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  1. So incredibly happy this two week liquid diet is over. Surgery is tomorrow!!😍

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    2. newsam1154


      Agreed! However, I've got my eye on cream soups! LOL

    3. Dtrappy


      How is it going after ? Mine is Monday

    4. newsam1154


      It’s going well! The gas pains for me have been a challenge but so far so good! Wishing you all the best on Monday!!

  2. First pre-op appointment is this Friday and the nerves are running wild. I can't believe it's finally here! 🤩

  3. FINALLY! Surgery set for April 6th. I'm incredibly thankful and excited for this opportunity. Bye-bye GERD! 

  4. And here we are, two weeks out and still no surgery date. Again, the constant run around is absolutely mind-blowing. However, surgery has open up to twice a week rather then one surgery a week, so hopeful we can get scheduled for April still. Remaining optimistic but it is definitely starting to get hard 🙄😫

  5. Update! Doctor's office called and said they hope to have my sister and I scheduled in the next two weeks. Surgeries are still pushed out to April but I am just thankful to finally be getting a surgery date!!! 🤩

  6. Still no answers from my doctor's office. I feel COMPLETELY frustrated, trying to get scheduled and it's just a bunch of nonsense. I know COVID is very unpredictable, but others are getting their surgery dates and I'm still left in the dark. Feeling so down right now. 😤😭

    1. DonnaGS


      Sorry to hear that. it is a frustrating time. I'm scheduled for feb 23rd, this will be 4th time trying to get this done. Hang in there! It will happen. It just adds a lot of up and down.

    2. newsam1154


      Thank you!!!

  7. A bit frustrated with my surgeon's office currently. Feeling like they are leaving everyone in the dark about when surgeries will start again. Told one thing, then told to do another. GRRR! I just want to be scheduled already! 😫🤬

  8. Hi I'm Sam, currently 7 seven years out of VSG and looking into revision due to weight gain. 

    I'll be the first to say I lived life a little too hard and am looking for a second chance at a healthier life. 

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