively slow now with “just” 1kg per week. I’m 5’8 so my surgeon wants me to lose another 40lbs.

  4. It’s weird. I’m hitting all these milestones now back to back to back. 2kg ago I officially left the “obesity” category of the bmi. Now I’m “just slightly overweight”. I’m 1kg away from being in Onderland, which is insane! 🥰 Then another kg and I’m in the 80 digit (89).

    Granted I’m cheating by combining metric and imperial weight system’s milestones 🙃 but for the longest time it felt like I was losing weight and losing weight and losing weight and “nothing changed”. I was still viewed as and considered morbidly obese, I felt it too and the clothes I wore were baggy but still okay. Now all of a sudden it’s going super fast and in 12kg I’ll be at the weight I havent been at since 6 years ago. At the beginning of this it felt so insanely daunting (145lb weight loss) and when my surgeon said he thinks I’ll get to somewhere in the 80s I thought he was crazy! I really thought I had “failed” surgery because there were so many stalls and I can eat quite a bit of food. Now I’m just really happy and excited about where this will continue to go, even if it slows down. I will now officially join a gym and get my butt moving again for the first time in 5 years! Kinda nervous. Kinda excited 😊

    Sorry for the long post it’s just been on my mind!

  5. On 3/18/2022 at 8:12 AM, Peonie said:

    I had my four month appointment on Wednesday, now 85lb down, 15 points on my BMI and completely reversed the diabetes that was starting to kick in. I am so happy!

    Well done to everyone, we're all doing great.

    Ooh I’m so excited for you!! Thats amazing :)

    Reversing (onset) diabetes has got to be one of the best non scale victories!! ❤️

  6. 55 minutes ago, DaisyAndSunshine said:

    And it's the end of month 4 for me 🥳

    Last month was so much better in terms of weight loss and finding out the kinda schedule that works for consistency.

    I clocked in 13 pounds last month and I am down 161.6 - Still a long way to go, but couldn't have been happier with what I have achieved so far.

    I hope everyone else is doing just as good or even better. 🤗

    Am I reading this right? You lost 161lbs in 4 months? 😱

  7. 23 hours ago, Blueeyekitten said:

    Wow!!! That is great. I loss 74 so far; hoping to lose another 40. That will

    put me at my goal weight 😊

    Thats awesome! Have people already started to notice/comment? I’m sure you’ll lose those 40lbs :) I’m still 45 - 65lbs away from my goal weight depending on where I end up.

  8. 3 hours ago, la0525 said:

    Lost 80 pounds in one year (March 2) Feels great, yet feel it should’ve been a lot more :( Started over 300. I can easily eat 1800 calories (is this normal?!). I see people that say they can’t eat more than 600-800 and that’s definitely not me. I need tips bc I’m only halfway there!


    You did amazing and you look gorgeous! I can’t give any advice since I’m only 6 months out but I’m rooting for you!!

  9. 17 hours ago, gmast99 said:

    Anything spicy is off limits. I used to love the heat in Cajun seasoning and now that is an absolute no for me. My family makes home made salsa from what they grow in their garden. I can’t handle the peppers. Anything with sugar or grease. After I got back to work my Starbucks addiction restarted as I need the caffeine. I am basically limited to black coffee. Anything with flavoring does’t sit well. I am having a hard time with ground beef which I was fine with at the beginning. So I switched to a chicken burrito from beef at my favorite Mexican restaurant but I still ended up feeling bad when I got home. It was still greasy from the cheese I am guessing. I am not having any issues with things getting “stuck”, but if I have anything with sugar or grease I feel terrible in an hour which is strange because I could handle both in the months after surgery. Then my concern was chewing enough and eating slowly. Now I can eat as fast as I want and chew normally but I have to avoid a lot of things. The symptoms start with getting really hot and starting to sweat. Then a mild nausea kicks in. It passes in an hour but it is not a great feeling.

    Could that be dumping syndrome? I mean the sweat, nausea, maybe heart racing?

  10. 3 hours ago, JamieJo said:

    I had my surgery (sleeve) on 2/14 and recovery is going relatively smoothly. I’ve been following the dietitians guidelines and starting to walk 30 minutes a day. Over the last few days the scale has been going UP not DOWN 😫. Has anyone experienced this? My thought is that I didn’t get enough Protein in the first week following surgery and my body is balancing that out. Thoughts?

    My weight has “gone up” several times now since having had my surgery 5months ago. In fact this is the weirdest weight loss experience I’ve ever had in terms of predictability. It’s happened four times now where I get on the scale and “suddenly have lost” 5lbs “overnight”. Then two days later I’ll “gain 3lbs” that will remain stubborn for a week. Then after that week I’ll lose 4lbs within 4 days. Then “plateau” again for a couple days. Some days I’ll lose 1lb a day. Other days I’ve stalled for up to 4 weeks. My highest “gain” was 8lbs, which I “lost”within 3 days. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to any of this. I follow my diet very very consistently. I could exercise more but I do move around a lot naturally due to where I live. My nut and doctor both agree it’s perfectly okay as long as the overall direction of the scale is to go down. I’m 5months post op and have lost 90lbs so (despite it still being super hard) I remind myself not to stress out over it. When the scale is giving me too much a headache I just stop stepping on it for some time. All that to say: dont stress out! You’re most likely doing everything perfect and your body is working hard! Good luck!

  11. On 2/27/2022 at 12:53 AM, Ltdanfan said:

    Perhaps i just need to wait until im on solid food then i can learn the hard way. Its like all this thinking about what i cant eat and all the things i see that i should avoid have given me an obsession with food that ive never had before. Pre op, i hardly thought about food unless i was hungry or it was right in front of me. Now it seems thats ALL i think about.

    That’ll fade! Im only 5 months out and all my “early stage” cravings are completely gone. The first 4-8 weeks I felt devastated because I was convinced my surgery “didnt work”. I was craving food CONSTANTLY, being obsessed with watching tiktok junk food compilations and wanting to eat so bad. I havent had junk food or what we typically would consider “bad” food but I have had pieces of food I had glorified in those weeks (guacamole, fried egg, chocolate Protein yoghurt) and I hated it. Your taste buds change. Your priorities change (because you know you can only take a few bites). And ultimately you change. It’s hard to believe now (and when people told me “back then” I wasn’t convinced either. I thought “yeah yeah except I’m different!”. But here I am now writing this) but trust me. Hang in there. Sit it out. Stick to your diet. Trust the process. I have faith in you!

  12. On 2/23/2022 at 1:50 AM, Amy Braun said:

    Just a status report. For encouragement, I hope. It's not been easy, but I feel so much better. Just hoping to stick with it for 40 more pounds and forever.

    So, yesterday, 6 months after I started my pre-op diet, I weighed 199.8!. Having started at 288 on August 21, I am very grateful and pleased at how much better I feel. Thanks to everyone who helped with this, and for this group for your support. 40 more to go! I'm going for a size 12. Maintenance will be the key, since I am a veteran roller-coaster dieter and almost 65, but be encouraged!. The procedure helped me be able to start again.
    Sorry about the bare feet in the first picture!☺️🦶☺️

    August 31.jpg

    Feb 21 2022.jpg

    Oh my God you look INCREDIBLE!!!! What a change! Congratulations!! I‘m so excited for you ❤️

  13. It seems I celebrated too early 😬 I have completely stalled since January 26 (4 weeks ago). Weight loss was already “slow” in December and January but now I’m stuck. Any ideas to get out? I’ve already “played” around with my calories though I could truthfully do more exercise. Maybe that’s whats needed now? I’m seeing my nut. on Wednesday.

    Oh also! I’m *this* close to fitting into a size 16 (started at a tight fitting 24) 🤗 Some dresses will already fit, others are still tight especially around the boobs lol Soon though, I hope! :)

  14. 14 hours ago, Amy Braun said:

    to Arancini - Re: but I just found out that I have inactive thyroid and possibly fatty liver. ...I have been on thyroid medication for 13 years. It has not affected my surgery or post-op. Usually, you have to have your thyroid levels checked about every 90 days

    I didnt know you had to get it checked out every 90 days! Is that just for surgery people or anyone does?

    It’s crazy. I abandoned my health and general consciousness of my body for so long that there are so many things I have absolutely no idea about… working on changing that though! :)

  15. On 1/27/2022 at 11:11 AM, stefania_th said:

    Hi. My surgery was on 28th of September. I weight 220 pounds (100 kg) in surgery date and I am 5’7 (172cm) tall. My goal weight is 149-157 pounds

    So far I am down many clothing sizes and about 52 pounds ( 24 kg). So 10-15 more pounds to go to hit my goal.
    I have not lost any weights for 2 weeks now. Getting a bit stressed by that. I do Pilates and weightlifting 4-5 times a week and I am active. I walk a lot and use a bike more then the car.
    All of my blood work came out great, and I am eating enough Protein and so on, but I just found out that I have inactive thyroid and possibly fatty liver. That came as a bit of shock to me. Does anyone have experience with thyroid problems ?

    Hey :) I dont have a thyroid problem nor do I know much about it but the fatty liver thing is quite common for obese people. Fortunately the liver recovers incredibly well and fast so that the more you lose and eat healthy the better it will get!

    I’m so jealous you’re so close to your goal weight! Thats amazing!!! I’m literally half way. 80lbs down, 80lbs more to go!

  16. On 1/26/2022 at 6:05 PM, FLPhoenix said:

    Congrats! I am down 55 since Sept 29th and down 4 pant sizes down and two on tops. Love being able to inherit my skinny friends' clothes!

    Sent from my SM-G998U1 using BariatricPal mobile app

    Haha I hear you! I havent even checked how many clothes sizes I’m down. I’m just wearing my clothes super baggy at the moment because I’m *this* close to fitting into my old clothes again and I cant justify buying something new.

    Congrats on 55lbs!! Thats so exciting!! :)

  17. On 1/26/2022 at 5:52 PM, shooshoo24 said:

    Mine was Sept 10. I am down 69 pounds. I'm feeling frustrated because I feel like it should be coming off faster than that. I guess I'm just impatient. I have been putting the work in.

    If it makes you feel better: since posting that I’ve completely stalled and have gotten insane stomach cramps. I’m going to the Dr on Monday because it hurts so much.

    Hang in there! :) From everything I read and heard it’s the once that lose “slow” and steady that are the most successful long term!

  18. 2 hours ago, Letseeaboutthis said:

    Yes. I found myself eating larger portions and feeling hungry all the time. So when I went back to what I described, the hunger completely went away and I get full as I did immediately post surgery.

    Well, that settles it! I’ll give this a try and hope for the best :)

    Thank you for your feedback!! Glad to know I’m not the only one 🙃

  19. 3 hours ago, ann2472 said:

    I was at a stall as well, it's like after 4-6 weeks your body adjusts and tries to hang onto the weight we want to lose. I did all of the above and stepped up my exercise and started losing again. I'm close to 3 months, and down 30 # since sleeve surgery, total down 48# since March.

    Hardest thing to remember is losing weight slower versus all at once is better for you, and it will happen in time.

    This is my second stall so far. The first one was around 3 weeks. I felt incredibly nauseous and couldnt go to the bathroom. It was bad! But then from one day to the next it just clicked and the weight was falling off. So far I’ve lost 61lbs with my surgery having been on the 28th of September. But now since 4 weeks that hasnt chaged at all and I’ve been stuck.

    I hear you on having to be patient! I will admit I do struggle with this but having people to talk to really helps. :)

  20. 31 minutes ago, Letseeaboutthis said:

    I also scaled back on introducing new food and went back to the soft food phases for a few days and I also increased my Protein intake. For three days , I did all Water and Protein, no extra Snacks. This seemed to help tremendously.

    Did you also reduce portion size?
    I’m not really eating much new foods (like you I’ve become super sensitive to what I like) but my portion sizes have definitely gone up. I’m still in a huge caloric deficit so I’m struggling to wrap my head around why I’m not losing weight. But maybe I should give that a try…

  21. On 1/12/2022 at 2:47 AM, Letseeaboutthis said:

    My surgery was Oct. 5 and I lost 48 lbs so far. I stalled for about 4 weeks but I was not hydrating as I should have. I’ve recently picked back up my Water intake and the weight is coming off steadily now. I’m still getting used to a lot of changes. My body is not tolerating too many foods, especially lately.

    I’m currently in that 4 week long stall it seems 😬😬 did you change anything besides drinking more Water? My scale keeps going up and down the same 2-3lbs and its agony!!

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