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  1. Hello Surgery friends!

    Just a quick update... I will be 2 months Post op on January 8th and I am down to 336. I weighed 375 the morning of surgery and 408 on October 24th. I am starting to feel like I haven't lost enough weight since surgery? Only 39 pounds in 2 months doesn't seem like a lot. I have stuck with our dieticians plan to a t just not seeing the weight loss I expected.

  2. 28 minutes ago, Francesca2021 said:

    We are surgery twins. I had VSG on 11/8/21 as well. How are you guys feeling?

    Much better today. It’s crazy how every person is so different. My nausea has been absolutely terrible and my wife’s has been non existent. Pain wise I would say 80% of the gas pains are gone now just a little sore around the bigger incision still.

    how are you feeling?

  3. 3 days post op. Pain is mostly gone just soreness around my incision sights especially the big one they remove the stomach through. Keeping liquids down pretty well I have 12 ounces down since 9 o’clock and it’s 11 here so that’s good. Also have had 2 4oz Protein Shakes on top of that. A word of advice…. Make sure you advocate for yourself to get the nausea patch behind your ear and good pain meds if you need them. My pain was almost unbearable day 1 and had nausea like crazy, dry heaving every hour it felt like. Meanwhile my wife had the nausea patch and morphine and was sleeping like nothing even happened.

  4. 22 minutes ago, SparklesE said:

    I feel for you both. That's different that your hospitals are not offering anything more than Tylenol. I did receive Tylenol and also had options to request narcotics for pain relief. The Tylenol was not cutting the pain for me, so I did opt for stronger pain medicine. My medical team also sent me home with 7 Oxycodon that have really helped me through the week. I'm on day 7 (post-op) and I feel 91% better! So HANG IN THERE! 😊 I'm looking forward to my first post-op appointment tomorrow. I can finally cough to clear my throat, blow my nose, and sleep for short periods on my side (I'm celebrating all of these little milestones!). 🤗

    If you can- DO request stronger pain relief and DO use them safely as needed. Don't suffer. I have read a lot of members on here who share that they did not need them. I did. I never took more than one per 24 hours but it has aided in my comfort and recovery. My surgeon made to sure mention twice that they will not be refilled (for safety). That was totally acceptable/understandable.

    Gas is a beast and be sure to take some gas-relief chewables. My medical team also provided this for me while in the hospital and while here at home. It was interesting how purified Water here in my home would create gas in my stomach versus juice or the Water I drank while in the hospital. 🤔 You'll find certain liquids/juices do bloat and create painful gas. Be sure to ask about your gas-relief options because it makes such a big difference!

    Out of curiosity since there seems to be a lot of variances in the actual procedure- how did your surgeon close up your incisions? My surgeon (who is the Chief of Surgery at the hospital I went to) just used medical tape and not the surgical glue that I think a lot of others use. I was surprised by this. But I am healing up well so I guess it's all good...

    She used the glue on the outside of the incisions. Also walked my self into a dry heaving fit but the only time I’m in less pain is when I’m walking

  5. 48 minutes ago, OutdoorsGirl said:

    Do you need to change anything tomorrow for the last day of your preop diet? My surgery is on Tuesday. I’m feeling anxious too and I’m afraid I’ll forget something. My instructions are nothing after midnight and to shower twice with antibacterial soap (night before and in the morning). Hopefully I haven’t missed anything. Good luck to both of you.

    Nope just no Protein drinks after 11 PM Sunday night and only Water up to 4 hours prior to surgery start. Good luck to you as well!

  6. 2 hours ago, Jen_commits2befit said:

    I’m on my 8th day of the 2week pre-op liver shrinking diet. I have to say I’m getting used to it, I haven’t been as hungry as I was the first 5days. My gastric bypass surgery date is also November 8th. I’m excited and nervous at the same time.

    We are at the end of day 4, our surgeon only had us do 10 days. It has for sure been a struggle days 3 and 4 but hoping for it to slowly start getting better!

  7. 30 minutes ago, JustSJ said:

    Wow, that's high! Is your clinic requiring you to take it as a sleeve patient? I've been fine taking a regular sublingual B-12 supplement. Most of the bariatric Multivitamins have a lot of extra B Vitamins. I use a multi plus the additional sublingual B-12.

    They aren't requiring that specific one that is just the one they run insurance through. I am currently looking at Bariatric Choice for my Multivitamin with Iron. Then Citrical Maximum for my Calcium unless my insurance approves the other. Now to find a good b12!

  8. Did anyone esle have to get a prior approval from ANthem Blue Cross Blue SHield for the Vitamin subscription through Nascobal? The clinic is saying most of the time if they require a prior authorization then they won't approve it but not trying to get my hopes down. Also, Nascobal said it would be $488 per month if I were to pay it myself. My wifes was approved but mine hasn't been, different insirance companies, and I was wondering if anyone else has been or is in this boat? Also do you recommend a different multivitamin and B12?


  9. 14 minutes ago, itsme_yourYaya said:

    My surgery is November 4 with Dr. Fok Russell through Medicalmex in Tijuana. I live in Missouri and wish I could've had it here but my insurance didn't cover.


    I totally understand that! I am still on my mothers insurance and they covered it but my wifes insurance didn't so we are haivng to pay out of pocket for hers. Best of Luck to you on your weight loss journey!

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